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About American Girl: 

Pleasant Company’s creation American Girl offers dolls for young girls. The company cherishes girlhood by creating a joyful experience for girls. American Girl is not just about the collection of dolls, but it is the collection of stories that will be nourished by little girls. Pleasant Company has combined American history with educational products to create books, dolls, and other toys. 

American Girl

As toys of this brand became popular, all the other companies took a deep interest in them. Finally, in 1998 Mattel decided to acquire American Girl. Started making dolls, the company has evolved its products and entered into the line of creating doll furniture, accessories, clothes, and multiple other things. 

Job Description:

American Girl has many job roles available for skilled, experienced, and passionate candidates. An ample of opportunities are available in a different sector, through this article many vacant positions are highlighted along with their job role.

Seasonal Warehouse Associate: 

A seasonal warehouse associate is a person who manages all the products in the warehouse and as per the order of the customers, picks up and packs the stuff to get it delivered to the desired location. 

What American Girl expects from you:

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • A person should be capable of assembling the products and repackaging them after checking. 
  • They need to pick and pack the stuff ordered and ship them according to location. 
  • A candidate must have basic knowledge of computers, including Oracle, WMS, or Outlook.
  • Have the ability to lift around 25 pounds.
  • Assist other employees in packaging and other challenging areas.
  • Should be able to adapt to changes and should be a multi-Tasker. 

Senior Associate Digital Marketing

The senior associate of digital marketing is someone who creates and advertises digital marketing posters or campaigns. They need to give the team ideas to publicize the products of the company digitally. 

What does an American Girl expect from you?

  • Plan, execute and look after the digital campaign and your team should focus more on retail media.
  • An applicant must have problem-solving skills to assist the team whenever needed. 
  • Should focus more on presentation of products and must be able to take the team along. 

Lead Business Analyst IT – E-commerce:

He/ She is responsible for figuring out the retail sales in the digital sector. You need to generate online sales records and the progress of the company through online mode. 

What does an American Girl expect from you?

  • You need to communicate and coordinate with the team to execute plans which will be beneficial for the company.
  • Build a healthy relationship with clients and customers.
  • Should have deep knowledge of SCRUM and management of products in the backlog.
  • Coordinate with other departments especially with Organization Change Management to adapt to changes easily and excel in online campaigns. 
  • Should have a strong understanding of technical and business ethics. 

Assistant Store Manager

An assistant store manager is someone who looks after day-to-day work at the store. In addition, they are responsible for interviewing candidates and firing the employees who are not working well.

What does an American Girl expect from you?

  • You have to maintain the decorum in the store and build a customer-employee relationship.
  • An assistant store manager has to manage the number of employees, their training, and events in the store.
  • Should be good at managing products and staff.
  • Work with staff at all levels and assist them in every possible way. 

Sales Department Clerk

The basic duty of the sales department clerk is to greet all the customers while entering the shop and understand the needs of the customer, accordingly suggesting the customer’s suitable product. 

What does an American Girl expect from you?

  • Assist customers to find suitable products and promote the products of the company.
  • They should have the capability to handle multiple customers at one time and effectively help them.
  • Should work towards achieving monthly sales goals.
  • You need to share the information related to various events, discounts, and promotions with the customer and other staff members.
  • They must be able to work efficiently on flexible working hours, including night and day.

Retail Sales and Cashiering Associate: 

You have to work as a retail sales associate and cashier both. Retail sales associate has to assist customers in finding the right product, even if you need to ensure that products are stocked appropriately. And the role of the cashier is to ensure that all items are sold and recorded properly. 

What does an American Girl expect from you?

  • You should help the customer in finding the right product and also help them in checking out.
  • You should have basic knowledge of selling items and experience in this field would be great.
  • You need to record all the items that are sold on a particular day and provide the customer with a receipt of the transaction. 
  • One should have interpersonal skills to communicate with customers effectively.
  • Resolve the query of customers and perform exceptionally while working at the store.


Established in 1986, American Girl is a popular brand for manufacturing dolls and other related products. The monetary incentive given to employees is important to motivate them to work hard. Different employees are being paid a different amount of salary, according to their job titles. The salary as per job titles are highlighted below:

Customer Service Representative – $13.98

Seasonal Associate -$14.63

Senior Graphic Designer -$91,087 

Customer Service Supervisor – $39,574

Human Resource Assistant-  $37,696

Operations Specialist – $38,546

Administrative Assistant – $36,481

Eligibility to apply for a job role:

Must be eligible and knowledgeable about the products sold by the company.

All the employees must be above 18 years.

Prior experience of about 3 to 5 years will be beneficial. 

