How To Get Hired At Walmart

Walmart is a prestigious retail store to work in. Everyone wants to land a job at Walmart. But very few get the opportunity to get hired at Walmart. Walmart hires the best employee candidates. To become a desirable candidate, you have to be a well-informed applier. You need to look at the intricacies of the hiring process and the traits that employers are looking for. This article will familiarize you with the process of hiring at Walmart and the ways to land a job there.

How To Get Hired At Walmart

With the world population increasing every single day, the competition for jobs is increasing. Hence, resulting in high unemployment rates. The companies intend to hire the best candidates, the competition is tougher than you think. You have to stand out. For this, you need to know the tricks to get into the job. Read on to get some tips that will ensure you a job at Walmart.

What is Walmart?

Walmart is one of the most successful companies in the world founded by Sam Walton. It is a US multinational corporation in the retail industry having branches in over ten countries. The company has a revenue of $55,920 crores per year. The retail store also operates online and is counted amongst one of the most successful e-commerce retail markets. Its success is attributed to its employees. This is the reason behind the company being selective in choosing its employees.

Hiring process

To land a job at Walmart, you have to know the hiring process of the company. Knowing the hiring process will help you to prepare well and give your best to get hired. The hiring process can be fragmented into the following points:

  • First step: Application

The first step for getting any job is applying. Here, you need to know that Walmart accepts only online applications. You will have to fill in certain details in the application. You can easily find the application on Walmart’s career website. The application will ask you to list your work experiences and your qualifications. Make sure you provide authentic details.

  • Second step: Assessment Test

After applying, the next step is the assessment test. Here, you will be asked to answer 65 questions related to customer service, employee-employer relationship, co-workers, and many general problems as to how will you act in certain situations. Answer the questions with sincerity and make sure that you clear the round. Based on your results, you will be grouped into two tiers- tier 1 and tier 2. Bear in mind that Tier 1 candidates are preferred over Tier 2. So make sure you score high to secure a place in Tier 1.

  • Third Step: First Interview

When you clear the assessment test, you get a call for the first interview. For every position, Walmart interviews three candidates. Out of them, only one is selected for the position. So, you have to be the best. You will be interviewed by a panel of three interviewers who will ask you questions based on customer service, problem-solving, and your past work experiences. Make sure you answer them all confidently. 

  • Fourth step: Second Interview

Walmart takes two interviews. After the first interview, if the company is interested in you, they will call you for a second time. They will ask similar questions. And if they consider you a suitable candidate, you will be called for the next step. The interviewers might ask the same questions. However, you should answer it sincerely, even though you answered the same question before. It should not look that you are tedious to answer the question. This may harm the recruiters.

  • Fifth Step: Background Test

You will have to go through a background check after you clear the second interview round. This will involve all the documents to prove that you are not indulged in any sort of illegal activity. No company would like to hire someone with criminal records. The background check involves checking the places you have worked at before applying here. Make sure the places where you worked were not illegal or infamous.

  • Sixth Step: Drug Test

Walmart also tests the potential candidates for drugs. The people who test positive for the drug test, are not hired as employees. So, make sure that you are not the one getting out of the race in the last step of hiring. Once you clear the drug test, you are hired and called for orientation.

  • The Last Step: Orientation

After clearing the drug test, you are called for a three days orientation. You will be made familiar with the work in the company. They will elucidate upon the way you have to treat the customers, the roles you have to play, and the terms and conditions of the company. You will be explained the work through presentations. Your understandings will be tested through some quizzes, clearing which is mandatory to get started with the job. You can try solving the quiz till you clear it. Once all this is done, you are hired and given your work schedule.

These were the steps of the hiring process at Walmart. You need to know the process before applying for the job. This part of the article tried to make it easier for you. Now you need to get familiar with some points and traits that will make it easier for you to get hired at Walmart. These suggestions are elucidated upon subsequently.

Get hired at Walmart by following these tips

In today’s competitive world, you need to possess not only skills but also wits to get into the company you want to work for. Hard work matters, but we can’t neglect the smart work that assures you a position in the company. Walmart does want the best employees and to become one, you should know some tricks that can increase your chances of being selected from many potential candidates.

Here are some of the tricks that can help you to ace the hiring process and assure you a job at Walmart:

  • Things to keep in mind while applying

While filling the application form, make sure you fill in all the authentic information as faking about yourself can create chaos during the background check round. You can apply for more than one store. This increases the probability of getting selected. So, apply for as many stores as you can. This will create alternatives for you and make you feel safer. Do not forget to mention your past work experiences in the application, this can have a positive impact on the employer.

  •   Call HR, stay updated

Once you have applied, you do not know whether the company will go through it or not. To assure this, you can give a call to the Human Resources manager and make sure that Walmart goes through your application. At times, potential candidates do not get selected because their application has not been examined. Since Walmart receive applications in large numbers, the company sometimes misses out on some of the applications. This deprives some of the deserving candidates of getting employed.

  • Flexible Timings

When asked how many hours a day you are available for the job, you should be flexible. You should tell the maximum number of hours you will be able to devote to this job. Walmart wants employees who are ready to devote a major chunk of their day to them. So if you can say that you are available 24 hours for all the days in a week, you will be given preference. So, make sure to mention the maximum number of hours you will be able to give to Walmart.

