A Thank You Note To Our Fathers – Our Heroes

Thank You Note To Our Fathers

A THANK YOU NOTE TO OUR FATHERS: “I may not be able to become someone like you but I will never disappoint you. Thank you for always believing in me.”

To have a family who supports you and stands by you at every stage of your life is undoubtedly a blessing. You not only have a place to call “home,” but you also have people who stick with you through thick and thin. These people are your first teachers who help you grow as a person. Whether through their scolding or their advice, maybe it is the little moments you share with them as they watch you grow up-. They are people on whom we rely the most. When a child is born, the parents consider this day their luckiest ones because they have brought a new life in this world. To the mother, their child becomes the center of their life. But to the father, they become their pride and joy.

So let me ask you this question when you were a kid, where you asked, “Who is your favorite- your mother or your father?” I am pretty sure that almost all of us must have heard this question once during our childhood and were hesitant to answer it. Back then, we may not have had enough knowledge about how both of our parents influence our lives, but we learn how both of them left their impact on us individually with time. 

Generally, we hear in society how the mother has the most influence in their child’s life and how they are the backbone of their children. There are even surveys and studies which suggest that the mother is more important than the father, and a child can grow without a father’s guidance. But don’t you think it is an overstatement? To completely dismiss a father’s role from a child’s life is not a very “woke” thing to say. I am not saying that a mother is less significant; no, not at all. Sure several cases suggest that single mothers can also raise a child properly but to generalize it and state that fathers are not important would be wrong. We all know, and it has been proven from time to time in several cases, how much importance the mother holds in their child’s life- their compassion and nurturing attitude towards their child help them grow up to become a better human being. However, the love and support which a father holds for their children are no less significant.

According to the social standards, the mother and the father’s roles are predetermined, where we get to see how it’s the mother who nurtures us and takes care of us while the father is responsible for the child’s growth. However, these already laid-out duties do not apply in every case. Instead, these roles are pretty interchangeable if we try to think outside the cultural norms. While scrolling down the internet, we often stumble upon a few quotes about how our father is our hero. And well, those lines are not lying. Their actions can determine a father’s value in a child’s life, and it is obvious how much they mean to their child.

Growing up with your father has its risks sometimes because it is said that they love their children “more dangerously.” They play in a much “rougher” manner, so the chances of risk become pretty frequent. But just because of these petty reasons, can we sidetrack the father’s role as the “second adult” in our lives? Of course not! Fathers help their children look at the world from a different perspective. They present a much diverse social experience in front of us and experiment with the various methods through which we can lead our lives. Apart from teaching us about concepts such as discipline and justice, and growth, they showcase a world in front of us through a male’s perspective. They, too, can show us the meaning of “right” and “wrong” and give us a much non-biased view of the world.

While talking about fathers and fatherhood, let us not just include fathers from a heterosexual relationship. Let’s also talk about gay couples who become fathers through adoption or assisted reproduction and raise their child together with love and care. And let’s also include single fathers who, even after getting jeered at by numerous people, can raise their children properly. The last two cases may look unusual to some, but believe me, they are no different than any other heterosexual household. A father is a father, whether they are singlehandedly raising their child or two men taking this responsibility together and starting a family. They, too, provide their kids with the same moral values and education that any other father would do. And whichever the case you may be in, we all know how much your father/fathers mean to you. To some of you, they are your “hero,” and to some others, they are your “shield.” To some, your father is your “inspiration,” and then to some, they become your “best friend.”

A healthy relationship with the father helps a child a lot during their growth period. Studies show that having a loving and nurturing father was essential for a child’s happiness, well-being, and social and academic success as having a caring and nurturing mother. Some studies even indicated father-love was a more vital contributor to some important positive child well-being outcomes. It also instills an overall sense of well-being and self-confidence. If you have such a person as your father in your life, then you must have known how much their presence has helped you grow. Generally speaking, your father must have had spent most of their time at their workplace, but even after that, they were always able to spend a significant amount of time with you even in their tired state. Their teaching about life helped you understand how the world works. Not only do they prepare us for the challenges of life, but they also teach us about the meaning of respecting both sexes. As kids, we often look up to our fathers and find emotional comfort and security in their presence. Their approval means a lot to us, and somehow, we strive to work hard because of them. Yes, I know that both of our parents would be proud of us for our achievements, but the desire to make our fathers happy in many cases has always acted as a booster.

There are always times in our lives when we feel conflicted and insecure. Those feelings can be so frustrating, and getting them out can sometimes be a problem. But a small “What’s the matter” from your father helps a lot. Like I mentioned before, having an open and interactive relationship with our father always helps us grow as a person. Their experience in life and the sacrifices they have made for us are things we always look up to. And if such a situation arises in our lives where we have no idea how we will face our future, a small conversation with our father ends up giving us the push we always needed.

Like I mentioned before, our father is no “second adult” in our lives, but a significant figure who help us grow helps the person. Yes, our father may vary. Not every relationship with your father has to be cheerful and highly interactive so that you cso that it “perfect”. In many ca.”s, there are chances that your father may not talk to a lot about his daily routine and is more of a quite person. Quiet, that does not mean that they do not observe you and your habits. When the time comes when you genuinely feel like talking to someone about your future and your career plans, they come up to you because they understand.

It is not like you can just talk and discuss your goals with your father though. I did mention that fathers, too, are emotional support to you, and in your life there must have come a time when his little advice helped you understand the bigger picture. Similarly, there must have been a time when you sat down with your Dad and talked about what you want to achieve in the future and he guided you properly in this matter. Some studies suggest that fathers have the nature to let their kids take risks in their lives instead of often protecting them. And here in your case, he must have done something similar. Instead of telling you to back off or give up, they must have supported your decision while warning you a little. And over time, you were finally able to achieve what you have always wanted in your life.

