Missing Probation Appointment Excuses- Various Examples

Missing Probation Appointment Excuses

There are times in our life that we miss the most important day of our life. And we are so stuck. However, a single excuse can save you from missing the golden opportunity in your life. For example, a missed call from a probation officer can make your heart skip a beat. But we have some perfect excuses for missing an appointment for probation. So let us save you from the most challenging situation in your life. Here are some perfect Missing Probation Appointment Excuses.

What exactly is probation? 

You may be very happy to hear about probation, but it has many conditions surrounding it. So, there is no point to rejoice it. But rather, you need to be more cautious. It may also seem like a great moment to spend out of jail. Yet, it is simply an alternative to prison. It is majorly focused on your improvement. The time you don’t spend in jail is spent with the mental health professionals, drug checkups, and other kinds of meetings. 

What happens if you don’t report to your probation officer?

The violation of probation can lead to severe consequences. You need to obey all the rules and regulations. If you don’t do so, it might lead to an increase in duration in jail due to the violation of probation and present arrest. 

Various Types of Probations

  1. Misdemeanor Probation – As opposed to regular probation, misdemeanor probation is for relatively smaller crimes such as misconduct, graffiti, or prostitution. It is controlled by the court itself and not the probation officers. But otherwise, it is the same as normal probation as being an alternative to jail time.  You will have to do community service, attend drug checkups and therapy. You might also be asked to give fines as well. These misdemeanors do stay on your record till you submit the petition to the court for their removal or expunging. But whether your crime will be removed or not depends on the laws in your state and the intensity of the crime and its seriousness. Generally, the resistance of arrest, simple thefts, trespassing, and non-violent crimes are expunged. 

  2. Formal Probation – It is a kind of probation that is only given to those who have committed more serious crimes than misdemeanors. Such crimes are called felonies. Hence, it is also called felony probation. It is more difficult and expensive. The costs will vary from state to state. The probation officer can show up unannounced to ensure that no violation is made in terms of alcohol or drugs. Your probation officer is required to submit the reports of your progress to the judge who is updated with your case. 

  3. Inactive Probation – Inactive probation means that though you are on probation, you do not have to report to your probation officer. 

  4. Active Probation – On active probation, you need to report to the office every week or month on active probation. 

What can be the frequency of the probation meetings? 

It entirely depends on your personal development as well as your criminal history. The frequency can range from every week once a month to once a week. These meetings can differ from place to place. But the similarity is that the probation officer makes sure that you stay out of the trouble, that you are improving, that you are employed, rechecks your residence address and give you an alcohol and drug test. 

Your only job is to ensure that you improve in your life and make progress so if you miss one appointment and give an excuse to them, they approve your missing probation appointment excuse. There are chances of you going to jail by violating the probation but you can prevent it by giving excuses for missing probation appointments. 

  1. Urgent duty out of town.

You can tell the officer that you have an urgent duty to do out of town. It is very significant to mention that the work that you have out of town is related to your office work and not your work. You can tell that it is an important paper presentation or a course examination. 

In case they ask for the details, you need to be ready with the details. You can look online for any academic-related events and keep those details handy. But mention it to them only if they ask for it. There is no point in giving unasked information. You are required to look genuine and hence, it is vital to not try too hard to convince them. 

  1. Funeral of an immediate family member.

It is a missing probation appointment excuse that the officer cannot reject. The role of ethics and being sensitive at a workplace are some of the aspects that will save you. Just like the last point, it is significant to have details ready. The officer is likely to ask few casual questions. 

You also need to alter your expressions and body language from one excuse to another. Even your micro-expressions need to be well-managed. While you need to look responsible and accountable in the prior excuse, in this case, you are required to look sad and full of remorse. However, don’t overdo it or you might be caught easily. 

  1. Health Issues

You can tell your P.O that you have some serious health issues and had a doctor’s appointment on the same day. As you were in the haste of going to the hospital, you just forgot to inform them. Make sure that the health issues that you mention are complex and not understandable by the laymen. 

You can always get fake reports from your family physician. Also, ensure that you don’t give the health issue as something physical such as a car accident. It is because you might need to put a lot of effort into fake makeup to make it seem like you have wounds on your body. You need to be a really good actor if you are going to give an excuse of having broken a limb. 

