List of INTP Characters In Anime


Fiction often plays a huge role in everyone’s life. We will present INTP Characters In Anime here in this article. Whether we’re talking about movies or books or any other entertainment source, looking at different stories presented by different writers/directors always takes us to a different world. Sure, we are usually found intact in our seats, looking at the screen or turning around the pages, but our minds start to get lost in the story, and soon, we find ourselves become a part of it. However, we get so attached to the story because of the characters in it, the one that brings the story to life.

No matter how much of a great world-building we see, a story is always incomplete without its characters. And without good characters, the whole world-building can fall apart in no time, and that’s basically a fact. Writers often want their characters to have some traits which make them more interesting to the readers. Bland characters with one-dimensional traits will only make the story boring. So, like any other living individual, these characters are brought to life by giving them a profound personality. They are given their strengths, weaknesses, past, and journey to reach the future; all of these, along with many other aspects, make these fictional characters interesting. And so, if we find ourselves relating to one of those characters, we become more and more attracted to the story.

If you have ever heard of the MBTI personality test, you must be well-aware of the INTPs, one of the sixteen personality types. While watching any form of fiction, we relate to those characters in whom we can see ourselves. And so, in this article, I will be talking about INTP characters in anime. If you love anime and apparently, have this same personality type, this article might be a fun read.

But before we jump into the list, let’s try to understand who INTPs really are in case you are not much aware of this type. So, let’s get started!


Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.ALBERT EINSTEIN

With the full form standing for “Introverted,” “Intuition,” “Thinking,” and “Perceiving,” they are known as the “Logician” and are pretty rare to be found. Only three percent of the general population is considered to be INTP. As their key traits suggest, these individuals energize themselves in their free time, focus on concepts and ideas rather than ideas and details, decide based on logic and reasons, and prefer to work according to their own flexible nature rather than planning things out.

Logicians are philosophical innovators who also give them the title of the “Architect.” INTPs are fascinated by logical analysis, systems, and designs as they like to engage themselves in deep thinking during situations to get a satisfactory response. They are preoccupied with the theories given; their mind often wanders in search of the universal law behind everything they see. For them, the beauty of learning anything lies deep in its understanding and how people perceive them. Their mind regarding their surroundings and the world itself desires to learn everything even with all its complexities.

From a different person’s perspective, INTPs can seem very lazy and oblivious, though. After all, they are introverted by nature, and that’s why they usually appear detached from the world. However, one of their major traits that surprise many people is their desire to make strong bonds with others. They are always absorbed in their own thoughts, analyzing everything around them with focus. Like it’s mentioned right above, these individuals delve deep into thinking and search for meaning in everything they find, human behavior included. They have great observation skills, which make them understand particular situations and the individuals associated with them. It is not easy for someone to lie in front of them as they are pretty quick to catch someone giving false information.

INTPs are also known for their innovative thought process. Their mind is extremely creative and original because of how observant they are. They pick things up quickly and can apply them accordingly, which sets them apart from the crowd. Sure, there is always a possibility of their ideas not getting recognized enough or even getting discarded at times. Still, there is no denying that their imagination is one of their biggest strengths.

Another major character trait of the Logicians is their open-mindedness. It is no wonder that the people coming under this category do not shy away from understanding and analyzing different things. It’s is, of course, because of their open-minded nature. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to things that peak their interest. Yes, they don’t like to talk much, but if they find someone with whom they can discuss a said topic, they will genuinely show their excitement. However, when it comes to subjective matters related to social norms, they would rather stay away from such discussions as different people, different perspectives. They are always ready to play with logic and facts, which test their thinking capabilities rather than focus on controversial matters all the time.

INTPs are also very objective about the things around them. They don’t believe in an idealistic world. Instead, what makes them stand out so much is because of their realistic viewpoint. They don’t want any emotional validation for themselves. Rather, they would prefer to become a bridge between the two sides who can convey and connect the world’s truth. Their honest and straightforward attitude is what gives them the strength to become the mediator. They say it without any reluctance, never intentionally trying to hurt someone, but because they believe that truth is the most important factor and should always be appreciated and reciprocated.

