Lazada SWOT Analysis & Its Competitors

Lazada is an online business platform that provides organizations in Southeast Asia. It has been setting achievements since the time of its establishment in an exceptionally competitive market. Find out more about Lazada SWOT analysis & its competitors.

Lazada SWOT Analysis & Its Competitors

Founded: 27 March 2012, Singapore

Lazada Group is a Southeast Asian E-Commerce organization established by Rocket Internet in 2012 and is claimed by Alibaba Group. Lazada targets clients who use the Internet by means of a computer, cell phone, or tablet, and the objective of its exhibition showcasing action is to procure new clients and create income while guarding its situation as a market chief. Lazada offers a simple subsidiary program by an income imparting model to up to 10% commission from each created order. 

Lazada plans to look at the advertising procedures utilized by the Lazada Group and how the brand innovates its various campaigns for safeguarding its commercial center, and also by analyzing the digital presence of the brand via online social media. 

About Lazada 

Lazada Group is one of the most booming e-commerce market web in the Southeast Asia. It was established by Maximilian Bittner in the year 2012. 

The organization gives its clients an easy shopping experience using mobile and web access, additionally, its administration permits different payment techniques, like cash on delivery, customer care service, and also hassle-free returns. 

By the year 2030 Lazada has set a target to serve around 300 million people for their daily needs. Its mission is to bring the world’s attention to Southeast Asia and give a passage to Southeast Asian brands to move and grow in the international markets. 

SWOT Analysis of Lazada 

A SWOT investigation is a strategy that assists with characterizing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. In this segment, we are going to undertake the SWOT analysis of Lazada Group.

Strength of Lazada 

  • Lazada offers a wide list of items. 
  • The transactions among purchasers and vendors are done rapidly and without any problem. 
  • The organization offers exceptional quality products and the most current and hyped-up items. 
  • They allow free return of items received in case the item doesn’t meet the client’s expectations. 
  • They have their own logistics service to ensure fast shipping of items.

Weakness of Lazada 

  • Sometimes the items don’t coordinate with what the clients ordered, in comparison to what was shown on the site.
  • The quality of the items is compromised.
  • Lazada runs on low-cost leadership that challenges the quality of the products.
  • The time frame for the arranged item installment is excessively short. 
  • Shipping is restricted for many regions.

Opportunities for Lazada 

  • An increment in income and web traffic will expand Lazada’s market potential.
  • To become one of the biggest online shops in Southeast Asia. 
  • Inducing site promotions on different websites. 

Threats for Lazada 

  • The market competition is expanding because of which an ever-increasing number of online shops are arising, causing a threat to the brand.
  • There is always dread of the formation of a fake site. 
  • Because of the market competition, the cost and quality get influenced. 

Lazada Group Competitors

Being one of the largest e-commerce companies in Southeastern Asia, Lazada has also got some strong  competitors in the regional market :, Malaysia’s local online commercial center, gives a total and moderate E-Commerce stage for purchasers while uncovering them with an assortment of items and administrations from over 10,000 merchants. is one of the biggest E-Commerce internet shopping stages in Malaysia, offering the best classifications of items and devoted to giving the chance to clients to claim the best web-based shopping experience to shop and purchase bother-free. 


11Street is a reliable and advantageous commercial center that offers an extraordinary assortment of items at competitive costs. It endeavors to change clients’ internet shopping experience by making it more customized and interesting. 11Street has a different choice of item classifications which are labeled on style, hardware, food, wellbeing and magnificence, kids and child leisure and sports, home and living, and books and administrations including E-Vouchers. 11Street is likewise an improved commercial center where its product ecosystem, education, and training projects can completely uphold vendors paying little heed to the size of their business. Other than that, 11Street is an open commercial center worked by Celcom Planet PUC.

Strategy of Lazada 

Lazada has innovated and adapted various advertising methodologies to meet its objective of getting clients to buy its items.

Lazada centers around getting an enormous new client base and creating higher income who access the web through various media like a computer, cell phone. To accomplish the above-mentioned, the Lazada Group embraced the adaptable bid technique of ‘Google AdWords’. These bid methods present decisions that license associations to automate their cost-per-click offers to achieve goals like ROI expansion, change enhancement, cost per obtainment, and penetrability. 

