Postal Service Cover Letter – Steps to Write and Examples

Postal Services Cover Letter

A cover letter, also known as a letter of motivation, is a formal letter dedicated to introducing you and your interest to the recruiter. It plays an outstanding role in a job hunt. Think of it as the first formal way to get in touch with the hiring manager.  A cover letter will provide an appropriate prelude to your enthusiasm and potential for working in Postal Services. The article below is dedicated to helping you write a perfect Postal Service Cover Letter when applying for a job. 

Steps to writing the Postal Service Cover Letter:

A cover letter should be written very attentively. It is a way of showing the hiring manager what a strong candidate you are for the position. The steps given below are going to assist you to write an impactful cover letter for your job application. 

  1. Do your research: You should have a sharp picture of what you will be getting yourself into. Theoretical knowledge is important here. For this, do your research, study the job description, and evaluate all the bullet points (how you fit in the role) thoroughly. This will always keep you prepared for what will be coming your way. You will also be able to draft a more attractive resume. Research is the first and integral step in fabricating a successful career. 

  2. Make up your mind: Mindful research will provide you with a proper insight on the job that will help make up your mind. A fruitful discussion with knowledgeable people in the field is another way to do so. Knowing your interests and capabilities is the most significant part here. Now, prepare your CV according to that. 

  3. Write the cover letter: The next step is to prepare the cover letter, which is not easy. The reader will take a look at the letter before your resume. If the letter is not outlined carefully, they might ignore the resume. Cover all the important aspects like your qualifications, skills, accomplishments, and experiences. Keep your letter brief and focused. Write the letter in three paragraphs:
    • First paragraph: Introduction
    • Second paragraph: Education and other qualifications
    • Third paragraph: Your interest
    • End the letter with a “Thank You.”

  4. Review the letter: Make sure you proofread the letter to avoid any mistakes before sending it. Reading aloud here helps you understand the tone better. 

Format of the letter:

Sender’s Name

Sender’s Address (City, State, Zip Code)

Contact Number (Add a home number if possible)

E-mail Address 

Date (MM DD, YYYY)

Recipient’s Name



Dear (Recipient’s name),

[Start the letter by introducing yourself and your intention as to why you are applying to be a part of postal services. Cover this part in not more than 2-3 sentences.]

Example:  Learning from the (source of information; for example, advertisement in the New York Times) about the (position title) in the (Name of the Postal Services). I seize this fortuity to submit my resume for the same.

[The second paragraph should have information about your educational qualifications and experience (if you have any). Explain this part well. Add the list of your additional skills and accomplishments in the past. Make sure the skills you mention are required in the field.] 

Example: I have completed my graduation in (course) from the (University name). I also have a certification degree in (other extra courses). I am a professionally trained person in acknowledging the information provided to me by the consumers and properly organizing it into the computer database. I have worked as a (the post you have previously worked on) at (your previous company name) for ___ years. I believe that I have all the relevant skills and requirements your job description states. I want to put these capabilities to more productive use by working with the (Name of the Postal Services). 

[The third paragraph should be able to convince the reader that you are suitable for the position. Give an elaborated impression of why you feel passionate about being in postal services and how uniquely you understand their goals and visions. Make your intentions clear about what you intend to achieve from this job.] 

Example: I believe that the (Name of the Postal Services) goals and culture match my professional potential and interests well, which makes me a solid applicant for this job. My time at (your previous company’s name) improved my punctuality and managerial capabilities to a great level. I believe that my fluent communication and organization abilities will productively contribute to the industry. I also intend to get the fortune to polish my skills by providing professional assistance. 

Thank you for providing my application with your humble consideration. Hoping to receive a promising response from your side soon.


(Your Signature)

Your Name

PS: Please find the attached resume. 

FAQs for Postal Service Cover Letter :

  1. What is a cover letter? Ans. A cover letter, also known as a letter of motivation, is a formal letter dedicated to introducing you and your interest. Cover letters play a significant role in your job hunt. They act as the first formal mode of communication between you and the hiring manager. 

  2. Why is a cover letter important? Ans. A cover letter plays a significant role in getting an appropriate job. It provides a medium to explain your interest and enthusiasm in the field and that you are a strong candidate for the job. It highlights your skills and potential, covering your previous experiences. 

  3. What to keep in mind when writing a cover letter?
    • Keep the letter brief and to the point
    • The details in the letter should be correct 
    • Do not write the details of your resume in paragraph form
    • Make sure you use the current format
    • No spelling or grammatical mistakes 
    • Keep the tone formal
    • There is no need to add different font styles, colors, or images. 
    • And read it carefully before sending it.

  4. What type of words should I use while writing the cover letter?  Ans. You should always use short phrases in your letter. Try to keep the letter as brief and focused as possible.  For example:
Long phrases Short phrases
Due to the fact or Due to the reasonBecause
With regard to Considering or Regarding or About

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Postal Service Cover Letter – Steps to Write and Examples

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