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A Thank You Note to Your Sister

A Thank You Note to Your Sister: You are one of those people in my life whom I trust the most, Thank you for always staying by my side, Sis.

Having a sibling in your life has its perks. In some cases, their relationship is wholesome and loving and then there are some siblings who continue to share a love-hate relationship for the rest of their lives. However, this does not mean that they do not get along or just hate each other’s presence. Fights and arguments from time to time on trivial matters are pretty common but it is the little conflicts which strengthen their bond altogether. They learn about each other, forgive each other and no matter what happen between them, they never stop supporting each other. Whether we have someone older than us or someone younger, sibling becomes our first ever friend. Talking about siblings, when you have a sister in your life, it is a blessing in disguise.

Just like having a brother in your life has its own charms, having a sister is somewhat similar to that. Yes, there is no “brotherly love and bonding” going on here but having a sister sure is refreshing. It is obviously not possible to have a sibling who is the embodiment of perfection; whether it’s your brother or your sister. But the thing about having a sister in your life and how their “sisterly love” eventually becomes so precious to you is unforgettable. I am not saying that sisters are perfect. Like I mentioned before, no relationship is perfect. The same goes for you and your sister. There are times when you argue, there are also times when you just don’t want to talk other. But even after all of these, you find a sense of security and comfort in their company.

Thank You Note to Your Sister

When you were a little kid and someone asked you, “Who do you like more, your Mom or your Dad?”. This question sure used to make you anxious but you would try to answer it reluctantly. However, when you have a sister, especially an elder one, and share a great bond with her, you would know how she is like a guardian to you. People say that “your elder sister is your second mother” and honestly, I don’t disagree with this saying. Sisters do tend to have a better emotional connection with their siblings since childhood. Not only are they our guardian but also becomes our first best friend in no time. They will often be there for you to boost your confidence, will always give you a shoulder to lean on when you feel like crying and the best part is that, you can share anything with them and they will not complain about it.

The sibling bond was not such an important subject of research for many scholars before. However, with the passage of time, researchers have started giving accurate psychological facts regarding this long ignored relationship. Studies show that during childhood, many kids feel like their brother or sister should just disappear. And well, it is true. But gradually, the study suggests, their relationship dynamics change as they grow older and tend to form a healthy bond between each other. When we were kids, we surely have had such a thought pass our mind once regarding our sisters. And now that we have grown up and have finally come to understand how much cherish our relationship, we feel guilty about it.

Nevertheless, the bond which we form with our sisters is a unique one. And as someone who has an elder sister in their life, I completely agree with this.

Having a sister usually leave a very positive impact on their siblings. If you happen to be a male who usually does not share much with other people and at the same time, happen to have a sister, you will often open up in front of them. It is a fact though, that having a sister helps you better at having a balanced communication with people. Regardless of what our sexual identity is, we become more kind and empathetic towards other people. Other studies also suggest that having a sister in a male’s life help them feel more confident while talking to females. But apart from all these emotional influences, sisters also help us in becoming more goal-oriented and independent.

To have a proper discussion about your life and career plans can be pretty frustrating at times. We all have been at a stage of our lives where these ideas just make us anxious and we feel like we have no one around us to talk about it. But in such a case, when our sister gets to know about this issue, they definitely come up to us with a cheerful idea. They lend us an ear and when we finally tell them about this problem, they try their best to give us a satisfying solution. If our studies are the major issue, they would just immediately come up and start tutoring us. Discussions with them become a lot more easier. You must have had been in such a situation where it was your sister who helped you through tough times. While talking about what you want to do, they must have also given you ideas so you could later prepare a proper layout of your career plans. There are also chances that it was because of their reach and ideas that you were able to get your dream job. Their encouraging and motivating words also act as a great help for you to clear your mind and start perusing what you love the most.

But while you start preparing for your future and finally reach your goal, there is a chance that you might forget about that one person who helped you through the most. It is not a matter of major concern. However, don’t you think that you should maybe show your appreciation towards that person a little more? You know your sister will not be asking for an expensive gift or a long appreciation letter with a lot of chocolates just because they talked to you about your problems and career goals. To them, and to you as well, it was just another normal conversation which two siblings happened to have. And of course, just because they helped you with your career plans or maybe helped you get a job, they would not be asking for a “return gift”. Instead, they will be proud of you for what you have achieved and will continue to support you throughout your life. But should this reason be enough for you to stop appreciating them and not show them your love and respect?

Of course not!

If you are planning to showcase your appreciation through certain gifts, then do not hesitate or back off. Though, I would suggest that a little thank you note will make your gift even better. There are chances that you are not very good with words and have no idea what you should be in a thank you note. After all, it is not a letter where you can be expressing your feelings through and through. To express something big in just a few words has a magic of itself. And if you are having such a problem and do not want to rely on the same quotes you read on the net, then you can find something of help here.

Example of Thank You Note

When it is an elder sister you have, their presence is enough to make you feel secure. Like I mentioned before how they’re like a “second mother” to us. Not only do they emotionally support you at every stage of your life but also help you to build a better future for yourself. They often encourage you to give your all in things which you love and this is something you genuinely love the most and feel lucky to have them in your life. If there is a gift you are planning to give them, then here are few suggestions you can write in your thank you note for them:

1. “I always feel fortunate to have a sister like you in my life. You always encouraged to give my best and stopped me from going towards the wrong direction. If you weren’t there, I don’t know what would have happened to me.”

2. “Ever since I was a child, I have always found comfort in your presence. We have been through so much and everytime I felt like giving up, you were always there to pick me and give me a push. No matter how much I felt insecure or anxious, you words always cheered me up and I was able to face myself again. I don’t know where I would be if you were not in my life.”

