Top ESFJ Anime Characters Everyone Must Know

Top ESFJ Anime Characters Everyone Must Know

An individual’s personality defines their action and nature. Throughout our lifetime, we grow, learn, and create ourselves based on what we observe around us. But we all know that personalities don’t grow randomly. Experience, knowledge, success, failure- every little thing plays an important part in structuring our own self. Similarly, while writing any fiction, giving the characters unique personality traits makes the story more interesting, further helps in character development. Talking about personalities, I am pretty certain we all must have taken a personality test once in our lifetime. Every person differs from one another; yes. But even still, there are a few things which bring us in particular categories. Several personalities present, and their categorization is usually done based on their habits, mind, nature, and behavior. Among the long list of personalities come the ESFJ Anime Characters.

In this article, I will be talking about ENTJ anime characters. But before we jump into that list, let us try to understand who ESFJs really are. In case you are not well-aware of this personality type, the description given below about them can help you get a decent idea. So, let’s get into it!


Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging, the Consul personality type used to be the cheerleaders in high school who lead their teams to fame and victory with their enthusiasm and motivation. The key traits of ESFJs suggest that they prefer spending time with others, have a better grip on facts and details, make decisions based on their emotions, and are very organized individuals. They are also called the “Provider” who likes to take care of others more practically.

Consuls like to form genuine bonds with others. Their extraverted nature makes them really social and connects with others as they are very attentive to other’s feelings and how others perceive them. They are dedicated to their responsibilities and remain loyal to their family and friends as they always keep them as their priority. They are loyal to the relationship they form and often take their concerns and pain as if it is their own.

Apart from being loyal and dedicated to their relationships, ESFJs also have a strict moral code. Being sensitive, they often perceive things as black and white and do not shy away from proving their viewpoint in front of others. They are cooperative, and their harmonious nature wishes to keep the people together and follow a given set of rules which does not destroy order. These individuals like to work in a planned manner where their objectives revolve around providing service to others.

ESFJs are very genuine and kind people. Their will to help others may suggest that they want to be recognized- and that sure is a nature of theirs- but they also do it because 9f the supportive and compassionate personality. They are sensitive in a way who don’t wish to hurt others. But their sensitive attitude does not cloud their minds as they are said to very practical as well. Their compassion and dutiful nature together is a heartfelt combination that makes them such reliable individuals.

Because these individuals are great with interpersonal skills and have a strong sense of duty, they can also make great leaders. They know how to handle a crowd with their caring yet disciplined nature. Their warm and compassionate nature makes others feel like they are needed, which is a very humane way to show appreciation.

ESFJs are generally pretty common to be found. Their strengths give them a good chance to strengthen their bond with others and lead a good, disciplined life. However, there are also a few drawbacks to them. They are highly concerned about their social status. ESFJs sure do their thing for others’ betterment, but sometimes, these individuals also like to get approved for their work by others. But if they find out that their impact on other situations or people is not much, it may highly affect their creativity and open-mindedness.

As these individuals like to follow a set of rules and guidelines instead of following their own instincts, Consuls are also very varied in their decisions which can sometimes lead to them act stubbornly. They emphasize what’s socially right and wrong as their views mostly look at things as they are black and white, which is not a very neutral and rational approach. This attitude can sometimes force their ideologies on others that other people may not find acceptable.

Consuls also have a problem of stepping out of their own comfort zones. These individuals stick to the already laid out plans and ideas because of their extremely inflexible nature, which hinders them from trying something new or improvising their own ideas sometimes. Along with this, they are also susceptible to criticism. ESFJs don’t like to get themselves into conflicts, but if their ideas or morals and questioned, especially by someone they are really close to, can get extremely hurt. They want their efforts to be noticed and appreciated which may always not come out the way they want. If they realize that their services are not being helpful enough, they can easily get discouraged. That’s why they look for more compliments from others to reassure themselves from time to time. This nature of theirs can get too dependable, which can even hinder their own ideas and creativity.

Now that you know, who ESFJs are, let us know some of the anime characters who share the same personality type. Who knows, you may stumble upon your favorite character here.

ESFJ Anime Characters

No fiction lover wants to see a bland character or an uninteresting story. And it’s the same with anime. The world of anime has given us some really unforgettable characters and stories. And if you are an anime lover, you must be well-aware of your favorite stories and characters.