  1. Emergency due to parental duties.

You can always tell your P.O that you had an important parental duty to perform such as your child’s health issue or academic emergency. To give him/her this excuse, you need to mention that you have kids. Otherwise, this excuse will just turn out to be funny and baseless. 

Just like the other excuses, you need to seem like a reliant and loving parent. You cannot risk working late or doing overtime or a lot of parties. You should look like you maintain the work-life balance very well. It is a kind of excuse that only some of you might be able to give but it will work for sure. 

  1. Urgency due to your parents’ health issues.

It is an emotional and excuse that probation officers cannot dismiss. You might also not need any proof for this excuse to work. You can say that your parents live in another city. They don’t have anyone else to look after and hence, you didn’t have any other alternative but to go there urgently. 

Add other elements to the story like the city being far away and you receiving their call at midnight before your probation appointment. This excuse will not only repair your irreparable irresponsibility but also make you look like a good son/daughter. It might be the easiest excuse to give. Most of you can give it to your P.O. 

  1. Getting in a car accident.

Let us assume that you don’t have any other option left and you have to give this excuse, and then do so for sure. You can always not show up for 2 weeks or so. And even after you show up, you need to continue with the acting and the fake wound makeup. 

When you call your probation officer to inform them about your car accident, you need to sound very weak. Or the best option is to let your friend talk to them and tell them that you are not in a condition to talk. This is by far the riskiest excuse to give. But if you handle things well, you can always save yourself. 

Things to keep in mind after giving a missing probation appointment excuses:

Your lies to the probation officer will only last if you keep all these things in mind. Make sure that you follow them without fail to be sure of not getting caught and getting a violation filed against you. 

  1. Don’t tell your colleagues about it.

Remember that none of your colleagues are your friends. You cannot afford to trust them. They can always stab the knife in your back. It is highly possible that they tell the truth to the probation officer out of hatred or jealousy or just as a part of office politics. 

You can take the help of your friends or even a parent at the worst. You will need people to aid you in covering up your missing probation appointment excuse. One such example of an excuse is getting in a car accident where you might need the other person to talk to the P.O. 

But, if you don’t have any friends available, it is always better to request your parents to assist you. You can just listen to their sarcasm and ignore them. You need them very badly right now so just put up with them. Yet, if they are unavailable too, then go for the excuse where there is no need for another person. Such excuses include having a parental emergency, funeral, and urgent work out of town or having to look after a sick parent. 

  1. Ensure that you fulfill the conditions of probation.

There might be some conditions to be fulfilled such as paying fines, attending compulsory alcohol and drug classes and meetings regularly, finishing community service jobs, and going to compulsory therapy or counseling. You cannot afford to miss doing these things as well. 

Your work of getting the missing probation appointment approved will get easier if you complete all these conditions. So, just do it for the sake of not missing the golden opportunity in your life. Your missing probation appointment excuse will get disapproved and you will have to face a lot of consequences of it. 

  1. Get the approval of the missing appointment written by your P.O. 

Words of mouth don’t hold a lot of weight. It may occur that they may just forget or change their opinion even after giving verbal approval. So, it is very significant to make sure that you get written approval from your probation officer. 

The written approval can be of great use to show to your higher authorities. And it is a great way to just be very sure about you passing the difficult times smoothly. Hence, don’t fail to get the missing appointment approval by your probation officer. 


You need to remember that your discipline and dedication will get you out of your difficulties. If you have attended the community service, drug and alcohol checkups along with therapy sessions, you will be out of the bad times. You should also give excuses very well with proper acting and non-verbal gestures.  Your excuses need to have a proper background story and proof for it to be successful. 

It is only the final decision of the probation officer to conclude whether the excuse that you have given is valid or not. If it is declared invalid, they will call you for a probation revocation hearing. And, then the court may decide to increase your probation or the number of the probation meetings. They might also warn you and then let you continue your probation with no alterations in it. 

The best option is to always let your probation officer know about your unavailability during the probation appointment. It is much easier than going through the whole anxiety and fear of lying and getting caught. However, these excuses will be your savior from legal repercussions. 

Missing Probation Appointment Excuses- Various Examples

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