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Who Owns Epic Games

Who Owns Epic Games – The world of gaming is continuously evolving and being filled with gratuitous and over-the-top games that are extremely satisfying to play and take us away from the troubles we have in our lives. Gamers have continuously put their trust in various video game companies. They get rewarded by getting endorsement deas with the studios and getting world-class games that differ in gameplay mechanics, graphics, and a good story. 

Each game is unique and has been built for various people, such a good producer of games is Epic Games. They have been in the market for many years and have provided the world with gaming engines and good games that have far outlasted the shelves and have left a legacy in the gaming world. We will be talking about their legacy in this article and discussing their achievements in the world. They have carved a legacy themselves and made their impact in the gaming world.

This company has always been enthusiastic about communicating with their fans and making sure they make games that produce enthusiasm for their fans, and they enjoy the process of gaming. Their games have always been unique, with distinct gameplay engines and features of gameplay that put them a cut above the rest and allow their creativity to shine through. They have always been enthusiastic about the quality of production rather than the number of games produced.

Their pride has always been in providing colorful games, provide a good story, have a good and interactive multiplayer, and also provide DLC content that has continued to grab the attention of the people who have purchased and liked the games. This allows them to get extra bang for their buck while also enjoying what they like in the first place.

Today we will be looking at the different things the company known as Epic Games has made throughout their careers and how they have launched games rich in content and gameplay variants. The producers and the designers are involved a lot of commitment to give the gamers and fans of franchises the right content they deserve.

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We will be looking at the different software and games that this company has made, and later in the article, we will be talking about who owns the company and the rights of games.

Information and Legacy of Epic Games

Epic Games first came into being in 1991 and was called Potomac Computer Systems back then. The founder of the company is Tim Sweeney. The first-ever game released by the company was ZZT, which was also released in 1991. The game went on to get several other sequels due to the audience’s response, which paved the way for other games to be displayed in the case of Epic Games.

ZZT was an adventure puzzle game and was unique for its time, people liked it a lot, and due to it, the company greenlit many other projects. But the most important franchise that turned the company around was undoubtedly Gears of War. The game series had many other installments after the first one was released exclusively for the Xbox and PC, easy back in 2006. It was a groundbreaking third-person action shooter that changed the way gamers look at the shooting genre.

The game included over-the-top characters, scenarios, weapons, and villains that allowed the game to shine through its creativity. The protagonists were also over the top characters with distinct personalities that attracted the attention and acclaim of the gamers and critics alike. The gameplay included different weapons and creative special weapons that gave the game a gory and fun feel.

The game emphasized the use of cover in gunfights and predominately promoted long and medium-ranged gunfights, with the assault rifles being the most prominent in use. It encouraged the use of the reviving systems in which if the player gets knocked. They can either bleed out, be revived by the teammate, or get incapacitated by the opponent. It was one of the first games to feature a complete multiplayer mode.

Players from worldwide purchased this game due to the fun character, vivid gameplay, and gory mechanics. The Gears of War series, to date, is regarded as a commercial success. The next big thing for the company was the release of Bulletstorm. The game is one of the most creative first-person shooter games and has been critically acclaimed for its vivid gameplay and gory killing system.

The game rewards the people for killing other monsters, and the more creative the kills are, the higher the reward pool is. The game does not have a multiplayer but shines its cooperative gameplay mechanic and the single-player where the people are rewarded for killing the monsters in newer ways. The game has an awesome weapon system that gives creative weapons such as The Bouncerthat shoots cannonballs aside from the standard assault rifles.

The Skillshot system allows the use of complicated techniques. The more bizarre and creative the killing method is, the more points you get, as discussed earlier. The game relies on a healing system, and the player recovers health when not taking damage and hiding behind walls or cover. The Anarchy system in the game is a cooperative multiplayer, which has the players face waves of enemies and rewards them for creative killing. This mode has its own set of killing systems and also has its level progression.

The last and the most successful game that this company has made is the Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite took the world by storm when it came out, having cartoony graphics and being a childishly animated rival of PUBG. This game climbed to the top and received critical acclaim from the reviewers. The gameplay includes building, shooting, flying, and swimming your way out of the end zone, and surviving against the enemies while doing it.

You can either play with your friends in duos or squad modes, or you can grind solo. This game has become one of the most played games in the last decade and has attracted many followers. It made the careers of the players who were streaming the game and gave a lot of importance to its fan base. They introduced costumes related to pop culture icons and superheroes. They made improvements to the map and allowed people to play as different characters from fiction.

This allowed them to get known as one of the most creative studios that produce games for the people, they have always revolved their production style, and they take criticism from the people and continue to improve on their methods. The last thing that we need to take note of about this company is the world-famous, Unreal engine.

Unreal Engine is one of the best game engines ever, and its variants have been used in many games that have been in the market and have received critical acclaim. Borderlands, Deux Ex, Fortnite, Sword Art Online, Tekken, Batman Arkham Series, PUBG, Dragon Ball Z are just some examples of the games made using the Unreal Engine.

Who Owns Epic Games?

The ownership of the company has been divided into 2 core entities. The first is the founder Tim Sweeny, and the other is the famous gaming company Tencent international.

Tim Sweeny

The founder of the gaming company is the owner of more than 50 percent of the gaming company and has been a gem in management. He has always pushed the people to work better and provide the people better games than they have asked for. He is a businessman and has graduated in mechanical engineering, which gives him more than enough experience to handle games.


Tencent international owns many companies and has stakes in almost every popular gaming company. They are a multi-company conglomerate and have been in the market for years. They know which companies to get their stake in and own more than 40% stakes in Epic Games. The company owns twin towers that are in the Shenzhen district in China.

Tencent is considered the world’s largest video game vendor due to the amount of money that has been made by them investing in gaming companies that sell well in the world. It focuses on different startups and has a lot of stakes in companies that advertise well. They have been invested in over 600 companies, which has allowed their finances to grow.

The Verdict

The verdict is that the two main parties own stakes in the company known as Epic Games. Tim Sweeny, the founder, and the other Tencent International, a globally known gaming vendor who is a tech giant and has stakes in many start-ups and companies. These two parties hold more than 90 percent stake in the company, and the rest of it is held by other stakeholders and concerned parties. We hope you got to know more about Epic Games from this article. Good day!

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Who Owns Epic Games? – Real Owner of Epic Games

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