Writers or mangakas specifically love to give the characters specific characteristics which make them intriguing to the viewers and readers. Why so? Because as viewers/readers, we find them relatable, especially when we find personality traits in them that are similar to ours. And as I mentioned before and talked about ESFJs, further in this section, I will be listing a few ESFJ anime characters. If you are an ESFJ or at least think that you are one plus you love anime, let me tell you, my friend, this list is for you.

Here are some of the most popular ESFJ anime characters:



The story of the fruits basket deals with some of the most broken and tragic characters who belong to the Sohma family and are possessed with the spirits of Jūnishi. However, among these complex and twisted characters comes the sunshine ball, Tohru Honda, who brings light to their dark life.

Portrayed as an easy-going, clumsy, happy, and warm-hearted person, we meet Tohru as a homeless high school who meets her classmate, Yuki Sohma and starts living with them along with Kyo and Shigeru. From the very beginning, we see Tohru as a very compassionate person who deeply cares for her people. As she found her new home and slowly met the other zodiac members, we see how much she accepts them instead of just rejecting their presence even after knowing their curse.

As the series progress, we learn how much of a hardworking and optimistic person she is. She is also very insightful of others’ feelings and always tries her best to never hurt others. Her wise and polite nature is also one of her defining traits, attracting so many people around her. She is there to help others, and this suggests how much self-sacrificing she is. There are times when we see Tohru not standing up for herself and trying to keep herself from any conflict as it extremely hurt her. Her wish to break the curse and see everyone happy is what she often seems to wish for.

However, Tohru is also very insecure and scared of losing any other people. She is the person who helps these broken people, especially Kyo, but at the same time always neglects her own happiness. As an ESFJ, she is seemingly kind, loving, helpful but also, in a way, has her fear of not being of any use to others. She often tries to help the Sohmas out as much as she can, but if she somehow fails, she gets easily discouraged.


Being the most handsome guy in the elite school while also running a host club there, Tamaki is the embodiment of a confident and charismatic guy who loves to boast about his beauty. His flamboyant, narcissistic, and over-the-top energetic persona may not be very appealing to all friends, but that sure doesn’t mean that others do not love him.

He may not look like it, but Tamaki is a dedicated host who takes his job seriously. Sure, this is usually featured in a more comical sense, but that does not mean he isn’t loyal to his job nonetheless. He is often shown to be prioritizing his client’s requests and always works hard with other members to keep the club a success. His friendship with all the host club members is also very precious to him as he deeply cherishes their bond.

As the series progress, we see Tamaki as more of a kind and warm-hearted man behind his rather narcissistic side. He is shown to be deeply insightful of others’ pain even though he is a pretty dense guy regarding his own feelings regarding Haruhi. His wise and knowledgeable mind also showcases that he is not as stupid as everyone sees him. He is selfless who is always ready to help anyone without any reluctance.

Apart from all of this, Tamaki is also shown to be a little insecure because of his heritage. Being half-Japanese, he is often criticized by his family and is even not accepted, making him live all by himself. His selfless and cheerful attitude comes from his loneliness as he wishes to form strong bonds and spend time with his precious friends.

ESFJ is insightful, caring, intelligent, and very much social who cherishes strong bonds with others, and Tamaki certainly has all these dominant traits of this personality type.


Bold, confident, cheerful, and a mechanical genius, Winry is the Elric brothers’ childhood friend and, later, the wife of his elder brother, Edward. Her personality can best be described as strong-willed and empathetic as she is shown to be very close to the two brothers since their childhood and has seen how much they have gone through all their life.

With her straightforward and honest personality, Winry is a tactful person who deals with her projects in the most dedicated and proficient manner. Being an auto-mail engineer, she has devoted her life to this field and has shown to be very skilled. Her strong sense of morality and justice helps her take any dangerous and difficult decision that she can understand rather than going for it recklessly.

We also get to see Winry as a very understanding and kind-hearted person. Her relationship with the Elric brothers is precious; however, she is also a very empathetic person who can understand others’ pain. Her sensitive nature helps her reach out to others as she often tries her best to assist and support others during difficult times. She is also very reactive and can get easily angry, especially when Edward is criticizing her auto mails.

As an ESFJ, Winry has all the dominant traits of this personality type. She is shown to be kind, selfless, creative, and at the same time, very emotional. Her devotion to her work and her strong ideals make her a perfect addition to this list.