The Logician has several strengths in themselves which make them such unique individuals. However, their dominant traits are also the reason for some of their weaknesses which can genuinely affect their life negatively at times. INTPs are known for their introverted nature, and this makes them completely cut off from the world. They are socially awkward and can very anxious, but there are also times when they just don’t care. They are so immersed in their own thoughts and creativity that they stop focusing on what’s outside. This is one reason why even sometimes their family and friends fail to understand them because of how closely they are. They like to stay away from people because it is just where they are the worst.

Another weakness in INTPs comes from their straightforward nature. They sure do not shy away from speaking the truth, but sometimes their rational and honest thinking can be insensitive. They don’t understand how to handle an emotional situation which only adds fuel to the fire as they just completely abandon that route. Because they know they have no chance of understanding that, they/don’t waste their time. Their “never mind” attitude, as they often decide to leave a conversation in the middle because of how tough it’s for them to handle, can actually appear rude to others. Sometimes, they get so deeply immersed in their thoughts that they seem to forget the most obvious things. Taking care of themselves and other daily activities, INTPs can skip them too because of how absent-minded they become from their infatuation.

INTPs struggle so much when it comes to being social because of the rules and guidelines set in the outside world. They desire to bypass such rules while being creative with their own ideas, but their nonchalant yet creative nature can sometimes backfire. Also, they constantly second guess themselves and are never able to commit to one thing alone. Their mind is full of ideas, and they are always doing something to improve, to improvise. However, their constant second-guessing can delay their outcomes, and eventually, they may even give up on the said idea. INTPs are genuinely bright individuals if one decides to understand them more intimately. Still, their detached and lazy persona can also appear to be unlikable for many as well.

Now that you know who the Logicians are, let’s see which characters in the anime world share the same personality type.

INTP Characters In Anime

No fiction lover wants to see a bland character or an uninteresting story. And it’s the same with anime. The world of anime has given us some really unforgettable characters and stories. And if you are an anime lover, you must be well-aware of your favorite stories and characters. Writers or mangakas specifically love to give the characters specific characteristics which make them intriguing to the viewers and readers. Why so? Because as viewers/readers, we find them relatable, especially when we find personality traits in them that are similar to ours. And as I mentioned before and talked about INTPs, I will be listing a few INTP anime characters further in this section. These characters may seem to be lazy and nonchalant, but they are some of the most well-written characters in anime. If you are an INTP or at least think that you are one plus you love anime, let me tell you, my friend, this list is for you.

Here are some of the most popular INTP anime characters:



It might be hard for some people to get into this series, but once the cast is introduced and especially the protagonist himself, Gintama genuinely becomes a series one cannot just drop. Unlike any other shonen protagonists where the main character is full of motivation and inspiration to achieve their goals, Gintama has Gintoki, a man in his late twenties who is doing odd jobs with no dreams goals whatsoever. There are several reasons why Gintoki is one of the most profoundly written protagonists. Once his character is explored in-depth, he literally becomes one of the most inspirational characters of all time.

The most basic way to describe Gintoki’s personality is through his dead fish eyes. His character embodies the mana of a man who is all there to read Jump magazines, eat parfaits, and live his life peacefully while doing odd jobs to make a living. His usual dumb expression and his unwillingness to work are pretty evident from the very start. He also has a very sharp mouth and often retorts back with his sarcastic and rather honest yet insulting remarks, which infuriate others. However, even though he seems detached and insensitive, Gintoki genuinely cherishes the people in his life.

Gintoki wasn’t always this lazy man, though, known as the White Demon during the Joui War. As a skilled and well-trained samurai, he has always been very profound with his swordsmanship. He was a war general, after all. During fight scenes, he is shown to be very observant of his opponent’s moves and remains very calculative and analytical during critical situations. Sure he may not appear very serious and organized all the time, but he never shy away to speak out principles when the time comes.

