Thank You Notes For A Babysitter To Show Gratitude


THANK YOU NOTES FOR A BABYSITTER TO SHOW GRATITUDE: You take care of her and guide her the best way you can. Your care is unparalleled.

I want to start my message to you with a huge thank you because you always take care of her and guide her the best way you can. You do not let her hurt, and your care is unparalleled. You are part of our family, and we love you. Remember, you are important, and we trust you with our child, and you do not disappoint us every day. Every time she cries, you share a hug, when she is hungry, you get up even too early just to cook her favorite food, and you do not even complain even though I know that you are very tired and sleepy with each of her cluttered toys that you fix without hesitation, with each of her pranks that you always forgive. We are very happy and grateful because it is not easy to take care of someone else’s child because you do not like the attitude sometimes disagree and love lacking especially if you are not blood relatives, but you proved that you are different, you are very kind, and you are a very big help because I see every day that my child is always clean you do not starve her, and there are no wounds that mean you do not leave her alone and do not let him go anywhere. You make sure she sleeps well to boost her energy. You are a role model. The help you contribute at home is different, and we truly celebrate that we did not make a mistake in choosing you.

What are your qualities that we should be thankful for, and we seem to be really happy because of your interesting customs that bring vitality to our home, and we are used to seeing with our daily lives?

You are very witty in your childcare techniques. 

  • When she does not want to eat, you have a way to make him obey. You usually play with her first so that he does not notice
  • When she doesn’t like food like fruit, you make it look like juice so she can’t see and feel that it really helps a lot for her to stay healthy.
  • You always accompany her to the table so that she eats better.
  • You always make her or cook with soup to make her eat more because you know what she does not like
  • When noon approached, you played with her for when she had lunch, and she finished eating. She took a bath and went straight to sleep.
  • When she does not want to cut her nails, you really look so funny because what you say are names and given toys just to please her, and you can clean her nails successfully.
  • When cleaning her hair because of her prank, sometimes you will almost chase just to clean her.
  • When she has something, she often does not know. You are very patiently teaching her and let her learn in the right way.
  • When she does something wrong, you let him fix it on her own and learn what should be right. You do not tolerate her and do not neglect her not to insult and repeat his wrongdoings. Fill my shortcomings as a mother not because you work to take care of her, but I see that you care. I’m sorry that sometimes you are always there and do the doings. Still, I know that you understand me working very hard for her future because as a mother we have nothing we cannot dream of towards a better future for our children so thanks to you for the help of our comrades at home especially with those who are really trustworthy and industrious.

Sometimes we cry as a parent that we are not always with our children we do not monitor their growth we do not often hear their cries and laughter because often when we come home from work, they are already asleep, but thanks to you for understanding and with every question and sulk of my child you are there who always explains and I am not questioned about my shortcomings especially in times when she is sick you are the one who patiently wipes her body to cool down her temperature and sometimes I say you even beat the doctor because you are all around and 24/7 worker. So thank you so much you are a blessing completely and such a big help. You never judged me even once with each question of my child where I am when she needs me or where I am when she wakes up in the morning or where I am when it is already late and she is asleep.

Thank You Notes For A Babysitter

It is very tearful and heartbreaking because she tells you more about what she needs and what she feels. With every sacrifice you make for my daughter, one day you will be given and blessed more than you deserve because you are a role model; your work is not easy, especially, and my daughter is very naughty. It seems that your patience is tested every day, but you always answer back when your patience is full. You have nothing else to think about but you love what you do and you want to take care of my child because you love her that you consider her your real child. Thank you so much.  I have nothing more to ask of God but to guide us every day.

Thanks to your daily sacrifices for sometimes I see that you are tired and you are also experiencing hunger. You take care of the time to catch up with her every time she runs and runs almost non-stop but with every breath you take I also see that you are happy to play with her you do not stop her from spreading toys because you know that will make her happy. Thank you for teaching good manners because I believe that the child who is always with her will have the same habit and attitude because they say everything the child sees becomes right, so act and move neatly and pleasantly. Thank you for serving without complaint. It is useful because the child learns to respect and value you because you deserve it.

Thanks for being understandable. I can say that your understanding is very wide because you are not able to scold my child even if she is really very naughty and full of noise and nausea. Sometimes I ask you if you are okay. You just smile and nod at the same time, saying that it is not difficult to take care of my child because she already loves you and you love her more. Such is the life of those who come to us who are not even our siblings or direct blood relatives they eventually become part of our family and are strengthened by time because of the daily togetherness. Thanks to God for giving me peace of mind that he sent me a good one and also to my son, who was given a second parent who cares and really loved him more as I do.

With each day that my child grows up with your care, my will is confirmed that he is always in good hands. So thank you very much.

You will still experience a lot of her awkwardness, her stubbornness and, a lot more tired and awake to go through until she grows up. I hope you can still cope because I need you, and I hope you will be my companion every day. Now that you are part of the family, do not be shy to say what you need. I am ready to help and accompany you as you did to my daughter while I was at work. With all my lack of time that you always fill up soon time will come and I promise to make it up for you with full initiative and I will be able to protect and depend on you. Likewise, May we be the support of each other’s friend. I have a realization.

In life, those who are born rich or very rich are lucky because they will not experience running out of time with their children because they have employees who work for them but someone like me who lives a simple life and has to work every day to survive and to provide for the needs of my child sometimes I almost ac,t like a buffalo with excessive fatigue and double scrubbing. I am sorry if I do not pay you much, but still, your service is priceless. The word thank you is lacking, but I pray that when the time comes for me to advance, I will take you with me when I lift, and you are still the second mother of my child. Nothing will change. We will grow together blissfully, my sister by choice.

You gave color to the world we live in because before you came I could not be bothered with what I was doing or could I face myself in the mirror. It was very difficult to be a mother if there was no one to take care of my child, and I had to work hard and wake up early so as not to starve and accumulated debt.  If for others the maid or babysitter is just an ordinary person or employee who was hired and got paid, but when I met you I understand that in real life it is not like that. Reality check? When you get a good babysitter, you are very lucky because she is one of those who can help with the things you cannot do alone. The one who is always by your side, babysitters are a huge part of every family that works every day because they are a help for us to balance our motherhood and as a family provider. Thank you.

What should be the characteristics of a babysitter? Should she love the child and the know-how to carry the baby and be diligent, is that all? At first, I thought it was just simple as that, but when we are looking for someone to take care of our children, we must make sure they are reliable, honest, not careless, not lazy, ready to stay awake, want to play because kids are really playful and willing to stand and act as a second parent because for someone who is not lovable and patient we fear that our children will be neglected and harmed by something we do not know so choose with goodwill and do not entrust everything to her. Babysitters should support us and never rely on all of them unless our parents are at work. We barely depend on them with those needy times, so be wise in choosing. Be always grateful to our babysitters and let us not treat them differently let us feel that they are family members, do not look at them as just babysitters but consider them real brothers and sisters because they have a big part of our lives and are very helpful to us especially on a daily basis.

For my last message to you, may you always be happy every time you are with us? Make it a habit to appreciate yours and do well in life. Always remember that no small or big work is important. As long as you love what you are doing and you are especially happy, that is what matters most. You are not just a nanny. Always remember that you are an exemplary caregiver and best stepmother. Keep that in mind always. We Love you, and we are here for you always and forever.

Thank you for all the moments you make my daughter happy and you are one of the virtuous people I have met who is very selfless and has a big heart for fellow human beings. Once again a big THANK YOU!

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Thank You Notes For A Babysitter To Show Gratitude

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