The more we see this man in the series, the more we understand how broken he has become since the first season. During the first season, Reiner is portrayed as a reliable and helpful guy who is like an elder brother figure to the 104 cadet members. However, after the betrayal do we come to learn who he literally was.

As a child, Reiner was a meek and timid yet very loyal and driven warrior candidate who strongly believed in the extermination of the people of Paradis. As he gains the Armored Titan’s power, he seems to gain more confidence in himself, only to later learn Marcel’s truth that he was not chosen for his abilities. As Marcel later gets eaten by a Titan Ymir, his mind started to break as he now decided to take Marcel’s persona, who is reliable and passionate.

However, as he spent more of his time with the 104 cadet members, he started to form strong bonds with them, as his personality split into two- one of a loyal warrior and the next of an honest and reliable soldier. He was a kind-hearted guy who genuinely thought of Eren and his comrades as friends, but due to how broken and traumatized he had become by his own guilt and actions, he chose to do his duty as a warrior of Marley.

After the Paradis Island Operation’s failure, when we see Reiner in the fourth season, do we understand how much broken he has become during the last four years? Now suffering from PTSD and even becoming suicidal, he is a very kind and compassionate guy who deeply cares for his comrades and does not hold any malice towards his “enemies” anymore. Despite his emotional traumas, he is a very analytical and wise man with notable leadership qualities.

Reiner’s character is the perfect depiction of how war and hatred can shatter a man’s mind and soul. His struggle with his life and how he still keeps living for the people he cares about shows that he genuinely cares for his loved ones despite the crimes he committed. An ESFJ is known for its sensitive mind and a strong sense of duty, and Reiner Braun perfectly embodies these traits in him.


As the kind, cheerful, emotional, and strong-willed protagonist of the series, Kagome is no mere damsel in distress. Even though she had been sent into feudal Japan, where demons and monsters ruled, she is shown to remain unfazed by the deaths and despair because of her brave soul.

Kagome is portrayed as a determined girl with a kind and gentle heart with a strong sense of justice. She is very compassionate towards others in need and shares a strong bond with her friends, especially Inuyasha. She is very humble and respectful towards others, and her talent for changing others for the better shows that she genuinely cares. She is the one who has a huge impact on her friends, and her generous nature is what attracts these people around her. As the series progress, we see how mature she becomes despite her spontaneity to jump into actions. But still, she is highly skilled in archery as well as very knowledgeable during fights. Her quick thinking helps her figure out surprisingly good solutions.

However, we also see Kagome having a rather emotional and sensitive side. Her volatile and wile nature is very much evident throughout the series. She is often very insecure about her abilities and even feels that her support is not enough to stop Inuyasha from going after death with Kikyo. But despite all her jealousy and shortcomings, she learns to support Inuyasha and her friends without any selfish desires.

Kagome as a Consul perfectly shows the traits of this personality type. Her passion, sense of justice, kindness, and very sensetive nature shows how much she grows as a person eventually and gives her all in helping others in need without being judgemental.


Studious and brave with a strong sense of right and wrong, Maka Albarn is the efficient protagonist of the series who is very passionate about her dream of becoming a great Meister and make Soul a great Death Scythe. She is a very reliable and selfless girl who deeply cares for her comrades and is willing to do everything in her power to assist them.

ESFJs are known for their sensitive nature who wishes to help others, and Maka is very similar. She genuinely cherishes her relationship with her comrades but, at the same time, is very dutiful towards her principles and will do anything to help others. She may look like a very collected person, but her cheerful and confident personality does not go unnoticed as she is always shown to be very passionate about her goal. Her kind nature is also very much evident, as, in one instance, she is even willing to sacrifice her own sanity to protect Crona.

Even though she is very confident, if Maka finds shortcomings in her abilities, she gets easily demoralized and starts to feel very insecure. Her sometimes highly sensitive nature also makes her very aggressive, which her partner, Soul, sometimes doesn’t seem to like. However, even after all her faults, Maka learns more from her environment and becomes more mature and understanding. She remains the selfless person who is always ready to help others, no matter how much it affects her own body, and that’s what makes her such a respectable person and character as a whole.