Another ridiculous trait of his character is his open-mindedness. Often seen in comedic arcs, Gintoki doesn’t hide his sexual preferences (as he calls himself a sadist) and even is ready to help other people such as Shinpachi out sometimes with his romantic life with his rather mature knowledge. However, his maturity doesn’t lie only in that domain, as he also seems to have a very rational viewpoint regarding the world around him.

, behind his lazy face is the face of a broken man who has seen a lot of hardships. Gintoki also is not very open about his own emotions and seems to have been carrying a lot of emotional and mental burden on his own. He would often put others before his life, sometimes even ready to sacrifice his own to let others live. He can be tough to understand, which gives him his mysterious personality too. However, he can always form strong bonds with others because of his generous and caring nature, even though he shares quite a few playful banters with them from time to time.

As a Logician, Gintoki surely has all the dominant traits. He is a rather lazy, unorganized, and not-so-reliable adult who, deep down inside, is very truthful and passionate. He is mysterious, analytical, observant, sometimes blunt, and insensitive but still a good human being who is willing to do anything to help others.


He is the greatest detective around the world who has taken the case of bringing Kira down, but once this man is introduced in the series, he did not appear to be a genius in any way. L is a very secretive and quiet guy who often communicates with the world through his assistant, Watari. Before his face is revealed in the series, L is said to be a well-renowned detective who never appears in front of the public. Still, once the case of Kira is brought in, he finally decides to work together with the Japanese Task Force and even tells them to address him as “Ryuzaki” to conceal his identity any further.

L may appear to be a very disheveled and unorganized man with a lazy persona but in no way is he like that in reality. In fact, he lives up to his name of the greatest detective because of his intelligence. His crouched sitting position, sweet tooth, and other weird quirks make others question his skills, but surely, he never disappoints. He is a highly analytical and observant individual who often second-guesses the evidence and possibilities during a case, making him extremely meticulous. One can even say that he is very passionate about his work as he is willing to take drastic measures to solve a case.

Because of his great analytical knowledge of human nature, he can deceive his opponents. He is quick in reading other’s nature, the best example being how much he was certain regarding Light being Kira and Misa being the second Kira. Even though he didn’t have enough evidence to prove that, the cat and mouse chase between the two characters in the series show the battle between brains and who will outsmart whom first.

Apart from all that, L also seems to have a dry sense of humor and is pretty sarcastic. His straightforward and blunt nature is evident as he never shy away to speak out his doubts towards Light, no matter how much he is criticized. He is full of surprises, though, as seen during his fight and tennis match with Light which shows his athletic skills. He is also shown to have formed a close bond with the Task Force and even Light, who he considered his first friend. However, he rarely shows any emotions, always speaking in a nonchalant manner which sometimes makes him sound really insensitive.

L is full of weird quirks, but there is no denying the fact that he is a great detective after all. He sure has a quiet and introverted persona, but he is also analytical, observant, creative, and has a sensetive pride. An INTP has all these significant traits, and L seems to embody all of them in his character perfectly.


Born with all kinds of psychic-related abilities, Saiki is the quiet and collected, overpowered protagonist of the series who wants to live an average life without ever getting under the spotlight. As a kid, he was very notorious and often used his powers to do something mischievous to worry his parents. He wasn’t always the quiet guy but was more open with his emotions which he eventually had to subdue to control his powers.

When we are introduced to Saiki, he is shown to be a detached person from all his schoolmates and remains an average student overall to protect his powers from getting revealed. As the protagonist, he is often narrating the whole story and uses telepathy to communicate with others. He really finds interacting with others pain, but over time, he can make really good friends even though he does not speak up openly about it, at least not initially.

