Is Yodel A Good Company To Work For?

Yodel is a delivery service company in the UK. It was formerly called Home Delivery Network. The Barclay brothers own Yodel. Yodel earned the name yodel in 2010 after its acquisition by DHL. It’s among the top delivery services in the UK. Yodel’s name is taken from the first initials of ‘YOUR DELIVERY’. Yodel delivers B2B and B2C couriers. Yodel also delivers packages to 200 countries internationally. Let’s know is Yodel a good company to work for?

Is Yodel A Good Company To Work For?

Such a large company as yodel needs talented employees who can either deliver the parcels or help behind-the-scenes to deliver the parcels successfully. Someone searching for opportunities to work at yodel might first want to ensure that they are applying for a job at the right company.

A good company for an employee must be a place where they get a salary according to their qualifications, they are valued, they get to learn and the company offers opportunities for career growth. To know whether yodel is a good company to work for or not, we should look at the employee benefits, salary prospects, and other things yodel offers its employees.

Employee experience at Yodel

On reading employee reviews, Indeed one will find mixed reviews about yodel, but a basic outcome of the reviews was that they take more work than they pay from the drivers. Yodel was given 2.5 stars for work-life balance, 2.6 stars for pay and benefits, 2.3 for job advancement and security, 2.7 for culture, and 2.5 for management.

On the glassdoor, Yodel has the same ratings for these areas; besides, it is rated 3.1 stars for diversity and inclusion in the company. On glassdoor, 54% of Yodel employees accepted that they would recommend Yodel to their friends (as an employment opportunity). The most common complaint was that Yodel employees have to overwork, and they remain unpaid.

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While yodel’s team culture and management have earned the most positive reviews.

Salary prospects at Yodel

Another important aspect of a good job opportunity is the financial perks or salary. We have prepared this table of salaries provided to individuals at different roles at yodel from the data available online on different sites like, indeed, glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, etc.

S.NoJob TitleSalary (£ per hour)
1Courier driver13
2Delivery driver19
3Warehouse worker9
4Truck driver13
5Parcel sorter10
6Transport manager12
7Night operator9
8Customer service operator12
9Full stack developer56
10Van driver18

The glassdoor data suggests that the highest-earning job at yodel is of a service center manager with a £65,334 per year salary. Whereas the lowest-earning job is of a delivery driver at a yodel, he/she earns £31,219 per year.

Employee benefits

Like every company that values its employees, Yodel also provides employee benefits to its employees. The employee benefits may differ from job to job, but the common employee benefits at yodel are as follows.

• Pension scheme; a 401k retirement plan.

• Discounts.

• Different incentives for employees.

• Opportunity to get Employee assistance benefits.

• Employees can access various career developmental training from Yodel academy.

• A cycle to work benefits the yodel employees.

• Medical insurance for specific positions.

• Car allowance by yodel.

How to get a job at the yodel?

After calculating all these factors, if you have made up your mind to get a job at Yodel, then the first step will be applying for the role you are interested in.

To apply for a role at Yodel, you can directly visit the Yodel website and head to its career page, and see if there are job openings for your role. If job opportunities are available, then you can click on the apply button and proceed to apply by providing all the important information and documents asked there. After applying, you can wait for a few days to get a response from them, they will call you for an interview if you are a good fit for the role.

You have more chances of selection if you have prior experience in any related industry, or you have all the technical skills asked for the role you applied for, etc.

Skills important for a Yodel employee

Every job has its specific qualifications and skills required, and if the individual has any prior experience in any similar industry, then it will be a cherry on the cake. For drivers and courier delivery helpers, including all types of drivers, a driving license is a must. For other support staff, they must possess the minimum education required in their profession.

Job opportunities at yodel

Yodel needs candidates in parcel delivery as well as delivery support roles. The details of both the opportunities are given below.

On-time parcel delivery is possible because of the skilled Yodel drivers, Yodel employs two types of drivers; self-employed and employed drivers.

Yodel provides employment opportunities not just to its delivery partners, but there is a need for other support staff so that it can continue providing its services. Yodels need talented employees in support functions, Depot, and national operations functions. Let’s look at these opportunities separately.

Support Functions Opportunities – these roles include professionals skilled in areas like IT, HR, finance, Business change, marketing and innovation, commercial, customer experience, people service, operational planning, security, Fleet, Health and Safety, Facilities, Legal.

Under the Depot opportunity department, there are individuals that take care of parcels before the Yodel drivers take them to the delivery address. These jobs include a general manager, operation manager, shift manager, team manager, sorter and loader, engineering, etc.

National opportunities employ candidates in Yodel’s 50 service centers in the UK. These professionals like servicing center managers, customer service administrators, and warehouse operatives handle the day-to-day operations in a Yodel service center.


Based on all the information provided above, one can decide whether they want to work in the environment of yodel or not. Yodel is a good company to work for if you have average expectations from your employer.

The job benefits are more on higher levels of job hierarchy and at basic positions like drivers or warehouse workers get very fundamental or no employee benefits. However, these experiences can twist if the individuals have good skills and knowledge of their area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: How much does a parcel sorter earn at Yodel?

The hourly wage of a parcel sorter is £10.

Q.2: Can I become a self-employed driver at Yodel?

Yes, Yodel offers opportunities to drivers who want to remain their own boss.

Q.3: Do I get car allowance benefits working as a general manager at Yodel?

Yes, a general manager gets a car allowance as well as other employment benefits from Yodel.

Is Yodel A Good Company To Work For?

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