But you know what? There is a slight chance that you might have forgotten to thank them properly for the help. Well, it’s pretty evident that they are your father and your happiness is the most significant gift to them. Your success makes them feel proud to have a child-like you, and there is nothing more they can ask for. Even after making numerous sacrifices for you, they will never ask for a return gift. You may feel like repaying them with expensive gifts but honestly, that is not something they genuinely want. Yes, I know actions speak louder than words but to show affection through materialistic things may fail in conveying your message to them. Instead, how about you go for something more expressive this time? It may not be easy for you to show your gratitude and love because of some personal reasons. But if you want, you can still express your love in a very few words.

Father’s Day or their birthday is not the only special occasion to express your feelings to them through any other regular day, and through a small note, you can make their day a special one. And to do so, here are a few suggestions through which you can take some help from:

  1. “I always consider myself lucky for having someone like you as my father. You have always been my hero, my best friend, and my only To see you work your hardest every day for, every day made me feel so proud to have you in my life. I may not be able to become someone like you but I will never disappoint you. Thank you for always believing in me.”
  1. “I was never the brightest kid in the class but you always saw the potential in me. Even when my teachers complained and I felt like giving up, your words were always there to motivate me. Your support helped me stand and work on myself, and it’s only because I can achieve something in my life. Thank you, Dad, for always being there for me.”
  1.  “You are my hero and my guardian angel. Without you, I don’t know where I would be today. When I felt lost and just wanted to give up on myself, your faith in me restored my confidence. You helped me push forward and protected me from my negative thoughts. I love you so much.”
  1. “Your bedtime stories were always the best. I couldn’t understand them properly when I was a kid, but I realized you were teaching me life lessons through them as I grew up. Your wise words and guidance helped me reach where I am. You are not just a great father but a great mentor too. Thank you for teaching me so much about life.”
  1.  “I would often try to dress up and act like you when I was a kid. Seeing you go to the office and work hard and then returning home tired just to again play with me, you have always been so hard working. You are my role model, and I aspire to become a person like you. And if someday I have a child of my own, I will raise them just like you raised me.”
  1.  “I know that we had our fair share of arguments, but if it weren’t for them, I don’t think I would have ever gotten to know you better. Your scolding helped me learn where I was wrong, and now that I stand here, I thank you for always correcting me. Thank you for being such a great father to me.”
  1. “You always taught me never to give up. Even when I failed, your words would help me stand right back up just to give it another shot. You taught me the meaning of hard work and told me to believe in myself. I didn’t know if I could ever become a confident person, but your encouraging words made me strive for my goal. Thank you, Dad.”
  1.  “No matter how old I grow, I will always be your little girl/boy. You never left my side and were always there to give me a shoulder to lean on. Even today, I can cry in front of you, laugh with you, and you will not stop me from being myself. Thank you for helping me become a better person, Dad. I promise I’ll never disappoint you.”

Apart from these, here are a few other notes you can use to thank your two lovely fathers:

  1. “I’m fortunate to have not just one but two fathers in my life. And I feel so proud of it. Not only did your emotional support help me stand up on my feet, but your teachings made me an open-minded person. I love you both so much!”
  1. “You two may not have been very open about it, but I know how much you two were criticized when you first had me. But even after all that, you two stood by my side and helped me become stronger. You both are my heroes, and I wish to become stronger like you someday and face every challenge in my life head-on. Thank you for always supporting me.”
  1.  “You guys are cheerful and optimistic but at the same time understanding and realists. You never stopped me from taking risky steps, and every time I stumble, you two always picked me up together. I was able to recognize myself because of the confidence you two had in me. And I could never thank you enough for being such wonderful dads.”
  2. “Whenever I went to school, there were always some people who asked me whether it was hard living without a mother. I always answered them with a no because you two never made me feel like I was missing something in life. Both of you showcased a more open world in front of me, and only through that was I able to discover myself.”
  1. “There were so many times in my life when I felt insecure and anxious. I even blamed everything around me for my poor performance. But hearing such motivating words from you two made me realize how stupid I was. I always aspired to become someone you two will one day be proud of, and only because of your support I was able to reach my goal. I won’t give up and will always walk forward. Thank you for never giving up on me. You two are my heroes!”

Growing up with two parents is a great thing. But being raised and nurtured by a single parent also leave a massive impact on your life. Here are a few things you can say to thank your incredible father, who raised you:

  1. “Even when you used to come back late sometimes because of extra work, you would always spend time with me. You work so hard, only for my sake, and all I want is to help you as much as I can. Without your support, I’d never have reached my destination. Thank you for being such a great father!”
  1. “I knew you were going through a lot, but you never burdened me with it. You were always there to support me, teach me, and tell me stories when I couldn’t sleep. You are my strength, Dad, and just like how you stayed by my side, I will always be there for you.”
  1. “You are strong, Dad because you took on both the roles. You are as much a mother to me as you’re a father. You are a hero, and it’s because of you that I have achieved so much in my life. Thank you for being such great support to me.”
  1. “I never felt like I was missing something in my life because you were always there for me. Seeing a strong person as you inspired me. And where I’m standing today is all because of you.”

Clarence Budington Kelland said, and I quote, “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” It does not matter whether you have one father or two, but having them in your life nonetheless makes everything better. They are your role model and your hero, the man whom you always wanted to make proud and always wanted to see smiling. Even the thought of disappointing your father pains you because, you know, they will never show it. They will continue believing in you even when you lose faith in yourself; that’s how strong a father’s love is. They won’t stop you from making mistakes; instead, they will let you learn a lesson from it. It may be a little rough from time to time, but a father’s love is as important as others. And letting them know how much they mean to you will always put a smile on their face.

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A Thank You Note To Our Fathers – Our Heroes

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