When Was Victoria’s Secret Founded? – Victoria Secret History


Victoria’s Secret is a leading clothing retail store in the United States. It is best known for its lingerie, sleepwear, and beauty products. The company was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond, who wanted to create a store to provide a comfortable shopping experience for men purchasing lingerie for their wives or girlfriends. The original store was located in Palo Alto, California. Let us know ‘When Was Victoria’s Secret Founded?’.

When Was Victorias Secret Founded?

When Was Victoria’s Secret Founded?

Victoria’s Secret has become famous for its annual fashion show, which has become a major event in the fashion world. The show, which features models wearing the latest lingerie designs from the company, has become a staple of television programming. Additionally, the company has become known for its involvement in charitable causes and its commitment to empowering women through its campaigns.

Victoria’s Secret’s success has been due in large part to its innovative and forward-thinking approach. From its use of technology to its focus on customer service, the company is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. From its mobile app to its in-store offerings, Victoria’s Secret is always striving to make the shopping experience better and more enjoyable.


From its humble beginnings as an intimate apparel store in 1977, the company has grown to become a multi-billion dollar business that spans across the globe. As the leading lingerie and beauty retailer for women, Victoria’s Secret has a unique place in the hearts of women everywhere.

The first Victoria’s secret was opened in the year 1977 in San Francisco. Within a span of just 5 years, five stores were unfurled and the first catalog was launched. Although the sales were quite steady reaching 6 million dollars each year, the company was sold to Wexner in the year 1982. Wexner, the founder of the famous retail store The Limited reconstructed the sale model of Victoria’s Secret by mainstreaming the focus on women. The remodeled Victoria’s Secret had a unique European taste with bold colors, designs, and styles. It had a promising taste of epic sensuality in a glamorous way that appealed to women in general.

The company has also made a commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse environment, launching initiatives such as the Angel Program, which celebrates models of all shapes and sizes, and the Pink Program, which encourages young women to embrace their individuality and express themselves through fashion. In the year 1995, the first Victoria’s Secret fashion show was held, and become an upholder of the convention ever since. In the same year, Victoria’s secret had a massive income of 1.9 billion dollars by opening 670 stores in the U.S.

Ever since the fame, the brand, and the sales were not intimidated by any means.

Victoria’s secret had over 1000 stores across the United States by the year 2006. Wexner promoted Turney as the head of the company who was initially the head of Victoria’s Secret catalog. By 2014, Victoria’s secret was the most popular brand with an annual income of 5 billion dollars.

Turney resigned as CEO of Victoria’s Secret in February 2016.

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, Victoria’s Secret Beauty, and Pink were the three divisions of Victoria’s Secret, each with a separate CEO.

The year 2016 was down on luck as sales were dripping low in the market. The sudden focus on athleisure wear was a big turn-off. By the last quarter, the sales grew by 1.6% and had a drastic fall of 7.4%. Soon after the biggest fall of the decade Victoria’s Secret had to let go of certain categories of clothing and discontinued its catalog.

In the year 2018, Jan Singer resigned as the CEO of Victoria’s Secret. In the same year, the market share fell by 40%, typically after the statement made by Razek, then the CEO of Victoria’s Secret. In an interview with Vogue magazine, Razek made a detrimental statement, in which he stated that Victoria’s Secret has no intention of hiring plus size models and transgender models in its annual show, as all of it is a fantasy. Later in 2019, Victoria’s Secret declared a total shutdown of 53 stores in the United States and called off its annual fashion show.

In 2020, various reports of bullying and harassment came out against Victoria’s Secret. The New York Times published a column exposing the sexual misconduct of Ed Razek. Soon after in February 2020 the company was sold to Sycamore, a private equity firm, with Victoria’s Secret retaining a 45% stake in the company.

In 2021, with Razek’s resignation from this position at Victoria’s Secret, the company went through major policy changes and new partnerships with Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Megan Rapinoe, and Naomi Osaka.

Victoria’s Secret finally surpliced its sales by the end of 2021 with the undertaking of Martin Waters as the named CEO. Victoria’s Secret announced Amy Hauk as the new CEO of Victoria’s Secret and Pink.

Winding up

Victoria’s Secret has become a global leader in the lingerie and beauty industry, and its influence can be seen in the fashion and beauty trends of today. The company’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation has made it a beloved and iconic brand, and its success is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication.

Victoria’s Secret has always stood at the forefront of the lingerie industry and has consistently set the standard for lingerie, introducing new designs, fabrics, and trends. From its signature bras, underwear, sleepwear, and beauty products to its iconic fashion shows and supermodels, Victoria’s Secret has created an alluring and aspirational image that has made it a household name.

Frequently asked questions
  • What is Victoria’s, Secret Angel?

The Victoria’s Secret model who walks the ramp for the fashion show is called Angels. In the annual fashion show, the Victoria’s Secret Angels are allowed to wear wings. Hence, the name Angel.

  • What is the story behind Victoria’s Secret?

Raymond was embarrassed when he went shopping to purchase lingerie for his wife. This embarrassment got the better of him and he came up with the idea to start Victoria’s Secret. He took a loan for $40,000 from the bank and borrowed the same amount from his family and launched his first store.

When Was Victoria’s Secret Founded? – Victoria Secret History

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