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Books That Will Help You Understand Your Emotion

Books That Will Help You Understand Your Emotion: Calming the Emotional Storm, Rising strong, Healing your emotional self, Mind over mood

Emotions are an important aspect of our personality. They can be hard to accept sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances. Nobody wants to live with destructive emotions such as anger, grief, hurt, discouragement, shame, and sadness. These emotions are unhealthy and hard to ignore; regrettably, those around you can get affected.

Your emotions tell a lot about you; they pass a message that you might not want to speak out. Trying to suppress these emotions might cause harm to your well-being. However, there is a need to understand and develop your emotions. It will help if you improve yourself in whatever way you can. 

There are many ways to improve your emotion, and one such way is through books. Books can help you understand your emotion and heal if necessary. You don’t have to wait until these emotions become toxins before finding a solution. That might be too late and cause you to take unnecessary actions. Keeping your emotion in check is an essential daily habit to exhibit like other habits you unconsciously do. 

In this write-up, we will share essential books to help you understand your emotion. You will get a summary of the books and how you can take advantage of your emotions. Additionally, there is a bonus book for you when it comes to building your feeling. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Books That Will Help You Understand Your Emotion

Book – Calming the Emotional Storm 

Author – Sheri Van Dijk

The author Sheri Van Dijk expounds on the emotional aspect of the human body. The book offers readers easy and practical steps to implement important strategies that will enable them to understand their emotions. Furthermore, it also allows individuals to manage their emotions effectively. The book is a friendly book with different examples of how to understand your emotion. 

Moreover, you will understand different concepts and cope with intense emotional events such as worry, grief, and hurt. Besides the behavioral techniques contained in the book, the author took a step further to include mindfulness practices that will allow you to accept and eliminate negative emotions.

Book – Rising Strong

Author – Brene Brown

We all get hurt at a certain point in life. What is your first response in such a situation? What is your reaction? Did you express, suppress, or allow the feelings to go away? Well, if you merely avoid or are upset by your emotions, then Rising Strong is what you need to fix your emotion. The book talks about those who haven’t understood their emotion. It looks at falling, rising, and trying again if things didn’t go the way you expected. The author explained how most people try to overcome their hurt using sex, alcohol, shopping, work, relationships, and sex. For others, they try to bottle things inside their mind. The book explained how unhealthy it could be for anyone to take that route.

However, the book emphasized how we should confront our failures and emotions to understand ourselves better. It is one of the best books to read to understand your emotion. With this book in your hand, you can rise after failure.

Book – Healing Your Emotional Self

Author – Beverly Engel

Intense emotion is always connected to unresolved past issues. If you had emotional problems or difficult childhood, Healing Your Emotional Self is a must-have book. The book has a unique program for healing your emotional wounds. The insightful and compassionate exercises help bring you to a state where you understand your emotion and find peace.

However, the book might not be for those that require additional help but provide useful important to use your emotion to your advantage. It allows you to focus on your confidence and self-esteem issues. If you are in a position where you are always critical of yourself, this book will transform you emotionally. 

Book – The Sedona Method

Author – Hale Dwoskin

The book contains simple methods to free yourself from any thoughts, beliefs, and emotions you have. The Sedona Method contains different critical questions you need to ask yourself when confronted with issues or intense emotions. Most readers get deceived because of the simplicity of the methods mentioned in the book. However, if you judicious practice the techniques every day, you can understand your emotions better. 

Furthermore, besides getting the book, you can listen to an audio course from the author to improve your emotional stability. Notwithstanding, if you don’t have the financial resources, the book only can get the job done.

Book – Mind and Emotions

Author – Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning, and Patricia Zurita Ona

The book is an award-winning book with a systematic program to deal with any emotional disorders you might face. Interestingly, it provides a profound effect on your well-being and happiness as an individual. With self-assessment questions, mindfulness techniques, coping strategies, and exercise, you can get every resource you need to deal with any uprising emotional issues and better understand yourself.

Nothing much to talk about in the book – Mind and Emotions because all you need to understand and improve your emotional well-being is available at your fingertip.

Book – Mind over Mood

Author – Dennis Greenberger and Christine Padesky

If you ever wanted to have your power over your emotions, then “Mind over Mood” is a must-have. The book has sold more than a million-copy because therapists recommend it to their patients. It contains mind-blowing techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy. You get to practice and useful strategies to deal with worry, anger, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and much more. 

Additionally, the book comprises sections, including setting goals, recording your progress, gratitude journals, and exercises to practice forgiveness, acceptance, and mindfulness. Indeed, it is replete with a lot of information to have power over your emotion.

Book – Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life

Author – Scott E. Spradlin

If you ever had issues controlling your emotions, you can harness the power of dialectical behavior therapy in the book. The book contains different information with exercises to help you identify and understand how you react emotionally. Furthermore, you will find successful strategies to regulate your emotions and cope with emotionally challenging situations.

Once you learn how to manage painful emotions, it gives you a peaceful coexistence with yourself. The book helps anyone who tends to be highly reactive emotionally to situations or struggle with their emotions.

Book – The Emotionally Sensitive Person

Author – Karyn Hall

If people tell you that you are the “too sensitive” type, you need to have this book. The book was written for people with a high emotional sensitivity level and offered real solutions for such feelings. The Emotionally Sensitive Person uses mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral techniques to deal with emotional issues while identifying triggers to your emotions.

The book didn’t leave you in the dark as it proffers ways to deal with such emotional issues and help you change any negative emotional patterns. You will re-boost your confidence and have total control of your life when you read this book. If you are feeling overwhelmed, get this book and transform your life.

Book – Living Beyond your Feelings

Author – Joyce Meyer

Another New York Times bestseller from Joyce Meyer, the book offers readers a direct approach to understanding and managing their emotions. Contained in it are essential lessons to inspire you as you learn how your brain processes emotions. Furthermore, you will understand the importance of your personality type, why it matters, and how your emotions affect you spiritually, psychologically, and physically. 

Moreover, you will find specific and real coping strategies to deal with your emotions. Undoubtedly, the book contains everything you need to deal with unhealthy emotions and ways to promote happiness in your life. Finally, the book was written from the background of a spiritual leader.

Book – Why Do I Do That?

Author – Joseph Burgo

The book is written for people who want to understand their emotions. The book unravels the secrets of psychological defense mechanisms and why you do what you do. It provides practical reasons why you act and react in the manner you do.

More interestingly, you have a specific exercise to help you identify your defense mechanisms. The book also has guidance and suggestion on dealing with negative emotions and coping with your feelings. The book is more than a self-help book as it guides you through a self-exploration journey of your emotion and ways to understand yourself better.

Bonus Book to Read

Book – Parent Yourself Again

Author – Yong Kang Chan

Growing up as a child, you might have faced difficult emotional challenges such as anger, grief, helplessness, and fear. In such a stage, it is hard to handle them such that you grew up with them. Changing such emotions is hard because our parents didn’t help matter to protect us. The book offers ways to overcome your childhood traumas; it provides you ways to take control of your life and emotion.

Parent, yourself again is a masterpiece that handover your emotion to you. It looks beyond your mistakes and unravels your deep healing power. You can change a bad childhood to one you can be proud of as an adult.

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Books That Will Help You Understand Your Emotion | Psychology Books

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