How To Ask Someone To Forward Your Resume Sample?

During your job search, you may be in situations in which you’d like your resume sent to someone with whom you have no direct relationship. So, if you’d like someone to forward your resume, understanding how to complete this request can help make the process simpler. In this article, we will share steps and tips for asking someone to forward your resume. Let us know How To Ask Someone To Forward Your Resume Sample? 

How To Ask Someone To Forward Your Resume Sample? 

Pitching connections with well-written forward requests will increase your chances of them forwarding your resume to a potential employer and obtaining the job. 

Steps to ask someone to forward your resume 

Step 1: Start by introducing yourself 

Once you’ve decided on a connection that could help you get your next job, it’s time to craft your letter requesting to forward your resume to the hiring department or the department you see yourself working in. 

The beginning of your letter needs to sound professional and polite. So, consider including appropriate or relevant details, such as how you know the connection, why you’re contacting them, or something that may remind them of who you are. For instance, they may have business relations with a company that interests you. You may start your letter by mentioning that you remembered this detail. 

Step 2: Say why you’re writing to them and suggest how they could help 

State your reason for your letter after you introduce yourself. You might politely mention that you are undergoing a job search and you feel that your connection might be able to help you in this process. 

It is a good idea to include details you think would help in this part of the letter, such as what position you’re applying for and why you’re applying.

For example, you might say something like you’re interested in the company, and how the job you’re interested in applying for aligns with your professional goals and qualifications. 

Step 3: Thank them for their consideration 

The conclusion of your request letter is a good place to mention any last details that you think are important and could allow your connection to help you better. You could mention to whom you are trying to forward your resume and also include your contact information or any request you may have for the connection. 

Your conclusion is also where you can also thank your connection for their consideration. You may include a signature signoff to express gratitude for the potential job. Here are some signoffs to consider using in your request letter: 

● Best wishes, 

● Best, 

● Thanks again, 

● Sincerely, 

● Thank you, 

● Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Samples of resume forwarding requests 

It can be helpful to view samples of messages requesting someone to forward your resume to someone else. Here are a few samples of resume-forwarding requests: 

Personal connection sample 

Hi Dr. Brown, 

It was wonderful meeting you and your family this past weekend at the neighborhood block party. I’m currently applying for positions within the accounting field, and I’m particularly interested in one at Bostin and Bostin Accounting, where I know your good friend Michelle Bostin is a partner. I was wondering if you’d mind forwarding my resume, which I’ve attached, to Ms. Bostin?

Again, it was a delight to meet you and your family. Please give them my regards, and I look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood. 

Thank you, 

Erica Wilson 

Former employer sample 

Hi Ms. Alice, 

My name is Karen Rachel, and I was an intern with your company back in 2017. I learned so much during this time, and I credit your company for the experience and many skills I’ve learned and developed. Now that I’m nearing graduation from college, I’m applying to robotics firms and would love to see if your firm has any open positions for this summer. Would it be possible to forward my resume, which I’ve attached, to the person responsible for hiring at your company? 

Thank you, 

Karen Rachel 

Professional connection sample 

Dear Mrs. Johnson, 

This is Emily Jones. 

I hope you’re doing well! I’m hoping to apply for a couple of positions at the clinic, and I was wondering if you could forward my resume to your hiring manager? I’ve attached both my resume and cover letter to this email for reference. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 


Emily Jones 

Tips for forwarding your resume 

Here are some tips to consider when asking someone to forward your resume, 

● First, proofread your resume. It’s important to proofread your resume and make sure it’s free of errors before sending it to any of your connections. This ensures that you look as professional as possible! 

● Second, send a thank-you note. Sending a thank-you note can help you convey your appreciation for forwarding your resume to a potential employer and strengthen your relationship. It is a good idea to send one immediately after you come to know that your resume has been forwarded or once you’ve obtained the job. 

● Third, follow up on your request. It’s a good idea to send a follow-up letter if you haven’t heard from your connection for about a business week. This could help your connection remember your request. 

When you’re undergoing a job search, having an employer, friend, or personal or professional connection forward your resume to a potential employer (someone with whom you have no direct relationship) might provide a great referral and increase your chances of obtaining a job of your choice! Understanding how can help make the process simpler. We hope the steps, tips, and samples shared in this article help you ask someone to forward your resume. 

Frequently asked question

Why should you ask someone to forward your resume? 

You may ask someone to forward your resume if you’re interested in a volunteering position, internship, or job. Asking someone you know to forward your resume is a great way to capture your potential employer’s attention via someone they trust. When someone forwards your resume to someone else, they do have an opportunity to describe you, your character, and your professional capabilities. 

How To Ask Someone To Forward Your Resume Sample?

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