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Have you ever wondered why you do things the way you do or why this particular trait is dominant in you and not in others? Often, we come across people who describe themselves as an INTJ or an ESTP. What do these cryptic-sounding enigmatic letters mean? The people refer to their personality type through these letters based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Read on to know more about the different types of personalities.

Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator:

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is a self-determining listing prepared to identify a person’s personality type, strengths, weakness, and possible preferences. The indicator was developed by Isabel Myers and her mother, Katherine Briggs, based on their work with Carl Jung’s theory of personality types. Attempting this personality test could prove to be very worthwhile and constructive for a person as it can provide a lot of insight into your personality. According to Myers-Briggs, this helps people understand themselves and accordingly make the right decisions and lead a happier, healthier, and prosperous life.   

MBTI has become a psychological assessment mechanism that is used to great lengths across the world. It’s a very easy assessment that most people can easily attempt and probably straight away recognize some of their tendencies. As per Myers & Briggs, it is pertinent to keep in mind that all personality types are equally important, and no one type is superior to the other. There are 16 types of personality which are donated by four-letter code, namely:

Myers-Briggs identifies 4 major personality types, each divided into 4 sub-types.

  1. Analysts: Architect (INTJ), Thinker (INTP), Commander (ENTJ), Debater (ENTP).
  2. Diplomats: Advocate (INFJ), Mediator (INFP), Giver (ENFJ), Champion (ENFP).
  3. Sentinels: Inspector (ISTJ), Protector (ISFJ), Director (ESTJ), Consul (ESFJ).
  4. Explorers: Crafter (ISTP), Artist (ISFP), Persuader (ESTP), Performer (ESFP).


In this article, we are going to see a detailed elaboration of the ENFP Personality which is also known as the Campaigner Personality.

ENFP or Campaigner Personality

ENFP or Campaigner personality is one among the “16 personalities” types according to the Briggs-Myers Personality Types. ENFP is an abbreviation used for the individuals who are Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. 

  1. Extroverted –  People with the ENFP or Campaigner personality are quite extroverted and outgoing. They like interacting with others and are energized by the presence of people around them. They have all the traits of an extrovert in them. However, they are the least extroverted among the extraverted personality types. They value spending momentous time alone to contemplate their actions. 
  2. Intuition – ENFPs’ don’t just rely on the five senses, but they have a sixth sense- intuition, which plays an important role in their major life decisions. They prefer abstract ideas and outlooks more and perceive information, paying keen attention to the patterns and deriving meanings out of them. They aren’t intrigued by the reality or well-founded data and have a predisposition to exploring the unfathomed possibilities.
  3. Feeling – Campaigners make their decisions based on their feelings and moral values. They tend to take prompt actions based on what they feel and perceive is right in a particular situation, irrespective of its consequences. They are also concerned about how their decisions might affect the feelings of others. The sensibility and thoughtfulness in them make a caring person who likes to help people around them.  
  4. Perceiving – ENFPs’ are quite flexible with their schedules and are spontaneous and impromptu with their decision-making. They have trouble meeting the deadlines but are easily adapted to the changes. They are not really best at planning and organizing routines; therefore adjust themselves according to the situations and tend to make ‘spur-of-the-moment’ and reflex decisions.

ENFP or Campaigner’s Traits

People with the ENFP Personality predominantly exhibit certain key traits or characteristics. Some of them are as follows:

  • ENFPs are gregarious and outgoing people with a free spirit. They are popular among their friends and families as they very easily get along with anyone and everyone. Also, they tend to expand their friend circle and maintain long, healthy, and meaningful relationships.
  • Campaigners don’t really get along with schedules and routines and instead take decisions spontaneously. The decisions are contemplated according to the feelings, values, and morals in a particular situation. They also struggle to meet deadlines.
  • ENFPs are zealous, charismatic, and enthusiastic and thus make outstanding leaders. They are also known as champions and campaigners because of their compelling personality that motivates others. They are very creative and inquisitive and always look forward to learning and experimenting with new things which inspire everyone around them.
  • ENFPs’ are very empathetic and compassionate, and ready on their toes to help others. They understand people’s problems and concerns and try their best to help others in every possible way. They are sensitive to the feelings of others and, as a result, might also prefer telling a lie instead of harsh and objectionable realities.  
  • They often need the approval of others and tend to make compromises while making decisions to avoid hurting other people. They get satisfaction by helping their friends and families and getting easily hurt and offended if they aren’t admired for their work. 

ENFP or Campaigner’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Campaigner Strengths

Let’s take a look at the strengths of the people with the ENFP personality. Some of them are:

  • Extremely Popular and Outgoing –  They are the ultimate people’s person as they are really comfortable and outgoing while interacting with people. They enjoy spending time with their friends and families and enjoy interactions ranging from fantasies and meaningless talks to complicated ideas and concepts. They are excellent communicators and have the ability to build relationships with people. 
  • Compassionate and Sensitive – ENFPs are very sensible, compassionate, and empathetic. They are good listeners and understand the feelings and viewpoints of others. Campaigners are very supportive and are always ready to help others at any point in time. They might even reschedule their day just to be available for their friends who need them.
  • The Champion – ENFPs are often known as champions because of their abilities to motivate and inspire others. They are also very hardworking and optimistic at the same time. Campaigners are extremely driven by curiosity and inquisitiveness about exploring little-known ideas. Hence, they diligently work towards their ideas and also inspire others.
  • Artistic – Campaigners possess an artistic and creative approach to perceiving things. They visualize ideas and concepts, which eventually leads them to bigger opportunities that others might find difficult to grab. They don’t hesitate while experimenting with new things and use their imaginative and open-minded ideas to step out of their comfort zones.
  • Keen-eyed – ENFPs have a firm belief that every idea and action is a part of something bigger, and hence they are great observant. They tend to seek out the bigger picture by paying close attention to things and deliberating about them. They don’t just believe in the existing facts, and notions about things rather dive deep into finding out the intriguing and in-depth meanings underlying beneath.
  • Maintains Balance – ENFPs very well know how to maintain a balance between their work and life. They are very hardworking however they also prefer spending some relaxing and quality time with friends or family. The Perceiving trait in their personality type makes them a person who likes to enjoy life moments and accomplish their goals. 

