Types Of Lawyer Jobs

A Lawyer is someone whom a company or a private client hires to fight their case within the  legal system and provide legal advice on the case or otherwise in case of injustice, fraud, or  any other law-breaking situation. Let us know Types Of Lawyer Jobs.

Types Of Lawyer Jobs

To pursue a career in law, it is important to understand what the law field offers and the  options you have before you choose it.  

Lawyers, Attorneys, and Counsels

The Job Difference 

Many people are unable to differentiate between the career titles of Lawyers, Attorneys, and  counsels. Which is quite important to understand. The basic difference is: – 


Lawyers are people who work for a law firm or are self-employed and work  in private practices. Lawyers have a job to advise their clients on various legal matters  and how to solve various law-related issues and queries. 


Unlike Lawyers who only go as far as only consulting their clients’ attorneys  go beyond just consulting and they represent their clients in courtrooms and appear in  proceedings for representing their clients’ cases. 


Counsels are lawyers who work at a company that is neither a law firm nor is  related to the firm. Counsels provide legal advice and deal with various law-related problems for the company solely. Counsels are not hired or work for other clients other  than the company. 

Distinct Popular Lawyer Jobs 

A Career in the Law industry provides distinct types of jobs for lawyers and attorneys.  There are many jobs several provide higher salaries than the rest. Therefore, having a brief  knowledge about each job and the salaries helps you get more clarity in choosing the career  path. Some of the most popular and high-paid lawyer jobs are: – 

Corporate lawyer 

A corporate lawyer is someone who works for a law company, provides business decision  advice on legal matters, and solves various law-related queries. They are also responsible to  act and represent the company when legal action is taken against the company. The Corporate

lawyers also create law-related documents and report files to make sure the company is clear  of any allegations.  

Avg. Salary: $132,000 per Annum. 

Corporate attorney 

Corporate attorney, unlike corporate lawyers, does not have to work particularly in a law  firm. Corporate attorney work in companies and they provide various advice to the executives  for any legal changes which can benefit and avoids legal actions in companies. 

As corporate lawyers similarly corporate attorney also represents the companies, they are  working for in the courtrooms in case of any legal action against them. And create various  documents and contracts for employees to stay clear of any legal allegations. 

Avg. Salary: $135,000 per Annum 

Employment lawyer 

An Employment lawyer does not particularly work for a company but can be hired for a short  term on a contract basis or otherwise. The lawyer is usually hired to settle disputes among the  companies or individuals for the breach of employees’ contracts or to take legal action  against the company or the individuals. 

An employment lawyer can be hired not only by companies but also by individuals in case of  having trouble understanding the contract provided by the company or for settling disputes  between the company and the individual on the breach of contract. 

Avg. Salary: $117,000 per annum. 

Family lawyer 

A family lawyer can be hired by a client to settle a family dispute case. for example- a  divorce proceeding, child custody, Domestic violence, or child support case. Unlike other  lawyer jobs, this is one of the most common and demanded lawyer jobs in India. 

Avg. Salary: $129,000 per annum. 

General practice lawyer 

Unlike many lawyers or attorney jobs, a general practice lawyer does not particularly have  expertise in any law-related issues. Distinct clients hire them to defend themselves on distinct 

types of legal issues. The general practice lawyer may have any expertise from family related  to criminal and corporate. But can manage distinct types of cases. 

Avg. Salary: $50,000 per annum. 

Immigration Lawyer 

Immigration lawyers help their clients in getting green cards, visas, and citizenships in other  countries. And Immigration lawyers also help them provide the documentation necessary for  applying.  

They can also be hired by clients who have issues with documents in medical situations such  as seeking asylum from another country or applying for a visa for major medical operations. 

Avg. Salary: $66,000 per annum. 

Intellectual property lawyer 

An Intellectual property lawyer can be hired by an individual or a company in case of settling  land disputes, property rights, or creating trademarks for a company. These lawyers only take  cases of intellectual property cases which may include copyright to trademark and trade  secrets to that of patents.  

Intellectual property lawyers are also hired to obtain proper copyrights, and property rights  while buying or selling any property. And they can be hired to guide someone who wants to  use landmarks and trademarks of a company. 

Avg. Salary: $84,000 per annum. 

Litigation Attorney 

A litigation attorney or lawyer is hired to help in civil or property-related lawsuits. They are  hired by individuals who want to take legal action against a company or an individual who  has used or illegally captured clients’ property without buying or having legal ownership of  the property. 

A litigation attorney is also helped or supported by a litigation paralegal during court trials  their job is to draft documents, interview witnesses, and complete various administrative  tasks before the trial. 

Avg. Salary LA: $101,000 per annum. 

Avg. Salary LP: $54,000 per annum.

Contract lawyer 

A contract lawyer is hired by individuals or companies to provide advice from the legal  standpoint on distinct types of contracts and whether to sign them or not.  

Contract lawyers are also considered legal advisors as they advise their clients in a way that  benefits them through the contract before signing it or making any commitments through the  contract to individuals or companies. 

Avg. Salary: $108,000 per annum. 

Criminal lawyer 

A criminal lawyer is hired by individuals or companies to defend or represent them in the  courtroom against criminal allegations. The main responsibility of the criminal lawyer is to  give beneficial advice to their clients. And provide pieces of evidence in a courtroom that  proves that the client is not guilty or innocent. 

Avg. Salary: $700,000 per annum. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1. Is a Law degree Worth it? 

Yes, it is worth it as it is one of the major careers in India besides Doctor and  engineering. Law also provides a distinct variety of jobs.  

2. Which law degree is best to study? 

Complex litigation is best to study if you have patience and is meticulous in nature as  the cases in this are long and can go on for years and take time to pay off. 

3. What are the best-paying law firms? 

It depends on the country one is living but some of the best law firms are:  

• Carrie Brooker. 

• Latham & Watkins 

• DLA Piper LLP 

• Baker McKenzie LLP

4. Is there any age limit or qualifications for Law? 

Yes, anyone can pursue law if they have a grade 12th certificate or graduation. There  is no age limit for the law. 

5. Can Law be pursued online? 

Yes, a law many courses related to law are available online for free and paid as well which include diplomas, certificates, and degrees. 

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Types Of Lawyer Jobs

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