As a person, Saiki is a very generous and selfless guy who is always ready to sacrifice his own happiness to see others happy. He may often say that he does not like talking to others, but still, he remains a good person by heart. His mysterious and secretive persona comes from his powers as he never shows his emotions and always keeps his power in control by wearing two antennas on his head and a special pair of glasses. Because of this and his introverted nature, he does not engage in social activities much.

As his powers give him a huge advantage, he is very knowledgeable regarding human nature and other things in general. For example, when he first meets Teruhashi and finds out how much she wants him to fall for her, he tries to maintain a distance from her due to rather peculiar behavior. However, as he comes to learn more about her and his other friends, he shows more appreciation towards them in his own silent yet sincere manner.

As a person, though, Saiki also has a few faults in him. He can also be very oblivious regarding others’ emotions, making him sound rude and insensitive sometimes. As an INTP, these characteristics dominate Saiki’s personality as his introverted, honest, observant, and sometimes detached appearance can clearly be seen in him.


As an INTP, C.C is the first female character in this list who embodies this personality type’s traits. Being an immortal witch, C.C has the ability to bestow anyone with the power of Geass, who is very secretive about herself. Being lived for so long with a past full of tragedy and suffering, she completely shuts down her emotions and always appears to be very cold and calculative in front of others.

As Lelouch’s biggest support in the series, which sees his journey of becoming a rebel to a supposed tyrant who sacrifices his life to maintain peace, C.C slowly starts to develop a strong bond with him. She may appear to be cold who does not care much about other’s feelings, but it is because of how detached she has become from her own emotions. However, eventually after gaining her memories, she starts to show care towards others, especially Lelouch, even hinting at her romantic feelings towards him.

Throughout the series, C.C always provides her suggestions to Lelouch, suggesting her good observation and analytical skills in the chaotic and corrupt world of Code Geass. She is confident with what she does and does not follow around anyone’s orders, not even Lelouch, and continues to live her life as she wants. Although she also blames herself for Lelouch’s fate, she remains by his side while showing her empathetic and vulnerable side only to him.


Introduced as a ruthless and cold character who showed no mercy to his opponents whatsoever, Zeke Jaeger later reveals to be the elder half-brother of Eren. Born and raised in Marley, he is the Beast Titan who later decides to step up in the Paradis Island mission to capture the founding Titan’s power.

However, as the series progress, we see Zeke as a mature and intelligent man who is very passionate about his work. He is highly analytical and has great tactful skills, which give him an advantage on the battlefield. He is inquisitive about the 3DM gear during his first attack on Paradis as he further accomplishes his mission by gathering more information along with Reiner and Berthold.

As a child, Zeke was brainwashed by his parents, Grisha and Dina, who wanted to use him as a tool for their restoration propaganda which made him despise them at such a young age. As he grew up and became Marley’s one of the most significant warriors with his great knowledge and leadership qualities, he scored quite a good position for himself in the military too.

Being a Logician, Zeke is a calm and collected guy who is pretty secretive and has never revealed his identity as royal blood to Marley. As seen in the recent episodes, he is actually plotting to destroy Marley and Eren and is siding with Paradis as he had been hiding his true intentions from Marley for all these years. His mysterious persona, along with his honest and sarcastic remarks, definitely makes him a great addition to this list.


Quite calm, intelligent, and blunt, Haruhi is the protagonist of the series who prefers to dress as a man due to circumstances and is often misunderstood to be a boy. While she considers herself to be biologically female, she believes that gender is irrelevant and that every person should stick to who they are rather than following society’s standardized roles.

Due to her debt to the Host Club, she ends up joining them while hiding her identity as a female and quickly has a huge fan following there due to her “gentle and soft” nature. She is shown to be very insightful regarding the people around her but often finds herself oblivious when it comes to her own feelings, especially if they romantic, as she is completely inexperienced in that field. She does not prefer to join Tamaki and the Host Club’s shenanigans but still joins due to his requests. Because of this, she is even sometimes called “apathetic” by the members.

