Thank You Note to Secretary/ Administrative Assistant – Examples


You can take some help from these examples if you want to give a thank you note to your company secretary or administrative assistant

  1. “As you know, it has been a great year for our company, and without your assistance, we would never have reached here. Thank you for always being ready with your skills and for always supporting me. You are a great asset to this company.”

  2. “Without your management skills, it might not have been easy for us to finish our projects. You are such a skilled person, and ever since you have become a part of the company, you have continued assisting the rest of the staff members and me. Thank you for all your support.”

  3. “I know I have never thanked you personally, but let me show my gratitude to you. Thank you for always being such a great help to me. If it weren’t for you, I might have missed so many calls and emails, lost several projects, and would not have achieved many things I have today. Your support has always helped me through. Thank you”

  4. “Your role as the secretary may appear thankless, but that’s not true. Your hard work and skills always saved the company and me. Seeing you work with such dedication even encouraged me to put more effort into my job. Thank you so much for all the help.”

  5. “Usually, I don’t praise you much for your job, but I’d like to let you know know how incredible you are. You are such a terrific secretary and a great asset to our company. And I’m grateful to have such a great person like you as my personal assistant.”

  6. “For someone who has worked as a personal assistant before, I can understand how tiring the job can be. Those late-night phone calls, emails, appointments- managing them require a lot. You are such a hard worker, and your dedication to your job is so inspiring. I thank you for all that you’ve done for the company and me.”

  7. “Not only are you a hard worker but also such an incredible human being. Your confidence at work is an inspiration to many, and I consider myself very lucky to have a secretary like you.”

  8. “I’ve worked with you for so long, and you’ve never disappointed me. Your immense focus and dedication towards your work supported me a lot. Thank you for being such a professional and for always helping me out.”

  9. “I understand that it’s not very easy to work with someone like me. But you continued to keep up with me and assisted me with my work. I may not say this to you in person, but I trust you with this job. Thank you so much; I’m grateful to have a secretary like you.”

Let’s say that today is your company secretary’s birthday, and you want to present them something. Or maybe all of you have planned a little surprise for them at the office today. Maintaining a lively working environment is necessary, and as we all know, little cheerful things in a person’s life always leave a positive impact on them. Along with gifts and a little party, you can also convey a few words to your secretary or personal assistant through thank you notes. You may find it a bit difficult though, maybe you even start thinking about what you should write without making it sound too smug or corny. If you have any such problems but still want to send a little thank you note to your secretary, here are a few suggestions from which you can take some help to give it to your school secretary:

  1. “I am writing this thank you note on behalf of the school and the administration for the services you have provided us for all these years. Not only are you hardworking, but your kind and gentle nature always helped us go through our day at work.”

  2. “Your detailed work has always been such a great help for the school. You are such an incredible person and an inspiration to many students at the school. Thank you for the great work.”

  3. “Ever since you became a part of our school, your dedication towards your job has been so inspiring. As the secretary, you have continued to manage everything efficiently and on behalf of all the school; I thank you for your hard work.”

  4. “Your work has left such a positive impact on all the staff members. I’ve been a part of this school for so long, and there is no denying that you are an asset to our school. Without your assistance, we are certain we would have had a lot of difficulties. Thank you for always being such a great help to us.”

  5. “As I write this note to you, I’dike to tell you that this is just an extension of what we all already know. All of us are indebted to you, and it would not have been possible without your hard work. As the headteacher, I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to you on behalf of the administration. Thank you for making every administrator’s work easier.”

  6. “I, along with every other staff member, have seen you work extensively on your job. And not for once have you pit us in any trouble. Your passionate and optimistic attitude always cheer everyone up on the campus. Not only are you a great asset to this school but also a great companion to all the staff members.”

  7. “I wish to extend my heartfelt thank you to all for all the years you have given to us. Your contribution to this school has been of such great assistance all these years.”

  8. “Your passion and motivation have always been your driving force, and looking at your work always encouraged me. I’m not trying to flatter you, but throughout these years, I’ve seen you making the best out of your job. You handle your job effortlessly and continue to lend a helping hand to the staff members. Thank you so much!”

  9. “Seeing you work with a cheerful attitude always brightens our day. You are not just a colleague to us but also a great friend. We all have formed such a great relationship with you, on behalf of the staff members; I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks. We are lucky to have such an incredible person like you as our school secretary.”

  10. “Even after working with you for so long, I never got the chance to thank you personally. So, here I am, writing this to let you know how much your assistance helped me throughout my days as a teacher. You have always been such a great person. Thank you for always working hard and being a great help to all of us.”

A great secretary is not only your assistant but also a great working partner. And without their support, you know you might not have been able a lot of things. So here are these few simple thank you notes you can send them. Appreciating them once in a while is a great idea after all and believe me, a thank you note from you will make their day at work.

At a workplace, every employee’s role has its own significance as they are interdependent. Whether we are talking about the company head/supervisors or their juniors assigned in different departments, their coordination and teamwork help the company grow and thrive. Factually speaking, though, the experience of a workplace varies greatly for different individuals. For some, it is the place of motivation and learning where teamwork and inspiration help them grow, while for others, it becomes a place where they continue to “grind their souls” to make a living. The company culture plays a significant part in forming the environment the employees will be working in. Several factors are associated in this context, whether we are talking about the boss/supervisor of the place or their assistant or the other coworkers who continue to work together on various projects.