Campaigner Weaknesses

Let’s take a look at the strengths of the people with the ENFP personality. Some of them are:

  • Unorganized – ENFPs are highly unorganized who prefer doing work spontaneously rather than sticking to a proper schedule and routine. Most of their works are the results of their impulses which may sometimes lead to unwanted situations and yield unfavorable consequences. A properly organized and structured plan leads to determining the steps and goals. However, Campaigners prefer to focus on things as they happen at the moment. Their decision-making is highly dependent upon their feelings and emotions, making the results extremely uncertain. 
  • Irresolute and Easily Distracted – Campaigners possess numerous qualities such as curiosity and inquisitiveness, hardworking and optimism, but to an extent, they cannot effectively utilize these qualities. They tend to ignore the realities and procrastinate, which makes it impossible for them to complete the tasks on time and achieve their goals. Even though they are very enthusiastic while generating new ideas and concepts, they tend to turn a blind eye as the big day approaches. They are easily distracted by irrelevant work and tend to lose their focus from their targets. 
  • Need Approval of Others – ENPFs are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of other people and try their best to make mindful decisions that don’t affect the close ones. They can even settle for making compromises to avoid hurting others. Also, they aren’t the best to handle criticisms because they get very disappointed and hurt when someone close to them finds fault with their works. They seek to find personal satisfaction by helping others, and if not acknowledged and valued by others, they get hurt.
  • Lacks Practicality –  Campaigners are known for their creative, intuitive, and artistic approach towards their work. However, these traits of being imaginative, highly flexible, and spontaneity might backfire on the execution, upkeep, and follow-through of the projects. They tend to procrastinate a lot, which obstructs them from using their exceptional talent, and as a result, their ideas likely remain what it is- ideas. 
  • Extremely Sensitive and Emotional –  ENFPs are extremely sensitive and emotional. That is something quite natural and healthy. However, this quality acts against them in many cases. Campaigners might have emotional outbursts, which cause them unnecessary stress and also highly affects their self-esteem. ENFPs already struggle to deal with stress, criticism, or conflict. They might experience emotional upheaval.  
  • Free-Spirited and Bold – Campaigners abominate the very idea of being micromanaged. They find it very challenging to cope up with the world of checks and balances and adhere to exorbitant and heavy-handed rules. They prefer being independent and making their own decisions considering that they are the master of their own fate.

ENFP or Campaigner in Different Roles

We will now take a look at how people with the ENFP are in the different roles and relations:

  • As a Friend – Campaigners are really great friends as they are very sensitive and compassionate towards others. They can go to great lengths to help and support their friends and families. They are good listeners and try to understand the emotions of others and try to search for the bigger picture. They are open-minded and very creative and like to share and discuss ideas. They tend to have a huge circle of friends as they are very outgoing and extroverted. They are very persistent in their efforts and act as constant support for their friends, and therefore they are excellent friends.
  • As a Romantic Partner –  ENFPs are very loyal, honest, and dedicated as partners. They take relationships very seriously and consider it a beautiful, joyous process of mutual understanding, support, and acceptance. They are very open-minded and enthusiastic about everything and keep their heart on their sleeves. They tend to express these emotions of passion, sensitivity, and mystery sexually as well. They see it as a chance to share their ideas and emotions of deeper love and affection with each other. 
  • As parents, ENFPs try to provide their children with an environment that combines overwhelming love and support and a sense of freedom and creativity. They are playful and warm and loves to keep their children excited and encouraged about new experiences. They immensely support their children in their learning and growing stages. They are open-minded and empathetic in nature, providing their children with a positive and comfortable environment to nurture themselves. 

ENFP or Campaigner Suitable Career Paths

The best possible career paths and opportunities for an individual are the ones that conform to the characteristics and the nature of the individual. As a result, it is essential to get familiar with one’s personality type and choose the most suitable career option. ENFPs are highly fascinated and drawn towards new experiences and experiments. They are very creative, curious, and artistic, which compels them to think out of the box and try out new things in their life. Campaigners prefer a career path that requires them to push boundaries by exploring new ideas and experimenting with new things every day. Some professions that they can opt for are News Anchor, Journalism, Writing, Acting, Photography, Psychologist, Marketing Manager, Travel Agent, Social Worker, Librarian, Teacher, Graphic Designer, etc. These career paths require creativity and innovation, which is the key characteristic of ENFPs, leading them to success. 

Some careers that ENFPs can avoid are the jobs that demand sticking to working schedules and daily routines. They should also prevent themselves from choosing a career that hinders their creativity, innovativeness, and artistic approach and instead demands performing monotonous work—some professions such as engineer, banking sector, science, data entry, etc. At last, we can conclude that everyone should first get familiar with their personality type, know their strengths and weaknesses, and then act accordingly. This would ensure increased success and satisfaction of people and eventually help them lead a peaceful and prosperous life. This would thereby fulfill the very purpose of the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator.

Campaigner Personality

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