Lazada used a technique called target outclassing share, which engaged the online retailers to outclass their opponents on fundamental expressions by lowering their proposals to an outrageous cost per click to ease their commercials and ‘outclass’ the rest. The gathering used this technique to arrange Lazada’s expressions in new groupings. 

The method furthermore beneficially offered the group an opportunity to make offers against its competitors, getting penetrability and traffic among another course of action of customers by focusing on their opponents’ expressions. This framework enabled Lazada to decide the most outrageous cost per click it had the option to pay, appropriately controlling the cost critical to outclass competitors’ regions. 

Table Of ContentsFunctionsLazada Group
1Business StructureB2B2C
2Customer Service· Offers lower cost 
· Free Delivery with installment choices 
· Variety of items 
· User-friendly interface access
· Promotion by offering discounts, cash vouchers, clearance deals, and flash deals. 
3Distinct advantages Technology utilizing light-footed improvement strategy, Quicker and more secure. 
· Skilled IT faculty 
4Key Process· Helps vendor/dealer to lead stock administration, guaranteeing accessibility and packaging of the items.
5Perks & Benefits· Receives 2% benefits from data network suppliers. 
· Commission paid to web proprietor dependent upon the shoppers access on the products available on the site.

 Lazada Customer Experience 

Amorepacific,  by Lazada, it’s their one of its kind store in Singapore that launched in December 2019. It gives an experiential buyer shopping outing to test things at the genuine store and the convenience of purchasing through the Lazada application. 

From January to March in 2020, the Amore Store on Lazada made a huge profit in the stock sales. 

Lazlive Initiative

Through LazLive, Lazada is also helping the local neighborhood making significant capacities in a rapidly creating modernized economy and discovering new jobs inside its organic framework. 

It developed a Grassroot Live Streamers Incubation Program, giving energetic capacities planning master live improvements to work with Lazada’s merchants who are logically using LazLive to show up at customers. The program onboarded more than 3,000 live people. It was initially launched in Vietnam in November 2019 and further stretched out to Thailand. 

Dynamic Product Ads 

On its third-anniversary event campaign goals, Lazada made use of Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads. A Dynamic Product Ad uses pixels to report when someone sees a thing from your stock or adds it to their online media shopping bag. Assuming that an individual doesn’t complete the purchase around, advertisers can retarget the customer with an ad that shows the thing that they had been seeking. By moving its stock, Lazada had the choice to show a combination of things in a single advertisement. 

Lazada being the best eCommerce site in Southern-east Asia, the organization likewise takes part in web-based media and has confidence in shaping a solid digital advertising presence. The advanced promoting presence of the organization is essentially on Instagram and Facebook.

Nothing is more grounded than a brand that utilizes showcasing to expand brand awareness and brand inclination. In a brief period, it helps an organization increment its market permeability and gain profits by taking part in different exercises and events.

Lazada Marketing Campaigns

The most appealing motivation behind selling your things on Lazada is the ability to participate in its huge number of campaigns, missions, that are participated by a considerable number of customers. 

Such missions aren’t confined in size and degree: they range from enormous events like its enthusiastically promoted Online Festival, which consolidates 11.11 and 12.12, and weekly missions like the ‘Become hopelessly enamored’ event for Valentine’s Day. 

Not solely does Southeast Asia’s greatest online business stage advance missions through enormous standard adverts on its key show page, be that as it may, it furthermore drives paid traffic to acquire channels and email displaying. For brands, such porousness is fundamental; Southeast Asian purchasers dynamically use online business habitats to begin their thing adventure, bypassing even web search devices. 

Lazada ensures immense web traffic during its most noteworthy missions – the 11.11 arrangements event pulled in 10 million page visits in the underlying 24 hours and amassed on various occasions the business volume when stood out from non-campaign days. 


Even though Lazada is comprehensively criticized by certain business visionaries because of uncreative strategies — executing a sensible strategy in unclaimed regions, the accomplishments it made are dumbfounding. 

Moreover, how Lazada is named as a scandalous association, different monetary theorists continue contributing rounds of sponsoring for regional expansion, setting up a steadily expanding number of assistants in Southeast Asia. With the total amount of financing it raised, US$ 647 million, Lazada is one of the well-known brands in the Southeast Asian startup scene. 

Taking a revised look at the above data, one can see that Lazada and its different promoting methodologies have helped the organization a ton and set back its place as a solid market member in this fast-growing urbanized industry.

Lazada SWOT Analysis & Its Competitors

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