As a person, Haruhi is shown to be very responsible and honest. She doesn’t shy away from speaking the truth without any hesitation. She is also very observant towards her customers and can immediately understand her job as a host, even calling herself a “Natural.”

Haruhi’s open-minded, responsible, observant and yet somewhat oblivious nature definitely makes her a Logician.


Being one of the main characters in the third part of Jojo, Kakyoin is one of the Stardust Crusaders’ main characters known for his intellect and quiet nature. As a child, he always wanted others to see his Stand, but because no one could see that, he became timid and never had any friends until meeting the Crusaders.

When he first appears in the series, Kakyoin appears to be a cold and ruthless man. He is only like that under Dio’s control after he is released. He appears to be a very kind and loyal man who genuinely cares for his comrades. As the series progresses, Kakyoin becomes more and more closely with his traveling companions while also remaining the “quiet and cool” guy among all of them.

Apart from being a generous guy, Kakyoin is also very clever and is highly calculative and analytical during critical situations. As shown during many fights, he is very observant of his enemies and often tries to come with quick and laid-out plans to defeat them.

As an INTP, he seems to have the significant traits of this personality type. Kakyoin is quiet, mysterious, highly observant, and very much oblivious when expressing his own emotions.


INTPs hate social interactions, and this character very much agrees with it. Even though he is a part of the Student Council, Ishigami rarely shows up there. Reserved, shy and gloomy, he is secretly an otaku who keeps his distance from others. He is often being criticized behind his back by his schoolmates for his unsocial and insensitive behavior.

Ishigami had been a quiet guy from the very beginning, but the reason he fears talking to others now is because of how he was bullied during his final year in middle school. He is shown to have an inferiority complex. He has a very cynical and depressing outlook on the world, so he is often anxious and awkward around others and even envies other guys who are cool and popular in the school.

However, even though he has self-esteem issues, Ishigami finds good friends in the Student Council and forms a strong and beautiful bond. He is also quite observant when it comes to others and is also quite sarcastic and blunt with his words, which often leads to Chika and Kaguya getting aggravated. His job in the Council is also very great with data analysis, even though his grades are not good.

Introverted, analytical, hardworking along with a few faults in him, Ishigami is the guy who learns to live his life with more confidence.


Another INTP gamer otaku in this list, Hirotaka, is actually a grown-up adult obsessed with video games. He is quiet, reserved, and is best known in the internet world for his great gaming skills.

The story of Wotaku deals with a very realistic romantic story, and the role of Hirotaka in the plot only makes the story more endearing. As it is later mentioned, he and Narumi were childhood friends, and he has always had a crush on her. However, he never openly admitted to her until finally meeting her in his office once again due to his poor interpersonal skills. He is also shown to be very sarcastic and blunt with his words which sometimes infuriates Narumi too.

As the series progress, the dating life of Hirotaka and Narumi also progresses but a bit slowly. As Hirotaka has not much experience here, he usually doesn’t express his emotions openly and even remains oblivious of Narumi’s feelings towards him sometimes. However, he is quite insightful when it comes to his girlfriend’s feelings. Even though not being a very enthusiastic guy, he supports her otaku hobbies without any complaints.

Apart from all the characters in the list, there are a few more who share the same personality type in anime: Hattori Zenzou from Gintama, Pieck Finger from Attack on Titan, Shiro from No Game No life, Kisuke Urahara from Bleach, Ginko from Mushishi, Killua from Hunter x Hunter and many more.

So, here it is—a long list of anime characters who are ENTP. These quiet personalities sure can be loving yet very complicated whom we come to understand with time. But seeing INTPs getting portrayed in such a beautiful manner with fleshed out and developed characterization makes us viewers happy. It is, after all, a delight to watch such great shows with these amazingly written characters who add more emphasis to the plot itself.

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List of INTP Characters In Anime

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