CVS Careers- Job Application Process, Salary And Benefits

CVS is an American public-owned health care and health insurance company. It also deals in pharmacies. The company was founded in 1963 and is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It is the most popular and leading health solutions company. Let us know more detail about ‘CVS Careers’.

CVS Careers

CVS Careers- Job Application Process, Salary And Benefits

The candidate who is eager to do job will be juggling with questions like what will be the application process, how to apply, what can be the benefits. So, this article helps the aspiring candidate to tackle all the questions. 

CVS specializes in: CVS Careers- Job Application Process, Salary And Benefits

CVS Company is a widely popular company with over 9600 stores in all fifty states of America. It primarily deals in: 

  • pharmaceutical items
  • hair shampoo
  • detergents
  • milk
  • toilet paper
  • deodorant
  • makeup
  • toothpaste
  • housewares
  • soda, etc.

Employees’ Wages: CVS Careers- Job Application Process, Salary And Benefits

The salary structure in CVS is different for different departments. It depends on the position in the company and the type of work the employee does. There is also an increment in the salary of an employee as per the employee’s performance and dedication.

The table below lists out the salary ranges and average pay of the most popular jobs:

Job titleSalary rangeAverage pay
Cashier (a person who sits at the money counter)$9 to $15$12
Pharmacy Manager (a person who helps its customers to get the medicine they need)$57 to $72$65
Pharmacist (a person who deals in different types of medicines)$55 to $65$58
Sales associate (a person who assist customers in the buying process)$9 to $12$10
Staff Pharmacist (a pharmacist who gives medicines to the patient according to the prescription)$53 to $68$61
Retail Pharmacist (a person who works in a pharmacy and provide services to customers)$49 to $68$60
Operations Supervisor (a person who checks out the efficiency of its department)$10 to $15$12
Retail Shift Supervisor (a person who supervises the shift hours)$11 to $17$13
Pharmacy Intern (a student who works in a pharmacy)$15 to $20$17

There are many types of jobs available at CVS pharmacy company and the hourly pay differs according to the job title. In the respective job, the pay differs according to the experience and number of years the employee has dedicated to the company. The starting pay can be similar for all departments and positions but the increment is different for different departments.

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Benefits to the employees working in the pharmacy company:

The company gives various types of benefits to its employees to reach the employee full potential and help them thrive in their life.

  • Flexibility at work: The company gives its employees flexible working hours and also the benefit of working from home which is very rare in many companies. They also get a good workplace environment which the employees will enjoy and they are also provided with different types of training in the company.
  • Health Benefits: The company gives a wide range of health benefits for the healthy lifestyle and well-being of an individual. The company gives dental insurance, health insurance, vision insurance, and life insurance. It also provides free health screenings to its employees. It also provides a health savings account.
  • Financial assistance: The company gives its employees financial assistance for big life events. This includes 401(k) Plan, computer assistance, relocation assistance, educational support. It also gives different types of bonuses on a different basis; it can be given when an employee does overtime. The bonus is quarterly and yearly. The company gives a fuel discount and gives a company gas card to its employees. It also includes a stock exchange plan for employees and CVS store discounts.
  • Holiday Benefits: The company gives paid vacation and paid holidays with five to six extra floating holidays to its employees once a year. It also includes personal and sick leave, paternal leave, paid maternity leave, excellent paid time off, etc.
  • Retirement Benefits: The employee working in the company gets a retirement plan which includes a retirement account. The five percent 401k is a pretty good match. The company also assist employees by putting money in employees’ health savings account for some unexpected situation.
  • Meal Benefits: The company has a great environment with free lunches, short breaks, a fun workplace with a table tennis lawn, and other recreational activities for the employees. They get free coffee, tea and chocolates, and filtered water in the break rooms. A healthy culture is promoted by the managing committee of the company and employees also have the choice to take up healthy food.
  • Reimbursements: The company gives different types of reimbursements and assistance like tuition reimbursements. It also allows the employee to continue education and give educational reimbursements.
  • Other exclusive benefits: The company has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), discount opportunities for employees on different products of the company. The company also promotes Employee Mentoring Programme to give free mentorship to employees to develop leadership quality and strengthen their economic base. This mentoring program is basically for the newly employed employees to get a good start in the company and to about the work culture of the company.

Application Process for applying for the job in the company:

Filling an application form is to be carefully handled because the CVS application form is a lengthy form that needs to be filled with utmost care and patience. The steps are written below to apply for the application online.

  • Step 1: Start the procedure by going to the CVS Health jobs- career opportunities page. The link for the webpage is given below:   After clicking on the link provided, the user will automatically be directed to the main page which shows the number of job openings and job opportunities.
  • Step 2: After going to the page, the applicant will be redirected to a page showing all vacancies, and then he or she can choose the job as per their personal preference. Search for job openings in the company by typing in either the job title (the specific job for which the applicant wishes to apply), category (the category of different jobs), or military MOS code in the first block. In the second block, enter the location most suitable for working and, according to the convenience of the employee, in the third space, type the coverage area in miles. After filling in all three blanks, enter to search.