3. “I always had trouble believing in myself. I was so overwhelmed with pessimistic thoughts and everyday, I felt like giving. But the faith which you showed in me became my strength. I didn’t know how to believe in myself but your words make me believe that I can do better. It was your words that gave me the strength and I will always tell you this, I’m so lucky to have a sister like you in my life.”

4. “We may not have gotten along when we were little kids. I always felt like you did not like me and honestly, I did not trust you one bit. But as I grew up, I realized how big of an idiot I was. And today, you are one of those people in my life whom I trust the most. I know I can talk to you about anything and be myself and no matter how many times we quarrel, I will come back running to you to tell you more about my day.”

5. “When they say that siblings are your first friend who sticks with you through thick and thin, they are not wrong at all. There were so many times when I hurt you with my words or did not listen to you but you were always so patient with me. Because of your words I was able to become a decent human being and stand on my own feet today. Thank you for always staying by my side, Sis.”

6. “Sometimes I think about the moments when I would not stop troubling you. But even after so many fights and arguments, I always found myself coning back to you. You are the first friend I ever made in my life and everytime I felt like listening to some piece of advice, I’d come running to you. To me, you are my hero Sis.”

7. “You have always been my role model and I always looked up to you. There was even a time when I envied you for your qualities. But then you made me what my potential is. Instead of becoming like you, you taught me to become myself. And that is best lesson I’ve ever gotten from you. Thank you sis, for helping me face myself.”

Well, for your elder sister, you can take help from any of these suggestions mentioned above.

However, if you happen to have a younger sister, then don’t worry about it. It is not like only elder sisters help you go through tough times as younger sisters are as important and loving. Having a younger sister in you life gives you a sense of responsibility. You care for them and try to protect them from all harms. And they repay you back in the same manner. No younger sister wants to see their elder sibling going through a tough situation. As for career plans and life goals, they too can help you out and give you some really great advice. If your elder sister supports you then your younger sister becomes your strength. And if you want to convey something to them, then here are a few things you can say in your thank you note:

1. “To be honest, I was not very happy when mom and dad brought you home and you became the center of attention. But I didn’t know how precious you will become to me. If it weren’t for your kind words, I might have given up on my dream. Thank you sis for always supporting me.”

2. “For someone of your age, you are incredibly wise. Sometimes, even I  felt like you were the elder sibling among the two of us. Whenever I felt confused, I would always come to listen to your advice and it always worked! And I’m glad that I’m able to make you feel proud of me. It’s all thanks to you.”

3. “Ever since you came in my life, you were like a little angel to me, a ball of sunshine. And I always wanted to protect you. But there came some many times in my life where you saved me. Your motivating words always helped me work a little better. Thank you little Sis, you’re the best!”

4. “Everytime we sat down together and discussed about something, your intriguing questions and innovative ideas inspired me so much. Even though you’re younger than me, I never felt the gap between us. You are my best friend and the person I always look up to. And just like how you supported me in every decision I made in life, I will stand by you too.”

5. “You were such an annoying child when you were little. But I could never get angry with you, no matter how much you annoyed me. Everytime I felt upset and lost, you would come nagging me only to later sit down and ask me what was wrong. You were always there when I was alone and you faith in me is what helped me grow as a person. I love you, Sis.”

6. “It really doesn’t matter to whether I am the elder one or not because with you Sis, I always felt like I am the younger one here. Whenever I would stop ignoring work or just feel down, you would always come and scold me. How you constantly made me push my limits and helped me find my passion- I can never forget that. I feel blessed to have you here Sis. And if again someday I stop focusing or lose my way, slap some sense into me. I swear I won’t get angry.”

7. “Honestly, I never wanted to be an elder sibling. But when you came in life, I felt like I need to do everything which would make you happy. Watching you grow and becoming such an incredible human being made me feel proud of you so much. Your kind words and concern towards me and everyone around made me realize how good of a person you are. And even though I knew I couldn’t become like you, I wanted to be able to stand by your side and support you. So thank you Sis, for inspiring me to become a better person.”

So, is there someone else you want to send a thank you note to? There are also people in our lives with whom we don’t have any blood relations. But we cherish their presence so much in our lives, they become like family to us. And if you have someone whom you consider your soul sister, then here is what you can say to them:

1. “Growing up as an only child, I had no idea how to interact with people properly. But when you entered my life, everything changed. You accepted me for who I am and taught me so many things. I can discuss with you about anything and it was your words which always lifted my spirits. Thank you for being a part of my life!”

2. “Even though we are not blood related, I always found comfort in your presence; just like how I am at home. I had no idea about my future but you helped me understand it so much! and because of the things you recommended me to do and pursue, I’m finally able to make a future for myself. And it’s all thanks to you.”

3. “What you have done for me is more than I deserve. I can never pay you back but all I can do is thank you as many times as I can. Where I am right now is because of you and I promise, I will never let you down”.

4. “There were times when I felt like I could talk to no one. But having you by my side made me realize how wrong I was. You were always there for me, listening to my outbursts and then calming me down. If it weren’t for your reassurance, I guess I would already have given up on my dreams.”

5. “I have always had elder brothers surrounding me in my family and I always felt like something was missing. When we first met and started talking, I had no idea I’d get this close to you. I thought that sharing my worries with someone does not make me strong. But when I opened up to you, I only felt a huge burden leaving my shoulders. You helped me express and emotions and helped me learn about myself. And even if we are not blood-related, you will always be my Big Sis.”

Like I said before, having a sister in your life is a blessing. Their support and belief in us always boost our spirit and encourage us to work more. And there is nothing wrong with showing our appreciation to them from time to time. Sometimes, it can be hard to express your emotions. But don’t let that stop you. Words do hold a lot of power and telling them something good once in a while is always a good thing to do.

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Best Thank You Note to Your Sister | Best Wishes

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