Coding Languages and Its Benefits

A way to communicate with Computers! A human can express his/her emotions using their face. But in terms of computers, it needs instruction. You can give the direction on how it should communicate with you. We give the computer instructions that humans understand, and the computer converts those instructions into 0 and 1 for its own understanding. We called those instruction codes. Here we will see about Coding Languages and Its Benefits.

Coding Languages and Its Benefits

Who can Learn to Code? 

A student from any background can learn to code. A science background degree could be a plus point but it’s not a definite option. You just need the ability to think critically, have analytical skills, and have a problem-solving mind. Practice is the most important thing to program. 


The first computer language was Algorithm for the Analytical Engine discovered by Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage in 1883. But the first real computer language is called “Plankakul” which was invented by Konrad Zuse between 1944-45. The first raw machine code was written by pen and pencil because it costs less than doing mistakes and rewriting them. 

Types of Computer Language

There are two main types of programming languages. Low and High-level language. Every language belongs to these two categories. Assembly and machine language are known as low-level languages. Python, Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby, C#, etc are known as high-level languages. 

High-Level VS Low-Level: 

Let’s know some advantages and disadvantages of these levels. 

Advantages of high-level language: 

1. The very important thing is, it’s very easy to understand. 

2. The Use of these languages is simple. 

3. These languages are user-friendly. 

4. Writing high-level language takes less time. 

5. The debugging process is easy compared to low-level languages. 

Disadvantages of high-level language:

1. As computers only understand machine language, it takes more time to execute a high-level language. 

2. It uses more memory than a low-level language. 

3. Control of hardware is less. 

4. Conversion of high-level to low-level language takes more time. So it’s not time efficient. 

Advantages of low-level language: 

1. It’s fast and memory efficient. 

2. Access processor and memory are better. 

3. No need for any compiler or IDE to convert source code to machine code. 

4. It can come up with straight manipulation to the device register and memory. 5. Communication with hardware is easy. 

Disadvantages of low-level languages: 

1. These languages are machine-dependent. 

2. Maintaining, debugging, and developing is too hard. 

3. Knowledge of computer architecture is a must. 

4. As it’s too hard to write low-level code, it’s more prone to error. 

Start Coding as Beginners: 

In this session, I will try to describe many topics that will guide you on how to start coding. So please read it carefully. 

Why should you learn to Code? 

If you look at the current world, you can notice that in every sector whether it is medical or industrial or any business platform, computer learning is a must. Every institute needs software developers, web developers, data analysts, etc. A high-paying job is one of the reasons to learn to code. Or someone who is so much interested in coding or technology.

Or a person who has been working as a software developer/web developer/business analyst etc since the 90’s. But they are used to their old algorithms and techniques. But now new changes are happening in the market and he has to adapt to the market and cooperate with coding to make better decisions based on data. There could be so many reasons to learn to code but if you belong to one of these reasons you must know how to code. 

How to Start Coding? 

The field of Computer Science is very big. It has so many sectors. So first you have to decide in which section of computer science you want to participate. So you have to be very particular and you must decide what you want to do using codes. Like Web Developing, Software Engineering, IT analysis, Data Scientist, etc. Then as per your wish, you need to learn which languages, tools, etc. you need. You shouldn’t start with a very big project. You should choose a simple one first. Whatever language or framework you are going to learn, try to gain its deep knowledge.

Gain Basic knowledge of the language: 

There are some basic items in every programming language. Like Loops, if statements, Variables, functions, and Array. If you want to develop a website, then learn the basics of Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, etc. Then create a simple application. By this time, you can learn how to use functions in javascript, how to place buttons, and colors using CSS, and how to write content in HTML. 

Choosing a language: 

There are a lot of programming languages. Python, Kotlin, C++, C#, JS, Java, PHP, Ruby etc. You must select one of them as per your project. You can develop any application using any language. But you have decided which one is best for you.

Well, my recommendation is to start with Python or JS. These languages are easy to understand but they’re very popular. Statistics show that in 2020, 8.2 million people were python developers. But python is the easiest language compared to others. It has simple syntax, lots of libraries, and a built-in data structure, also widely accepted. You can easily access many documents to learn python for free. 

Way of Learning Coding: 

There are many options to learn. Private coaching, Online free documentation, YouTube, etc. But I prefer online documentation and Youtube. Nowadays, you will have a lot of tutorials and documents to learn code. There is a website called Free Code Camp, where you will find some tutorials. But if you want to learn from any experienced person, there are a lot of websites like Udmey where you can buy courses. You will get a certificate if you learn from paid courses. 

Types of Jobs available: 

You already have an idea of what kind of jobs you can get. There are so many fields like Cloud computing, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Web Development, Game Development, etc. Coding is not the only thing for these things, you will learn how to code and then make yourself specialize for one of them. These are only a few domains in this field. A person who has 0-1 year of experience in Data Science can make $108,756/yr. In 5-10 years, it will be much higher. 


At this stage, you know how important it is to learn to code. This learning process will help you to solve problems in actual life also. You will have a peaceful mind because every time you sit to code, you must have a relaxed mind. It will open your brain so that you will think deeply. Through this article we have learned about Coding Languages and Its Benefits.

Coding Languages and Its Benefits

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