  • Aim at multiple positions

To increase the probability of getting selected, you can apply for more than one position at Walmart. Make sure that you are eligible for all the positions you are applying for. Aiming at multiple positions can help you to get into at least one. If you get into more than one, you can take up the one you like, or the one which offers more salary.

  • Take the assessment test seriously

One thing that people often ignore is the assessment test. People underperform in the assessment tests owing to the general questions that are asked. But one needs to keep in mind that this test is to the nature of the candidate and whether he is suitable for the job he is applying for. So, you need to take the assessment test seriously, just answer all the 65 questions with sincerity.

  • Stay Sober

At Walmart, you are confronted with a drug test. You need to stay sober for not testing positive for the drug test, No company would like to hire a drug addict. You are not an ideal employee if you do drugs, as those who do drugs are not reliable and eligible for any job. They conduct a background check to make sure that their employees are not indulged in any sort of illegal activity. This is important because people with criminal records are not safe working with them. This can discourage customers and even co-workers to come to the stores.

  • Be Amicable

A good employee candidate for Walmart has good communication skills and is friendly. You need to make sure that you show your amicable side whenever you go for the interviews. A friendly person is an ideal employee because they will be able to handle the customers as well as their co-workers better than an unfriendly employee. The customers are allured by employees who talk good and do good at the same time. In addition to being amicable, a person should also have good managerial and organizational skills.

  • Be confident

Confidence is the key to success. To get hired at Walmart you need to be confident. You should answer the questions asked by the interviewer with confidence, even if you do not know the answer. Confidence is important at every stage from application to the interview. If you do not have faith in yourself, no one would like to hire you. Walmart wants confident employees who can attend to the customers with a confident smile on their faces.

  • Build networks

Building networks is a major and important part of the corporate world. Good networking increases your chances of getting into a company. You should look for contacts at Walmart who can give your reference to the company. This can help you in getting into the company with more ease. If you are a social bee, you can do it easily and secure a place at Walmart. Use your communication skills to make profitable contacts.

  • A strong resume

Work experience matters in every job and Walmart is no exception in this aspect. A resume with more job experience and skills is considered a strong one and is preferred over others. Make sure you have past work experiences of internships or jobs and the relevant skills to apply for a job at Walmart. Do not forget to include any of your work experiences.

  • Prepare well for the interviews

You should not neglect the interview rounds. Prepare well for the interview with utmost dedication. You should know how to answer the questions being asked in a polite yet interesting way. You have to please the interviewers with your answers. For this, you can serve the internet for knowing what types of questions are asked in the interview and prepare your answers accordingly. 

Another thing to keep in mind regarding interviews is that there are two rounds of interviews. Even if you have cleared the first round, do not feel overconfident for the second round. Give the second round with the same dedication and enthusiasm. There is a reason why they have two rounds of interviews. You have to be the best of bests. So, prepare for the second interview with the same interest, though the questions might get repeated, make sure you answer even better than before.

These were some of the tricks that can increase the probability of you getting a job at Walmart. Walmart is a well-known company and getting a job there is not a cakewalk. So, these tricks and tips might help to ensure you a position at Walmart. These points have to be in mind if you are a serious candidate.


Walmart’s hiring process is fragmented into many parts and to get a job there is difficult as you have to go through multiple rounds. The company wants to hire the best candidates and hence work towards it through its complex hiring process. If you want to get hired at Walmart, you will have to go through the hiring process. The hiring process involves an assessment test, two interview rounds, background test, drug test, and finally, you are called for the orientation. You have to give your best at every stage to secure a job in the company. 

The world is competitive and you need to be the best to succeed. Walmart is a prominent name, it allures applications in large numbers, but only a few are hired, depending upon skills and talent. You have to brush yourself up to get hired at Walmart, there are certain traits that you should possess to get hired at Walmart. However, there exist some tricks that can assure you of a job at Walmart. This article has traced all these tricks and traits. But there are no shortcuts to success, you will have to work hard, no matter what. So, work hard, use your wits, and get hired at Walmart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the hiring process at Walmart?

The hiring process at Walmart starts with the application, which needs to be filled online. After application, you need to pass the assessment test and then there are two rounds of interviews. You will be called for the second round only if you clear the first. After clearing the interview rounds, a background test and a drug test is conducted. Once these tests are cleared, you are called for a three days orientation, after which you are handed over your work schedule.

What are some tricks to get hired at Walmart?

Some tricks can increase your probability of getting hired. You should contact HR again and again, once you have applied. This is to make sure whether they went through your application or not. A large number of applications are received by Walmart and it is possible that they do not go through all of them. So, make sure your application reaches them.

What traits should I possess to get hired at Walmart?

Some traits that you should possess as a good employee candidate at Walmart are confidence, amicable nature, honestly towards your work, take every stage of the hiring process seriously, stay sober as you have to go through a drug test, a strong resume to stand out amongst the many appliers and flexible timings of working, you should tell them the maximum number of hours you are available to work. These traits are searched for by Walmart while finding a good employee.

How To Get Hired At Walmart

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