You can also directly click on search maps and search for job openings through the map. Click on “search job” and then a page showing active job openings will appear. Click on that and a map will appear. The applicant can choose the location as per their convenience by clicking on the location shown on the map and then applying for the job.

  • Step 3: As an applicant clicks on search by filling in all the three requirements, a result page will appear which will show the openings of jobs in the mentioned area and according to the job title as shown in the screenshot.
  • Step 4: Review and double-check the job description, category, and location before applying for the position. For instance, if a pharmacy technician is taken up but there are different types of jobs available, the applicant can choose any of those as per their interest and choice..
  • Step 5: After clicking on the apply tab, a new page will appear in which the new applicant has to create a new account and the existing applicant has to log in by filling in their email ID and password.

If an applicant is an existing user, then he or she will be automatically directed to the application form page, but if an applicant wants to apply for a fresh and new application, then he or she has to create an account.

  • Step 6: When an applicant chooses to sign in, a new page appears to fill in all the necessary information, and the blanks marked with an asterisk are compulsory sections. The applicant has to provide an active email address, with a strong password, and then answer three different security questions. These security questions are for the time when an applicant forgets his or her password. On clicking the questions, a set of questions will appear from which he or she has to choose. After completing the game, turn on the agreed sentence and create an account.
  • Step 7: After creating an account, the user has to log in with the email ID and password provided.
  • Step 8: Just after logging in, a page showing the start of your application will occur. Click on “Continue.”
  • Step 9: Then, current employment verification will be done. If the applicant is a current employee in any of the CVS branches, click on “Yes.” Else, click on “No” and then continue.
  • Step 10: A page to upload the resume will be presented. The applicants are directed to upload an updated version of their resumes.
  • Step 11: Now the applicant is required to fill in the required information to make their profile by filling in the first, middle, and last name, email address, contact number (advised to give a personal phone number), and permanent, authentic address.
  • Step 12: After making the profile, the applicant needs to add his or her educational qualifications like school or college name, area of study, the degree pursued by the applicant, and the CGPA he or she got. 
  • Step 13: Then the applicant has to talk about their prior experience. The applicant must fill in the company name where he or she previously worked or is currently working, the job title, the length of time the applicant worked in the company, and the types of responsibilities he or she handled.
  • Step 14: After submitting this, a page will appear where the company asks about the source that gave the applicant access to this company.
  • Step 15: After this, a different page will appear for the voluntary identification of the applicant, like self-identification, disability identification, etc.
  1. EEO: Fill in your ethnicity, race, and gender.
  2. Disability: Fill in whether the applicant has any kind of disability or not.
  3. Veteran: Fill in the laid-down questions.
  • Step 16: Now a page to fill in additional information will appear.
  • Step 17: After filling in the additional information, the candidate will be required to fill out the Employment Application, which constitutes personal information, education history, licensure information, work history, and other information.
  • Step 18: After continuing to this step, a WOTC Questionnaire will appear, and it will survey different types of questions. Step 19: After continuing to the WOTC Questionnaire, a summary of the applicant’s application form will be generated with all the details the applicant has filled in during the process. There will be an edit option, so the applicant can edit any information before the final submission of the application. Then, after carefully checking the details, click on the submit button.

The application submitted by the applicant will be reviewed by the recruiters. After reviewing, they will shortlist the candidates according to their potential and based on their CVS. Employees are advised to provide all information about themselves, and all such information should be genuine.The shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview, and the applications that get rejected will be sent a positive email stating not to lose hope and encouraging them to try again next time.

The shortlisted candidates are interviewed by the interviewer on the interests the applicant has expressed. The question is basically posed according to the job role the applicant has applied for and their experience in that field. The interview lasts for at least thirty to forty minutes. The ones who passed the interview round are sent a congratulatory email and the directions for the further process.

The hiring process ends with a background check and drug test.


The article is written in such a way that the reader gets all the minimal information about the company’s work culture, salary provided to the employees, benefits the employee gets, and the steps to fill out the application form. It throws light on the most popular benefits an employee working in the CVS pharmacy store receives. This is an accumulation of all the necessary information regarding the company, from average pay to benefits to the working environment.

  1. What is the minimum salary an employee gets in the company?

Answer: The pay differs from department to department, and so does the minimum salary. There is no specific minimum salary for all departments.

  1. Is there any written test for getting a job at CVS?

Answer: No, there is no written test. There is only an interview, a background check, and a drug test.

  1. Does the company allow you to work in shifts?

Yes, they are even allowed to work from home.

CVS Careers- Job Application Process, Salary And Benefits

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