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One of the world’s largest groups of children’s & family entertainment franchises is possessed by Mattel, a renowned toy manufacturer. Through our portfolio of enduring brands, which includes Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, American Girl, Thomas & Friends, UNO, and MEGA, we engage customers. Let us know ‘Mattel Corporate Culture’.

Mattel Corporate Culture

Mattel Corporate Culture

We are a mission-driven business that wants to enable the next generation to experience childhood wonder and realize their full potential. By engaging in the following actions, we fulfill our purpose: We cooperate, innovate and We execute.

About Mattel

Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, American Girl, Thomas & Friends, UNO, Masters of the Universe, Monster High, and MEGA are just a few of our portfolio’s iconic brands that we use to engage consumers. We also have several other well-known intellectual properties that we either own or have licenses for from international entertainment companies, including Masters of the Universe. We equip live events, digital & gaming experiences, music, film & television programming, and music. Through partnerships with top retail and e-commerce businesses, our items are offered in more than 150 countries.

Culture at Mattel

As a mission-driven organization, our goal is to enable the next generation to experience the wonder of childhood and realize their full potential. We act in ways that fulfill our purpose, including:

We collaborate

Being a part of Mattel entails being a member of a team with the same values and aims. Working closely with others always produces better results, and every person matters. Our method is a partnership, and our superpower is our ability to work together.

We innovate

At Mattel, we constantly look for fresh, improved approaches to developing cutting-edge goods and experiences. You can always make a difference and have a significant impact, regardless of where you work within the organization. We value new projects that defy accepted wisdom and we warmly welcome new ideas.

We execute

Our business is performance-based. We aim for excellence and concentrate on achieving best-in-class results. We value ownership and accountability because we know that when given the freedom to produce and deliver outcomes, our employees perform at their highest level.

Mattel Employee Resource Groups

Eight volunteer Employee Resource Groups were founded and are run by workers of Mattel (ERGs). These affinity clubs are intended to promote a diverse workplace, increase engagement, and unite coworkers from around the international corporation. Our ERGs plan educational events that raise awareness of significant problems and promote candid, open dialogue. Additionally, they catalyze improvement in our business practices and company culture.

Our ERGs:

– Mattel Asian Diversity Exchange (MADE)

– LatinX en Mattel

– Black at Mattel (BAM)

– Sustainability for Employee Engagement & Development (SEEDs)

– Our Proud Employee Network (OPEN)


– Mattel Playmakers

– Women of Mattel (WoM)

Mattel Interns

We provide students with great learning and career development opportunities in a vibrant, imaginative, and encouraging environment. While we develop a talent pipeline of future leaders, Mattel can achieve its goals and growth targets thanks to the innovative ideas and viewpoints of our interns.

Finding our future leaders is the sole goal of our internship program. We want to see how far you can take us one day, therefore we urge our interns to push the envelope. To help you achieve more than you ever thought possible, we give you amazing supervisors, mentors, and friends. And because every great item that comes out of Mattel is done as a team, we pair you up with other interns.

Please send an email to [email protected] for additional details.

Goals for Diversity and Inclusion

The goal of Mattel is to create an environment where each employee can reach their full potential. We are creating a workplace that values equality, inclusion, and empowerment through our diversity goals. We aim to:

  • Realize complete pay parity for all employees doing comparable labor.
  • Boost the proportion of women in the organization at all levels.
  • Boost the proportion of minorities in the organization at all levels.


Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which were founded and are run by workers to bring together members and supporters of underrepresented identities across the firm, are a crucial part of establishing an inclusive culture at Mattel. Our ERGs plan company-wide educational opportunities, cultural events, and volunteer activities, elevate significant topics and gather vital feedback. Every employee is welcome and encouraged to join, take part in, or run ERGs. We have the following employee resource groups (ERGs): Mattel Asian Diversity Exchange, Latinx en Mattel, Black at Mattel, Sustainability for Employee Engagement & Development, Our Proud Employee Network, PARENTS, Mattel Playmakers, and Women of Mattel.

Well-Being at Mattel

We support an active, happy lifestyle and healthy living. We have a long history of sponsoring playgrounds, daycares, community centers, and hospitals all across the world, including the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, which bears our name. In these historic times, we are actively participating in the fight against COVID-19 in several ways. Our first goal has always been our employees’ health, safety, and well-being.


At Mattel, they continuously seek new and improved methods for producing cutting-edge goods and experiences. You can always make a difference and truly impact the business, regardless of where you work within it. We value fresh perspectives and unique efforts that go against the grain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Mattel a good employer?

The annual salary range at Mattel, Inc. is $64,022 to $134,372. Marketing Managers at Mattel, Inc. make the most with an average yearly pay of $98,369, while Marketing Managers at the company make the least with an average yearly compensation of $98,369.

  1. What is Mattel’s business strategy?

In addition to chain stores, department stores, other retail establishments, wholesalers, agents, and distributors, Mattel also sells its goods directly to consumers.

  1. Is Mattel a global corporation?

Mattel, Inc. is an American multinational toy manufacturing and entertainment corporation with its headquarters in El Segundo, California. It was established in January 1945. The business sells its goods in more than 150 countries and has a presence in 35 of them.

  1. What distinguishes Mattel from its rivals?

In the toy sector, Mattel has a distinct competitive edge since we own and run the factories that make nearly half of our goods.

Mattel Corporate Culture – Know More

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