Meaning of I am exacting in my work

I am exacting in my work meaning

This article defines the meaning of I am exacting in my work.

As Denis Waitley has rightfully said and I quote “The result one achieves will be in direct proportion to the efforts that one has put into it” 

One would agree when I say that yes, it is necessary to put in effort and patience in one’s work because that is one of the things required to fulfill one’s dreams and goals. Things don’t come for granted or easily it has to be earned with a lot of patience, effort, and determination. But there is something that people have learned during the pandemic which is overdoing things and crossing the excess limit which takes a toll on their physical, mental and emotional health.  Another thing that people have also learned is that putting way too much effort and energy into things that don’t require that amount of it can be harmful to a person. 

The most important and the first question that is going to come to our brain is what is the meaning of the word exacting? Let us first understand the most basic and easy meaning of exacting. 

In simple words the meaning of exacting means that making great demands or asserting the requirement of one’s skill, attention, or other natural resources.  

When one does a detailed understanding they realize the word exacting means making excessive demands or requests which requires one’s great patience and effort hard work and dedication. To understand this with an example would be a toddler. A toddler usually has an exacting behavior which makes it sometimes tiring for their parents especially more if they are working. 

Usage of the word exacting:

The word “exacting” is not limited to the formal context and can be used in our daily sentences which will help us have a better vocabulary. The word is usually used when it requires great energy and commitment from a person. It is also used when the process requires a great amount of attention and precision, especially in a workplace. The word can also be used when there are a lot of specificities in the work or even in a person. The word can be used positively or negatively but is often meant negatively. 

Meaning of the sentence “I am exacting in my work” 

When someone says that they are exacting in their work it means that they are working under a lot of pressure and overdoing than what is expected of them. It also means that they are being demanded to do that job. The word exacting when used on a person it is meant negatively. The other meaning that comes off from this sentence can also mean that they are very precise and are very strict about their requirements. This means that when someone is working under such a person they have to be very careful and responsible.  

Disadvantages of being exacting at work 

 Exacting at work can be difficult not just for that person but also for the people working under such a person. Some of the noticeable disadvantages are: 

  • Inflexibility: When a person is exacting in their work sometimes it means that they are not open to new methods and other ideas. They are limited to their path and are not flexible in their work. This can be disadvantageous and might create friction among people when working in a group. 
  • Bad communication: Exacting at work can often lead to bad communication as the individual is not ready to listen to the opinions, suggestions, and reviews of other people. This can lead to a lot of confusion and a sense of negativity in the workplace which is not appreciated in any organization.
  • Unbending terms: Exacting at work can sometimes lead to unbending terms. It is where everything that has been said needs to meet the exact thing the person has said. There is no space for reducing the quantity or the quality of the work and there is no positive feedback about it as well. This can be very problematic in a workplace because consideration and assurance play an important role in motivating people to do better which is not available here. 
  • Stress and low morale: Exacting at work can very stressful and can lead to minimum productivity as well. The stress of the workplace can be very exhilarating and can take a toll on one’s health. The morale of the person also comes down as the constant overwork can make the person lose interest in what they are doing. 
  • Hostility: Exacting at work can increase hostility not just in the individuals but also the people working for them. They become machines who are supposed to do the work given and there is no human touch in the work. This can be problematic especially when the work needs that sense of human touch. 

These are some of the disadvantages of exacting in one’s work. There are many more problems which one will observe either while behaving that way at work or when they are working under someone with this kind of behavior. 

Things to do when someone says that “I am exacting in my work” 

  • Taking things slow: Recommend the person to take things slowly and not rush it in such a manner that they overdo their work. Making one understand that overworking and expecting a lot to be done is not appreciated by anyone
  • Being more open to ideas: It is important to make them understand that their way is not the only one and therefore should listen to more people and their ideas as it can help things go more easily and productively. This can be advantageous not just for the individual but also for the workplace as well. 
  • Better communication skills: A person exacting in their work should have better communication skills as things make look very insensitive and mean which is not a good atmosphere in a workplace. They should learn to take feedbacks, opinions and listen to the concerns of others as well. When this is done through people are exacting in their work they will still do it out of satisfaction and happiness which can lead to better productivity. 
  • Taking the needed break: When people say that they are exacting in their work it means that they have been overworking constantly and haven’t given importance which is necessary for other things. Hence when someone says that they are exacting in their work it is important to make them understand that taking a break is necessary for them so that they don’t drain themselves with only one thing so much so that it will be more tiring to the next work. 

These are small things that one can do to make things better when one says that “I am exacting in my work” 

Exacting in work good or bad? 

One might ask whether exacting in work is good or bad. It is because sometimes exacting in work can also get the work done in the right manner with a lot of precision and detail. So the answer to the question of whether exacting in work is good or bad the answer is that if one exacts too much in their work it is bad but once in a while if a person exacts in their work because it might be a big thing, not just the individual but also the organization that time it is sometimes okay to be exacting in work. 

 To conclude with a saying by Dalai Lama and I quote “Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from one’s actions” this means whatever kind of work one does they should always be satisfied and content with it only then will they be truly happy about their things and lives. 

Meaning of I am exacting in my work

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