Who Owns Ubisoft? – Real Owner of Ubisoft?

Who Owns Ubisoft

Who Owns Ubisoft – The gaming world is the most interesting place for people who disassociate with the normal world and its functioning. It allows the gamers to present a side of themselves that even they don’t know about. Games with integrated stories and good multiplayer are an important part of any good experience. The gaming companies need to recognize the value behind each frame, and story arc put into games. This increases the chances of people purchasing the games, and it is a hit among critics.

Many gaming companies have tried to better themselves throughout the years. They have tried to carve a path for themselves using their overwhelming use of technology and pick the best artists to design the levels and the art for the games, but none of them has been able to do it better than Ubisoft. Ubisoft is a French gaming company, and it is one of the most sought-after companies in the whale world.

Every gamer knows about the various award-winning titles that Ubisoft has produced throughout its tenure, which has managed to get a place in every player’s heart. There is much story behind every title, every cutscene, and every gameplay sequence of the games they make. They put their heart and soul in the most minute details so that the customers are not left wanting more. Every game they have made after their inauguration has left the world stunned.

The people who have purchased their games in good faith have always been rewarded due to their commitment to improving themselves as a company and putting the needs and requests of their fans before their profit. The fans have, in turn, responded to them by faithfully buying the products and games they push out, which has helped the company maintain its profit margin and churn out new titles for the franchises they started.

The company has always motivated its employees to look after themselves and do the best they can to deliver on the promises delivered by the company and boost the spirit of teamwork. This spirit allows them to stick together and get work done on the games quickly, which is why Ubisoft releases many games every year.

We will be discussing the history of the gaming company known as Ubisoft and the million-dollar question regarding the company’s ownership, which will allow us to determine the company’s future.

Information Regarding Ubisoft

Ubisoft is one of the most recognizable gaming companies globally due to their awesome franchises and the advanced work they have done regarding the gaming systems and mechanics. They were first set up in 1986 in the Montreuil part of France. The journey has been tough but has reaped many benefits for the people working in their company. They have taken control of various subsidiaries due to their expansion practices.

Ubisoft was first started to sell audio CDs to the people of France at low prices, rather than the people buying them from the United Kingdom. This attempt at selling audio and music CDs helped with the company’s expansion as the founders later started distributing gaming software. The business was going well, which resulted in them acquiring various means of expansion like getting more computers and expanding their marketing and sales teams.

They started getting deals which helped them skyrocket their revenue up, which prompted them to start making their video games. Ubisoft is very well known for various video gaming series, and we will be talking about a few of them, which will help us get an insight into what Ubisoft tends to achieve with its games. We will be talking about some of the games: Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Prince Of Persia, and the Watch Dogs series.

Assassin’s Creed is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft subsidiaries that focuses on the battle between the Assasins and the Templars as they fight against themselves for their ideals. The former beliefs in peace through free will and freedom, and the latter through control and order.  All of the games have received generally positive reviews and have set the stage for Ubisoft to become one of the best. It was one of the first franchises Ubisoft worked on and distributed, which is still going.

Far Cry is also an action-adventure open-world series, which is regarded as one of the best representations of the human race when they are desperate or are stuck in situations where they have to make decisions against their humanity. This series is still going. It has released more than 6 parts and has lots of spin-off stories. The games have received generally positive reviews and have a loyal fan following.

The Far Cry games are famous for their fantastic and twisted storylines, accurate representation of humanity, gore and brutal gameplay, stellar voice acting, real and believable graphics, and the ability of the creators to build a world that seems beautiful from the outside but challenges humanity from the inside, the dark rooted lineage of the games and the somewhat horror aspect of the games is what attracts the people the most in these series of games.

The Watch Dogs series is set in a fictional world featuring imaginary iterations of London, Chicago, and San Francisco. The game features different main characters who find themselves dealing with the underworld of their respective cities. They have to use their hacking skills, among other tools, in their arsenal to get what they want without landing in the crutches of the antagonists, who are mafia bosses, gangsters, and so on.

The gameplay mostly revolves around hacking, shooting, exploring, driving, and solving puzzles to advance through the story. This series is regarded as a success for Ubisoft because it performed well and was praised by critics for its stellar voice acting, awesome graphics, and even better voice acting. This series is regarded as one of the best open-world game series of all time.

Prince of Persia series is a timeless series for most gamers. Most of the community grew up playing Sands of Time on their PC, after which the players moved on to play better games. The Prince of Persia is easily the most recognizable game series that Ubisoft has published because the franchise has been running in the market for decades. 

It follows the story of a Prince back in medieval Iran, as he fights monsters, zombies, guards, and army generals to achieve his objective. The series is famous for its portrayal of old Iranian culture, the soundtrack and voice acting, and its story, which connects beautifully with other series games. There have been 2 reboots of the franchise, both equally loved and hated by the players.

These games have managed to stay in the heart of gamers and give them the best memories of their childhood. Let’s take a look at who owns the majority stake at Ubisoft to get an idea about its future.

Who Owns Ubisoft?

The company is one of the largest developers and distributors of games which is why it is natural for it to have people investing in it, for them to receive a high rate of returns, and also to get something back and to stay updated on the ins and outs of the company. Let’s discuss the stakes.

The Guillemot Family

The Guillemot family are the founders of the company. That is why most of the stakes of the gaming company should be owned by them. The total calculated stake amounted to an astounding 18.5 percent, which means most creative decisions regarding the games and the company’s future are taken by them. The family’s courage has allowed the company to purchase many subsidiaries and buy out other companies that will be of use for the future. Their marketing and sales routes have allowed them to expand the company and make better endeavors regarding technological markets.


Every big company has investors who want to participate in the company’s success and help the company grow. Hence the other stakes of the company are held by the people who buy the stocks of Ubisoft. It is publicly traded and has good returns generally but is currently on the down due to lack of sales, it is sure to pick up after the Covid pandemic, and the owners of the company are trying their best to get all of the games in digital format to make sure the profit flows in the form of electronic money.

The Verdict

The verdict of this article is that Ubisoft is mainly owned by the founders and the stockholders who keep investing their money and depend on its success, which depends on the sales of the games and the development behind them. We hope you got to learn more about Ubisoft. Comment down below what is your favorite Ubisoft game. Have a nice day!

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Who Owns Ubisoft? – Real Owner of Ubisoft?

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