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Who Owns Impact Wrestling

Who Owns Impact Wrestling – Sport is one of the most basic foundations of entertainment, and many people have been very interested in pursuing a career in it due to the many opportunities and also getting to do what you love and earning money for it, that is why the world of sports has world-class athletes that were fans of the sport first.  It is always important to remember that wrestling is one of the most important aspects, culture, and profit-wise.

The world of professional wrestling has been evolving since the 1990s when the two major companies that primarily need the television for professional wrestling were feuding with each other for ratings, the lion’s share of the views, and the fan’s attention. WWE and WCW were the top companies in that era, and it was a great time to be a wrestling fan due to the sheer amount of talent represented in both companies. 

The companies have always been innovating with the people who re-employed and coming up with new kinds of matches to please the audience members and increase the number of ratings and the ticket price. This allowed them to get the upper hand over each other in different weeks. 

Sometimes it was WWE with the advantage it was WCW. After the famous feud of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the owner of Mr. McMahon, the Monday Night Wars came to an end with WWE buying out WCW. The split between the two companies led to many superstars finding work in other companies but shortly after the buy out which took place somewhere around the early 2000s, Jeff Jarret, a famous professional wrestler, along with his closest acquaintances, came up with NWA: TNA.

This company is what we call today IMPACT wrestling, there are many things that this wrestling brand has done differently than the other wrestling franchises, and today we will be talking about its significance in the wrestling world and how almost everyone in the early 2000s till date is till hooked up with this company. They have always been making sure the people enjoy every show they put out and getting superstars they love and present them to the audience.

We will be looking at the different things the company has done for its fans while looking at the company’s history and trying to understand what the company is about.

Information About IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling was formed way back in the early 2000s when no company could be equal to WWE, and wrestlers were looking for work after the buyout of WCW. The people working in WCW migrated towards WWE, and some of them, due to the turmoil between both of the companies, remained jobless. Jeff Jarrett, one of the wrestlers, did not go to WWE and stayed true to his WCW ways.

That is why in 2002, he and his colleagues create NWA: TNA. The company was an instant success due to the involvement of the NWA name. The NWA is a very old acronym, and legends from that wrestling alliance have become world-famous. After a few years of its release, TNA became a household name due to a wide variety of talent and custom matches that were interesting to watch and a breath of fresh air.

WWE was dominating the market, leading the people in TNA to come up with something that would blow the people away and possibly, make the users migrate from one place to the other. There were only a few competitors in the war between WWE and TNA. But behind the scenes, the company was far lesser known than WWE, so it needed financial backing. Jeff Jarret managed to secure a loan, and finally, the first episode for the company aired somewhere around the late 2002s.

The company back then had lesser-known talents until the upper management came up with the IMACT! Zone. It was produced in Universal Fox Studios in Soundstage 21 and featured a 6 sided ring, seen for the first time in professional wrestling (except for Mexican styles of wrestling). After making the transition to cable TV, the partnership with Fox continued until the first pay-per-view, Victory Road. They lost their cable deal with Fox Sports in 2004.

After the deal was lost, they aired their TV shows online using web platforms such as BitTorrent and RealPlayer.  In 2005, there was a match held between AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Christopher Daniels for the TNA X-Division championship during the Unbreakable pay-per-view. This garnered five-star reviews and pushed TNA, bringing in a television contract from Spike TV.

The TNA plane had taken off, and eventually, between the stage of 2004 to 2006, many high-profile wrestlers such as Sting, Booker T, Kevin Nash, Christian, Kurt Angle, and Rhino would make their debuts in the show. This skyrocketed the ratings due to people seeing many familiar faces, and it gave TNA its first game deal. TNA Impact! It was made and released by Midway Games in 2008 and met with generally positive reviews.

In 2010, TNA signed Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan as creative head and consultant, respectively, which changed the landscape of TNA for good. They continued to hire new talent like Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair, Mr. Anderson, and Rob Van Dam. After this, they tried to make every week interesting by introducing new matches and talent to get ratings. Hulk Hogan made a television appearance in the same year he signed.

TNA moved to Monday nights to combat WWE RAW, the first time two wrestling shows going up against each other since WCW Nitro. Throughout the year, IMPACT has had several partnerships with several other wrestling promotions, allowing them to remain in the fight with the already established and stable WWE. 

They recently made partnerships with the new hit, AEW, and then with NJPw, which allowed them to be relevant and also give other wrestlers from those promotions a spotlight on this company. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, they have been shooting behind the scenes without any audience in Nashville, without any studio audience. TNA also has its set of championships and a Hall Of Fame, which was introduced back in 2012, with the first inductee being The Icon of Professional Wrestling, Sting.

In these ways, TNA has stood the test of time by constantly innovating their storylines and bringing new characters that help the company stay in touch with their fans. They have always allowed themselves to be different from others, which is one reason why they are at the top of the wrestling mountains.

Who Owns IMPACT Wrestling?

The IMPACT wrestling show has seen many people up and down its management, and many people have tried to overtake it. The founders sold the rights to various companies in need of funding. Many other companies saw it as a potential investment, so it is important to consider the past owners of the company. That is why the previous owners were responsible for making the company what it is due to their creative control.

We will be talking about the current owners of the company, and who has the jurisdiction to control what in the company.

Anthem Sports

Anthem provided credit facilities to the major stake owner Billy Corgan, the debt was converted into a stake, and then later on Anthem held a majority stake, amassing at 95 percent, the rest of the minority stake is with dixie carter, Anthem sports made a lot of adjustments to the roster as well as the name of the company was changed from TNA, as Bruce Prichard stated the name TNA was dead in the eyes of everyone. They continued with the name IMPACT wrestling, naming it the primary television series of the company.

Under Don Callis and Scott D’Amore, they teamed up with many wrestling companies and increased their ratings. This allowed IMPACT wrestling to get back on track and function as it was back in 2006.

Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter is a businesswoman and worked for TNA IMPACT as the president from the tenure of the inauguration till 2016. This period allowed her to make creative decisions and sign contracts with famous personalities to help with the promotion and spread the company name around the world. Her methods were traditional and worked most of the time.

After the Anthem buyout, she remains a minority stake owner in the company with a 5 percent stake in the company, which allows her to take some minor decisions.

The Conclusion

This article concludes that the company is completely owned by two parties, one with a majority stake and one who has a minority stake. These two parties agreed to the TNA buyout. This allowed them to hold stakes in the company while also being a part of the creative process. We hope you got to learn more about this company.

Thank you!

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Who Owns Impact Wrestling? – Real Owner of Impact Wrestling

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