Who Owns EA? – Real Owner of EA

Who Owns EA

Who Owns EA – The gaming world has kept evolving throughout the decades, we started with a back-and-forth pinball game, and currently, we are heading towards an era where virtual reality is a thing. It is important to remember that the companies that make these games are established ones who have claimed their supremacy in the market. They have had years of experience in making games that please the people and allow them to enter a world they can control.

Electronic Arts are such a gaming company that provides insight and a deeper dive into the world of gaming, which the players have deeply appreciated. Their games have always kept evolving and are at a stage where anything put out by them comes into gamers’ and critics’ eyes. They have provided themselves with the best technology and have purchased equipment and subsidiaries that help with their global outreach.

This gaming company is one of the elites and has always considered the fans before their personal needs, and one of the reasons is the fans always being there for the company and supporting them. Granted, some memes point out EA’s flaws in only finishing half of the games and then charging extra money for DLC. But these memes are iterations of the love the people have for the games EA produces. 

The gaming company has many resources upon its sleeve due to all of the years spent in the gaming industry developing and greenlighting projects that have been commercial successes and also producing various brand deals with other organizations, and determining the best possible action to take when it comes to offering people their favorite games.

They have always been clear about handling their creative developers with care and providing them with the best workload that fits their schedule and does not interfere with their personal lives. They have garnered fan following by visiting various games and simulating real-life sports that have helped fans get to the stadium or play for the sport they wish to play. That is why this company is regarded as one of the best gaming companies currently in power and holds the most equities and assets when owning part of other gaming companies.

We will be looking at the different things EA has done and talk about some games that have changed the company’s course. We will also be taking a look at who owns the company.

Information About EA

EA is one of the biggest gaming organizations in the entire world, and part of its success goes to the passion the people working for it have. Their hard work has made EA the best, which is why this company has managed to acquire so many subsidiaries in the short time it has been in the market. This company owns millions of dollars stake in other gaming industries and has partnered with many companies to roll out games or start franchises.

EA was first established in 1982 in California. The founder of the company Trip Hawkins was an employee of Apple before starting his own company. The company started as Amazin Software. The plan to start the individual business was given to Trip by Don Valentine of Sequoia Capital, who invested 200,000 dollars in the company. With the help of another friend of Trip who worked in Apple, the business plan for EA was written down on an Apple II at that time.

Electronic Artists was the first name that the people higher up in the company were thinking of incorporating. Still, the notion was shot down when Steve Hayes, an EA employee, said,” We are not electronic artists. The developers are.” That is why they shortened the name down to Electronic Arts, which later became one of the best and most memorable gaming companies of all time.

There are many endeavors the company has taken part in ever since its inauguration. It acquired the gaming rights of Star Wars from Disney and continued to make games for FIFA, which is still currently making a lot of money in the market. The FIFA games have left a legacy in football and are among the most popular gaming franchises of all time. Since the first FIFA release, it has been decades, and fans still play the older versions to experience the thrill and nostalgia.

EA has made games for several franchises. They made games for the Harry Potter franchise, the Godfather series, the 007 series, NFL, Basketball Games, and anything related to sports that were twisted up in arcadia to provide the best playing experience for the people who want to play their favorite games using their rules. Let’s talk about the most noticeable games EA has made in its tenure.

Mirror’s Edge is one of the best parkour-related games ever made. It included traversing the environment using rolls, grabs, and other climbing techniques to efficiently get through the world while also using various martial art techniques to take out and incapacitate opponents.

The Sims franchise is one of the best casual gaming franchises ever. It includes making a version of yourself or any character in-game called a “Sim” and then make them live their life normally, do various activities, hang out with friends and do pretty much everything a person would do in real life but in-game. This franchise went to make millions of dollars in sales and received generally positive reviews from the critics.

The FIFA franchise has changed the world of soccer for the better. It has allowed football fans to play with their favorite players, give them away to use them in different online matches, make a career for them, and track their journey through career and manager modes. Their brilliant graphics keep improving every year, while the commentary and the game modes provide fresh content to play and experiment with.

The last gaming series we will be talking about is the Medal of Honor series. It is a modern shooter franchise that allows the gamers to control various characters in different war scenarios and control various assault rifles, shotguns, SMGs, and various other weapons used in different combat scenarios. The series rivaled many modern shooters at one point and provided a lot of market scope for EA to produce more shooters when it got successful.

The company has undertaken many other projects and delved deeper into gaming by producing other games and services that have helped players enjoy themselves and get better in competitive gaming. They have sponsored various professional tournaments and given light to the people with skill. Their efforts in modernizing and changing the way people look at gaming have helped many talented people come to the competitive scene.

The company owners have always been proud of all the things they have done for the gamers, and the gamers have responded by being their games and trusting their development process.

Who Owns EA?

The question is, who owns EA? This company was started based on making the gaming community a better place and providing the people with proper returns for their trust and money. The company belonged to the founder initially, but currently, it is not completely owned by him. It is primarily owned by the different stakeholders in the company or the people who are looking to invest in the company. The company Electronica Arts are the parent company and own various subsidiaries.

The EA stock is at an all-time high, so the people investing in this company are noticing high rates of returns. The increase is because of the constant sales of different games made by EA and all of the other assets and stakes in other companies that EA has acquired throughout the years. These stakes have supported this company’s need to keep producing new games and provide themselves with the best support possible.

Larry Probst spearheads the company, and CEO Andrew Wilson works hard to choose the best possible projects to engage in and provide the developers and working committee heads the best assistant to do projects and encourage teamwork.

The Verdict

The article’s verdict is that EA will always be a company that is explicitly famous for its awesome gameplay structuring, great creative decisions, and the ability to provide life to its games. They have made sure the stakeholders, who own most of the company, get the profits they deserve and work hard every day and strive towards betterment. There are many things that EA has done to improve upon various aspects of their negatives. We hope you got to know more about the company through this article. Thank you!

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Who Owns EA? – Real Owner of EA

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