How Much Salary Do Immigrants Earn In Abroad?

Getting a job in foreign soil sounds like the perfect dream, doesn’t it? While many dream of such jobs from the beginning itself, there are others who are compelled to seek jobs abroad as a result of lack of jobs in their own countries.In such situations, there is only one thing that people are mostly concerned about money. Lets know How Much Salary Do Immigrants Earn In Abroad? 

How Much Salary Do Immigrants Earn In Abroad? 

How Much Salary Do Immigrants Earn In Abroad?

How much salary an immigrants earn in abroad will always depend on two factors: their qualification or the role they seek, and the country they move to. Several developed countries would often have higher pay, better social security, and living conditions even for those working at minimum wage jobs. Highly qualified jobs will pay you enough to live luxurious lives in any country to go to. 

Top Five Jobs

Although largely dependent on the profession of the individual seeking a job, here are five top jobs with minimum qualifications that guarantee a minimum salary. 

Office Boy

Office boys are young men who are hired to do routine tasks in business offices. These require minimum qualification as they have little to do with the functioning of the business itself and are mostly relegated to physical tasks. An office boy earns around $1750 in the US, 900 AED* in the UAE, £2090 in the UK among others. 

Tour Guide

Tour guides plan and arrange tours for people who wish to experience the culture while visiting a foreign place. The job requires little to no qualification beforehand other than extensive knowledge of the place along with a fluency in language. Tour guides earn around 3000 AED in UAE, $13/hr in the US, £11/hr in UK among others.

Manual Labor

Manual labor refers to physical work done by humans, in contrast to animals or machines. There are different varieties of manual labor jobs some of which require no prior knowledge or expertise such as plucking fruits, manual digging etc. Manual laborers earn 500 AED* in UAE, $11/hr in the US, £1100 in the UK among others. 


A receptionist is an individual who handles the front desk of an organization or an office. They are usually the first person of contact in various institutions. Although not limited to, they also perform various administrative jobs as well. Receptionists earn $12/hr in the US, £1600 in UK, 2985 AED in UAE among others. 

Taxi Driver

Like the title suggests, a taxi driver is a person who takes people to their destinations in a car in exchange for money. This job requires a specific skill set of knowing how to drive a car but does not require anything else other than that. Taxi drivers earn around 3200 AED in UAE, $13/hr in the US, £2200 in UK among others. 

Are The Above Mentioned, The Only Jobs Available For Immigrants? 

In short, no. The above mentioned jobs are the ones where no prerequisites are a must, thus making them far more accessible when compared to jobs which require a degree, experience or a certain qualification. Earlier, waiters too were hired without much deliberation but recent years have seen a rise in restaurants and hotels keeping a prerequisite of the applicants having some experience in the hotel industry or completed a course in hotel management. It must also be noted that it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to get jobs where experience or education is not present. 

Are The Salaries Mentioned Above, Fixed For The Workers? 

No. The ones which have been mentioned above are the minimum lowest wages which are mentioned in the year end reports of the average income of various professions. The average salaries are a bit higher while the maximum are a lot more than the minimum wages. However, we should consider the lowest denominator since most of the companies go for that. Your salary would depend on your employer and your skill set. 

What Are The Ways To Get Selected For These Jobs? 

Openings for the jobs of office boys are mostly presented in the websites of the companies. If you are planning to apply, creating a resume would be the first step. Openings can also be found on various job hunting websites such as LinkedIn. Receptionists too, fall under this kind of a system. They however require an additional skill set of being fluent in vocabulary. Knowing additional languages is considered a beneficial and bonus skill for that job. 

Tour guides are a little bit different from the above one since you can be self employed in this profession. Setting up a website would be the ideal step if you are planning to do it all by yourself. Also, if you indeed plan to become a tour guide, many places require licenses to function, which will be an additional document that you will need to possess. Advertising well shall make you visible to people. 

Manual labor jobs are mostly processed through contacts in the places where work is available and needed. It can either be contractual or on a monthly basis; regardless, websites have begun posting information related to manual labor online. Accessing them through those would be easier without the involvement of middlemen. 

In the case of Taxi drivers, you need to apply for a driver’s work visa. Most countries have their own rules and regulations after that but it is common to undergo a driving test to meet their criteria for a certain amount of days. 

Should You Trust Information Regarding Jobs Posted On Websites? 

Research, research, research and verify. The sheer amount of postings on jobs have only increased the amount of fraudulent websites which claim to get you employment within mere minutes. Be careful of those which ask for a security deposit or personal information which does not have anything to do with the job. Check jobs only on verified websites which have a genuine profile or search on job hunting websites themselves since they have a lesser chance of such incidents taking place. 

Things To Remember

After you secure a job abroad and you set out to emigrate, learn whatever you can about the local culture of that place. Their etiquette, their food, their way of living etc. Make sure that you carry along all the necessary documents with you in person; it would be better to have a xerox copy as well. You should make sure to create local contacts who can contact your home in case of an emergency. 


Although jobs abroad are very diverse; ranging from jobs such as software engineers, doctors and teachers etc., all of these require a certain prerequisite. Also, if you are seeking a job abroad and you are over 18 years of age, you can apply for a work visa which will then enable you to travel to the country you are seeking employment in. In this day and age where information is available anywhere and everywhere, your dream job is just one click away. 

  1. Do immigrants earn exactly the same amount of salary in abroad mentioned above? 

Ans. It differs from employer to employer. The above mentioned ones are the minimum average wage based on various reports. 

  1. Can I settle down abroad if I have a job there? 

Ans. Not immediately. You can go abroad on a work visa but to become a permanent resident, you need to apply for a permanent passport. 

  1. What is the highest salary possible through these jobs? 

Ans. They differ from employer to employer and sometimes also on the skill set of the employee. 


– (*) Salaries are provided with accommodation. 

– All of the salaries mentioned are the minimum guaranteed wages. 

– The salaries mentioned are monthly unless noted otherwise. 

– The salaries differ from employer to employer.

How Much Salary Do Immigrants Earn In Abroad?

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