Know About Illinois Unemployment Pay Weekly?

Insurances are there to save you from any mishappening. Your car insurance saves you from the cost of repairing damages on your car, your health insurance saves your life in an emergency but, if your job is gone unprecedented, what will you do? No need to worry if you are from the state of Illinois. Illinois Unemployment Pay Weekly

Know About Illinois Unemployment Pay Weekly?

Illinois offers ‘Unemployment Insurance’, which will cover your expenses while you are searching for a new job, and Illinois unemployment insurance doesn’t pay you weekly, it pays you biweekly. Let us see in brief what it is all about.

About the Insurance Plan:

This is a state-operated insurance plan which was designed to partially compensate for wages when you are out of work and looking for a new job to settle in. Just like fire, health, and other types of insurance, this is insurance provided by the Illinois government.

If you fulfill the criteria mentioned in the insurance policy, you will get a cover up to 1 year to a maximum of 26 weeks. However, it will not protect you if you choose to sit in your home idly doing nothing.

Criteria For Illinois Unemployment Pay Weekly:

There is a list of criteria or quotas which need to be fulfilled for you to gain the benefits of this plan. Let us see what they are in detail:

  1. You must earn a minimum of $1,600 during the base period (the recent 12-month period) and an additional $440 outside the base period during which your earnings were highest.
  2. The person you are working for must be subject to the unemployment insurance law.
  3. Works that will not be considered while applying for the insurance plan are: agricultural, domestic, railroad, government, and commissions work.
  4. Full-time work is not acceptable. You have to be either totally out of work or working part-time.
  5. Your earnings must be below the mentioned threshold in the insurance while applying for it.
  6. Your insurance will be denied in the case:
  1. Voluntarily quitting without any solid reason.
  2. Was fired because of misconduct.
  3. Was fired because of thievery.
  4. Was fired because of a labor dispute.
  1. Benefits would not be paid if you are on vacation, or a student or couldn’t work because of your engagement in other activities.
  2. You must be actively searching for jobs and keep a track of it as it would be checked while you claim the benefits of the plan.

Information to be Provided:

If you are applying for the plan, there here is a list of documents that you must keep ready with you:

  1. Your name and social security number are from the social security card. If claiming your spouse and children as a dependent, then their social security card information as well.
  2. Your driving license.
  3. Name, salary, address, phone numbers, employment dates, and separation reasons for all the companies you were once employed.
  4. You must report all your gross wages, be part-time or full-time.
  5. Gross means the amount that you have earned before expanding them.
  6. Records of any pension.
  7. If you are not a US citizen, your alien registration information.
  8. If you are recently separated, then your Member 4 copy of the DD form 214/215 is required and if you have been a government employee, your Form 8 and personnel Action Form 50 is required.

How Will You Be Paid?

Here we will be giving a preview of how you will receive the benefits from the plan:

  • Benefit weeks:

Your insurance benefits will be broken down into benefit weeks. Each week will begin from Sunday and will run till Saturday. You will receive payments as long as the Illinois government seems fit.

  • Biweekly Payments:

Although the Illinois government divides your plan benefits weekly, there is a catch to it. They limit your payment to 26 weeks per unemployment year. To say briefly, you will receive the payment on a biweekly basis. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that the week you are not receiving a payment will be blanked out. Both the week’s payments will be paid at a time on Friday of your payment week through prepaid debit card or deposited directly into your bank account.

How Much Will You Be Paid?

The payments are not fixed. They vary from person to person as:

  • Bachelor: $484 biweekly.
  • Married: $577 biweekly.
  • Married with children: $669 biweekly.


The criteria and document checking procedures are very stringent to ensure deserving citizens receive the payment in time instead of a fraud person. There will be a few irregularities in payment sometimes. The reason may be that some state holidays fall on Monday. However, if you don’t receive your payment for more than 5 days, you should contact the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) as soon as possible.

  1. What if I quit my job because I am genuinely concerned about the rise of Covid-19?

If you receive your work voluntarily, you can’t receive the insurance plan. Whatever the problem is, you must try your best to sort that out with your employer. 

  1. Are the payments weekly or biweekly?

The payments are biweekly, on every Friday of the payment week.

  1. How do I know my registration is complete?

Once you have submitted all the documents asked, log onto their official website. If you see ‘UI registered’ in green on the left-hand side of the screen, you are successfully registered.

Know About Illinois Unemployment Pay Weekly?

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