Ohio Title Office Locations And Headquarters- Know More

You need to have a legally binding document or certification binding you to your property formally as the owner. Cars are part of properties you may own, which is why getting your vehicle title is crucial because it protects you. Lets know about Ohio Title Office Locations And Headquarters.

Ohio Title Office Locations And Headquarters.

In this article you will get to know:

  • What is a Title Company?
  • What is a Vehicle Title?
  • Risks of failing to get your Vehicle title
  • Ohio Title office Locations and Headquarters.


If you plan on relocating to Ohio, then Read on! And get your full facts about Vehicle titles straight before moving. Since you are reading this, it shows you don’t know much about this and wish to be educated properly. Sit tight, grab a cookie and continue reading!

What is a Title Company?

Because it is important to know if a property fully belongs to a seller and that the seller alone has the right to sell this property, title companies aid buyers in carrying out a service known as “Title Search”.

 Buyers who rely on title companies are protected from illegal transactions and equally aided in gaining title insurance for the property when they buy it.

There are several types of titles, however, two out of the list are important for every new or existing property owner to have. 

They are listed as:

  • Houses
  • Cars

In summary, title companies are third-party companies that operate in between or for both seller and buyer. They also work for lenders too and can be found in states like Ohio with several locations and a headquarters.

What is a Vehicle Title?

Every car owner in the United States must have a title for theirs. It’s among several important documents you sign and receive while purchasing your car.

A vehicle title is a legally signed document that makes you the owner of your car formally. If you buy your car from your next-door citizen, or a dealer as new or used a title document must be signed by you before you become its true owner legally. Even if your car is a gift!

What are the Risks of failing to get your Vehicle title?

The 21st century has seen its fair rise of fraudsters with bizarre offers and fronts. It is very risky to acquire a new car, use it, or new one from a seller that has no title.

It’s not only illegal but also exposes you to lots of problems which we would try our best to list for you in this article and how to prevent them.

Replacing a title for the Seller

Because using a car without a title is considered illegal in cities like Ohio, a law-abiding citizen may be moved to want to replace the lost title themselves. 

However, though not entirely impossible it’s equally not entirely easy. The rigorous efforts it demands may be tough to bear. It’s easier to get a title when your name is the same as the old one than it is for cases where the lost title does not belong to you or bear your name.

Road check and failure to provide proof of ownership

If you are suddenly questioned by an officer who demands the ownership status of your car, it will be difficult to prove your ownership even if you did buy the car with your hard-earned money.

Depending on the situation, things could easily turn sour for you, encourage a ticket being written for you, and may become quite stressful when you become hard-pressed to get a title with short notice.

Ineligibility to certain rights

In places like Ohio, buying a car without a title could hinder certain civil rights from you. 

Some of these restrictions may include;

  • Getting a plate number for your car which has a dozen problems in check for you as Ohio may not issue a new license plate number for you till your new title arrives. In most cases, it takes months for it to arrive.
  • Ineligibility for traditional car loans without your car title.
  • No means of registering with any insurance company because they would be at risk of insuring a car without a title.

Ohio Title Office Locations and Headquarters

Many title offices in Ohio can help you get a title for your car if you lost the old one or got a new car.

Here are some title offices and their addresses in Ohio. Copy and paste them into Google Map to see which is closer to your area.

Erie County Title Department

Erie county title department is a company located at Suite 131 downtown Sandusky in Ohio with the address 247 Columbus Avenue, Suite 131. They operate Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Automobile Title, Golden Gate

They are located in Ohio at 1585 Golden Gate Plaza Mayfield Height. Postal code: Ohio 44124. They operate Monday to Saturday, Wednesday excluded. Their time varies between 8:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office

Cuyahoga County is a division located on the 3rd floor of 2079 E. Ninth Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Postal code: 44115. Open Monday to Friday, 8:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

The list goes on for Title office locations in Ohio.

Would you like a complete list of title offices in Ohio?

Click here to browse through all available title offices, addresses, and phone numbers in Ohio.

Ohio First Agency Title Headquarter

Title First Agency is a title company with its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. 

They are known to be one of the oldest and most prestigious title and real estate Settlement companies in Ohio dating back to 1956 when they initially started as an affiliate agency for local firms before becoming one of the best independent title agencies.


Now that you have everything you need to know about Property Title uses and locations of independent title agencies in Ohio, your next best course of action should be:

  • Doing personal location research to know the closest title company
  • Review them and certify their credibility
  • Put a call through and book an appointment
  • Follow through and get your property title.
Ohio Title Office Locations And Headquarters- Know More

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