Is Jb Hunt A Good Company To Work For?


Jb Hunt continues to grow as the most efficient network of transportation in North America, staying focused on building new ways and methodologies through which humans will benefit in the transportation system. It was founded by Johnnie Bryan Hunt and Johnelle Hunt in 1961, and currently working with 28,798 employees worldwide. The company is providing service throughout the globe. This includes The United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. Their company’s technological solution is revolutionizing the way carriers and customers communicate and do business by leading the industry as a digital freight matching platform. Let’s know is Jb hunt a good company to work for?

Is Jb Hunt A Good Company To Work For?

J.B. Hunt has had a significant national presence in the transportation sector for nearly half a century as a Fortune 500 corporation. J.B. Hunt intermodal truck drivers benefit from the shorter wait time, stronger freight, and more miles thanks to more than 90,000 rail containers and 78,000 chassis, as well as access to private express gates. 

Their competitors include; Knight Transportation, Hub Group, Averitt Express, Heartland Express, etc. It has a one-of-a-kind operational strategy that focuses on providing a variety of services through its four business sectors. It also works with third parties to provide a comprehensive range of logistical services. This, together with the company’s innovative technologies, aids in the company’s profit growth thereby bringing in benefits for the JBHT’s customers.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider working on this platform if you ever get an opportunity to do so

1. Decent working environment:

JB hunt provides a varied set of individuals that seek to empower their colleagues, introduce ideas, change and never stop striving towards perfection. They are determined and always focused on achieving their goals. Their employees provide a strong pillar of success through teamwork, dedication, understanding, and perfection. People and their environment both create a positive impact on the company for its benefit. Therefore, the JB hunt provides a relaxed and fulfilling working environment. 

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2. 100% Job security and benefits: 

When it comes to employment, often employees think that will I be able to continue the job for a longer period of time? Or if I ever make a mistake or accidentally take a wrong decision, will I be fired? 

Well, in answer to all this curiosity, JB hunt provides a long term partnership with 100% job security. 

Humans make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean you will be fired or will have to quit the job. JB hunt will provide you with a positive and comfortable atmosphere. So that even if you ever make a mistake, they will help you or teach you to rectify it and never to regret it. The colleagues working are very friendly and are always ready to help during the time of need. So be assured, once you get into the JB hunt, you are safe and secured. 

Even more, they offer additional benefits to the company employees including an On-campus gym, coffee bars, breakfast and lunch, dry cleaning services, walking trails, etc.

After 30 days of employment, employees will be eligible for health insurance, health savings accounts, and flex spending accounts. They also provide a wide range of benefits to our company drivers, including health insurance, dental, vision, and basic life insurance.

3. Pay scale: 

  • An average hourly wage at J.B. Hunt Transport is $15 per hour for an Inter-modal Appointment Specialist and $81 per hour for a Class A Truck Driver. J.B.
  • The average yearly compensation for a J.B. Hunt Management Trainee in the United States is $46,626, which is 10% less than the national average.

4. Exposure to Cultural diversities: 

The company provides mixed cultural diversities. Therefore employees get an opportunity to meet and connect to several new people all across the globe. They also promote a culture of teamwork and collaboration throughout the organization, while also emphasizing the necessity of a good work-life balance. Every single person is valuable and respected in the workplace no matter from which part of the continent they are from or what language they speak in. The family of JB hunt is one and will always be it. 

5. Progressive mindset towards a better future:

Every person has the ambition to achieve something in life. To develop themselves professionally and succeed. JB hunt makes that happen besides working. The employees working there, tend to succeed in their careers by learning from their tuition reimbursement program to professional development opportunities and simultaneously promote from within the company. As a result, by joining the organization, you will not only be valued, but also exposed to a modest working atmosphere with equal chances and the freedom to voice and share your opinions without fear or reluctance. 


JB Hunt is a great opportunity to work and build your career. They provide excellent customer service and employment benefits. They have a good payment opportunity and are respectful towards their employees, thereby providing them with the best and helping to advance down their career field. 


  1. What are the regulations for JB Hunt trucks?

The maximum governed speed for JB Hunt DCS drivers has been increased to 65 mph.

  1. Is there a tuition reimbursement program at J.B. Hunt?

For eligible academic programs, J.B. Hunt offers tuition reimbursement for approved tuition-related expenses and fees. All full-time employees who have worked at J.B. are eligible for the tuition reimbursement program.

  1. Is JB Hunt able to help you pay for college?

Employees of Hunt as well as their immediate family members will be eligible for a tuition scholarship. This grant will be available to students enrolled in any JBU degree program, including traditional on-campus undergraduate, online undergraduate, and graduate programs. 

  1. What is the phone number for J.B. Hunt Transport?

The phone number for J.B. Hunt Transport is (479) 820-0000.

  1. What is the location of J.B. Hunt Transport’s headquarters?

The headquarters of J.B. Hunt Transport is located at 615 J B Hunt Corporate Dr, Lowell, Arkansas, 72745, United States.

Is Jb Hunt A Good Company To Work For?

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