Kind and wise, Otose is the landlady of Gintoki who is also like a mother figure to him. Even though she is often shown to be very aggressive towards Gintoki because of him not paying his rent, she deeply cares for the members of Yorozuya and considers them all her family.

As she is the snack bar owner she runs, Otose is an amiable and compassionate woman who deeply cares for her customers and her employees, Tama and Catherine. They often come to her and share their pain which she carefully listens to, and often gives them helpful advice without any reluctance. Even though Gintoki often bickers with her, he deeply cares for her and has sworn to protect her as she was the first person who showed true kindness towards a runaway war criminal like him and gave him a home.

Otose also seems to have a strong sense of morality as she is shown to against Bafuku’s corrupt nature. Being one of the members of the four devas of Kabukicho, she gives her all to maintain the town’s peace and does not like any conflicts, as shown in the Four Devas arc. She was even willing to sacrifice herself to protect her family from injustice.

ESFJs are peace-loving people who deeply care for others and leave a huge impact on others’ life. As she has all these dominant traits of this type, Otose is another great addition to the Consuls list.


Courageous and determined, Nanami Momozono is not the kind of girl who easily gives up during a critical situation. As the protagonist of the series, she is first shown as a broke and homeless girl who finds her new home in an old shrine as the land Goddess and begins her new life there.

Nanami is a very thoughtful and compassionate person who deeply cares for others. She can be highly sensitive and angry, especially when Tomoe seems to annoy and criticize her, but she is a very generous person. With her kind nature, she is immediately able to befriend all the other Yokai of the shrine. Even though her relationship with her familiar fox, Tomoe, is a bit rocky initially, she slowly becomes closer to him as they both fall for each other.

Being a land Goddess does not come easily to her, though as Nanami often finds herself in many problems. However, with her resourcefulness and wit, she is often able to come up with quick solutions and her friends’ help. She also has a very idealistic view regarding humans and yokai and how they can live in harmony and peace if everyone supports this ideology. Her insightful nature helps her understand the people around her as she is always ready to help others in trouble with an open heart.

As an ESFJ, Nanami is kind, optimistic, insightful, and loyal towards her duty as a land Goddess. Her love for her friends and her kind-hearted nature make her such a loving person and character.


If there is genuinely an underdog in the series of Naruto, then it’s Rock Lee himself. Optimistic, confident, energetic, and a really kind person, similar to his sensei, Might Guy, Lee also is a master in Taijutsu. However, he is not effective with any other jutsu, which is solely why he perfects himself into the art of Taijutsu.

Being a confident and optimistic guy, just like his teacher, Lee is strongly dedicated to his goals and his mission to become a great ninja to help others. He also has a strong sense of justice as he is always ready to help others with all he has got selflessly. He also does not like to hold grudges, as we see him befriend Gaara, with whom he once had a very rough relationship.

Even though his character throughout the series gets overly underused, we see Lee always staying true to his morals. His skills as a ninja are top-notch, as he is shown to be highly analytical and tactful during fights. He is very compassionate and kind towards others and hardly shows any malice again others (except for his enemies). However, he is also shown to be pretty insecure and can get easily discouraged during the beginning of the series but still, with his strong will and determination. He is always able to stand back up.

One of an ESFJ’s defining traits is how they continue to remain kind and compassionate without any hesitation. They like to be appreciated for their work which further motivates them to do better, and Lee has all these characteristics in him precisely. His understanding and kind nature, along with his determined and passionate personality, surely says that he is an ESFJ.

Apart from all the characters mentioned above, there are another few ESFJ anime characters you may be familiar with:

  • Kabuto from Naruto
  • Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Leorio from Hunter x Hunter
  • Milly Ashford from Code Geass
  • Stephanie Dola from No Game No Life
  • Hiyori Iki from Norogami
  • Mayuri Shina from Steins; Gate
  • Jaken from Inuyasha
  • Dwarf in the Flask from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Kaname Tosen from Bleach
  • Kurogiri from My Hero Academia and many more.

So, here it is—a long list of anime characters who are ESFJs. It is actually pretty hard to find these apparently common personality types. These energetic and kind-hearted personalities are actually very supportive to those with whom they are very close. However, seeing them getting portrayed in such a beautiful manner with fleshed out and developed characterization makes the viewers happy. It is, after all, a delight to watch such great shows with these amazingly written characters.

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Top ESFJ Anime Characters Everyone Must Know

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