Nowadays, organizations focus tremendously on what makes the job more engaging. It is an interesting question after all as it is necessary to understand whether the employees working at a company are physically and mentally present and concentrating on their work. There are always chances of extreme pressure and stress on a worker, which can harm their health and the firm. As I said before, company culture plays a major part in the job itself for an individual to remain attentive to it. And it is the employees themselves who help in the formation of proper company culture.

Talking about employees, as I said before, every coworker’s engagement at a workplace has its own significance. Whether it is the company head or any other employee working under them, everyone’s contribution matters. Essential business roles are assigned to several people who provide assistance and management. And among the lost list of business roles, there includes the job of the company secretary.

Define the term “company secretary” it is a senior position given to an employee at a private or public organization who is typically named a corporate secretary or secretary. Despite the name, you all must know how important their role is at a corporate. The role is not clerical or secretarial, as the name suggests, as they are responsible for ensuring that an organization complies with relevant legislation and regulation and keeps board members informed of their legal responsibilities. Most notably, the Companies Act 2014 retained the need for a company secretary in private and public companies. Now, a secretary’s job does not remain limited to just as a “note-taker” or “administrative servant of the Board” at board meetings. Rather, their role has now evolved into a “Board advisor” who has been given the responsibility to look after the organization’s corporate governance.

If you are a part of a corporate or are the company head, you must know how the job of the secretary works. The Board, particularly the chairman, relies heavily on them. They provide advice regarding the directors’ statutory duties under the law, disclosure obligations, and other listing rule requirements from them and learn about the corporate governance requirements and practices and other board requirements. They are the company’s representative on legal documents and are also responsible for ensuring that its directors work within the law. It is also their responsibility to register and communicate with shareholders, ensure that dividends are paid on time, and maintain company records, such as lists of directors and shareholders and annual accounts.

To give you a detailed information regarding the responsibilities given to a secretary, some of these are as follows:

  1. As the Companies Act of 2014 retained a company secretary’s requirement, their roles have also evolved thoroughly. This act demonstrates the important role of the company secretary at public and private companies as the Board of directors is given the task to ensure whether the person has enough knowledge and experience to execute a secretary’s functions and maintain other records.
  2. Apart from the basic statutory duties given, a company secretary is also responsible for developing and implementing processes to promote and sustain good corporate governance. With the boardroom’s change in dynamics, the chairman and directors heavily rely on the secretary’s specialized skills and expertise in this area.
  3. Looking after the governance arrangements are in place and are clearly documented and communicated to the organization is also their responsibility. As they have a complete view of the governance framework, they are usually given the task to collect information and other policies and procedures properly documented.
  4. Along with working with the chairman, a secretary also review the Board’s governance processes and suggests improvements and initiatives for the company’s future through the chairman.
  5. A company secretary also plays a leading role in good governance by helping the Board and its committees function effectively. They proactively ensure the presentation of up-to-date information in advance of meetings.
  6. The company secretary also helps build an effective working work relationship with all the Board members, suggesting impartial advice and best, which acts in the company’s best interests. They also take the lead in developing a customized induction plan for the new directors and devise a training plan for individual directors and the Board. 
  7. Another significant role of the secretary is to have proper communications with stakeholders and report significant matters regarding the company. They act as a link between the Board and management, which further helps in the business. Through effective communication, they can discuss business with investors. They also have the responsibility of drafting the company’s annual report’s governance section and ensuring that all reports are made available to shareholders according to the relevant regulatory or listing requirements.

As you can see, the list of responsibilities entrusted to a company secretary is pretty long. And honestly, why wouldn’t it be? It is such an important position in the corporate world and as Uncle Ben once said to Peter Parker “with great powers, come great responsibilities”, the job of a secretary comes with its own. Whether we talk about their management skills or their expertise in collecting information and being a right-hand person to the chairman, their role in a business field is of great assistance. With changing times and formation of new laws, the role of a secretary has also changed overtime which not only shows the significance of this position but also suggests how much responsibility the person holds.

Being a secretary is no easy task. Reaching such a point where their assistance plays an important role in supporting the Board is a great achievement. But along with several responsibilities, there are chances that the person also feels overworked or stressed. Even after being the backbone of offices across many countries, secretaries’ role is still put down as “the role of administrative servants.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 4.3 million secretaries are working in the United States. And even though with changing times their roles have significantly changed, the stress level has not.

Going back to the point where I mentioned that the workplace and the company culture matter a lot for an employee. Studies have constantly shown how work pressure can affect a person’s mental and physical health. Greeting your coworkers with a simple “good morning” or asking them “how are you” once in a while is considered effective as it helps individuals be a bit more attentive at work. The same goes for a company secretary whose job holds such a large number of responsibilities.

Forming a healthy professional relationship with your coworkers always helps keep the workplace a better surrounding to work. But having a decent humanly relationship with them also is an important job. Talking about secretaries at different workplaces, they too deserve to be respected. Being a part of a firm and contributing to it through their skills and experience is an important job after all. Yes, providing them with their salary and bonus is one thing, but sometimes, it is also necessary to let them know how much their assistance matter.

Like I said before, along with having a healthy professional relationship with your coworker, you should also form a respectful relationship with them. In the case of the company secretary, this should be taken into consideration as well. Money is not the only thing that encourages a person to work. Humans also work in search of approval, respect, and passion. At your workplace, you must definitely have conversations with your coworkers, the secretary being no exception. And you often see their hard work and how much effort they put into it. While you work with them, you also form a bond that helps you grow in your work field. And sometimes, showing appreciation towards their efforts can always make their day.

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Thank You Note to Secretary/ Administrative Assistant – Examples

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