Basic knowledge of computers is appreciable. 

One should be customer-oriented.

In case, working at a Retail store then you should have experience working with children. 

Application Process:

American Girl stores are operating in many locations including the US, United Arab Emirates, and Canada. With ample stores in these locations, a good amount of job opportunities are also available for the desiring candidates. Jobs at American Girl are categorized into three sections and the way of applying for any job position is almost the same. 

Applying online is the best form of submitting the application form. 

1. Once you visit American Girl Career, you will find many headers named- American Girl HQ (management or corporate jobs), American Girl Retail (Jobs at Local Stores)  American Girl Home Agents (Work From Home Jobs). 

2. You have to select which one you want to apply for, once you make a decision you have to click on view jobs for that particular section.  

3. After that you need to click on the search bar and enter the job title you want to apply for. 

4. All the jobs relating to that job position will appear. Instead of directly searching with the job title you can scroll a webpage a little to find the openings at different departments.

5. Now, you need to select the job you think suits you.

6. Once done selecting the job various options will appear as to apply now or save for later with the description of the job role will appear.

7. At the time of applying, you have to be prepared with your resume as on the next page you have to fill in your basic details with experience, education, LinkedIn profile, and other stuff or you just need to drop your resume. 

8. At last, you will be done applying so press submits or the next button given. 

Benefits of working under American Girl: 

Working with one of the recognized doll manufacturing companies is itself a benefit. Apart from it, the employees are given the following benefits: 

30% Employee Discount

Friendly environment at stores and you feel like a family at work

Philanthropic Opportunities

Social Activities and Events

Flexible Working Hours

Sufficient Training

Access to Cafeteria

Interview Questions:

The interview is the most important part of the selection or rejection of a candidate. So you must be well prepared for it. Through the interview, an employer learns a lot about the employee about his or her skills, ability, and experience and decides to hire them or not. To help you, below are given a certain set of questions which are usually asked at American Girl’s interview: 

Ques. 1 Why do you want to work for American Girl?

How to Answer: You can relate the answer with your experience with the products of the company and the liking of your products. 

Sample Answer: As a kid, I grew up playing with the dolls or soft toys of your company. I never thought that I would get a chance to give an interview in a company whose products I have used for the majority of my childhood and loved a lot. It would be an honor for me to work here and be a part of this innovative company that adds joy and colors to the childhood of the kid. Also being a part of the most famous company is ultimately going to add stars to my life. 

Ques. 2 What do you know about American Girl?

How to Answer: Here you need to highlight the factual details of the company. If you are applying for a job then you must have gone through the basic information related to the company, so here you need to highlight them.

Sample Answer: American Girl is a subsidiary of Mattel, which was founded in 1986 and was acquired by Mattel in 1998. The company majorly deals in products like plastic dolls, games, books, music, and much more. The dolls of American Girl are combined with history to give a sense of uniqueness. 

Ques. 3 How did you hear about this job?

How to Answer: Be honest while answering this question. You have to sound excited when talking about this question. You can begin by mentioning the source and thanking it that you got a chance to be at your favorite place for an interview. 

Sample Answer: I was searching around for a job at a reputed firm, then one day a miracle happened and I came across your company’s name with a job vacancy. That’s where I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me and I didn’t think for a moment to apply for this job position.


American Girl is a subsidiary of Mattel, acquired in 1998 the company still works intending to empower kids to explore the joy of being a child. It is one of the leading toy companies, especially popular among little girls. The innovative creation of American Girl is developed in a way that inspires, entertains, and inculcates the sense of joyful childhood. 

As the products got much love from the customers, they started creating books, and television content including games, music, and certain live events. The company is successfully running in 35 locations but you can find the products of American Girl in more than 150 countries. Many iconic brands by Mattel apart from American Girl are UNO, Hot Wheels, Barbie, Thomas and Friends, MEGA, and many others. If you want to be a part of American Girl or indirectly of Mattel then apply for the job at American Girl Careers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. 1 The dolls of American Girl are for which age girls?

Ans. The dolls of American Girl are for girls of 8 years and above. For girls below 8, there is another set of dolls named Wellie Wishers.

Ques. 2 Why American Girl dolls are special and unique?

Ans. Each doll at American Girl is created by infusing the history and definite structure to the doll. Also, every doll came up with its story, accessories, and clothing so they are special and different from other dolls.

Ques. 3 Which doll of American Girl is worth the most?

Ans. American Girl has created many dolls in bulk still 1986 Samantha Doll is unique and is rarely available around the world.

Ques. 4 What age is required to be a part of American Girl?

Ans. You should be above 18 years to work at American Girl.

American Girl

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