List of ESFP Anime Characters


The world of fiction is full of amazing characters. We will present ESFP Anime Characters in this article here. And if we specifically talk about anime, the list of best anime characters can be pretty long. As viewers, we can enjoy the characters only because of the story and world-building. Sometimes, we can connect with these characters because we find them relatable, especially when we can find similar personality traits in them. In this article, as suggested in the title, I will be talking about some of the most popular and well-known ESFP anime characters. But before we jump into the list, let’s understand the ESFP personality type given by the MBTI personality test. In case you are not very sure of this type, the description below will give you a pretty good idea about it.


Playful, energetic, love to be the center of the party- ESFP is called the Entertainer/Performer for valid reasons. These personality types are the liveliest ones among the sixteen types, making their company all the more loving and enjoyable for others. With their full form standing for Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving, these individuals prefer to act on what they feel, what they enjoy, and that too with their spontaneous attitude while keeping the facts and details on focus. They don’t like to sit down and plan things out but rather prefer to do what they feel like doing.

To get into more details about this personality type, Entertainers can bring any party to life by keeping the people around them entertained and happy. If something excites them, they would quickly do that without being hesitant because, well, they love to live in the moment. They are fun-loving people, and they want other people to have fun with them too. They are truly generous with the time and energy, and if they see someone feeling down, they will cheer them up with their enthusiastic attitude. It sure is possible that some people won’t find their hyper-energetic personality appealing at first. Still, these individuals know how to encourage others and find their place in other people’s hearts.

As they are the entertainers, ESFPs know-how to be around a large group of people. They love to be the center of attention and through their witty and unique way of talking. They want to make people smile around them, and only are they able to do that because of their charismatic way of conversing with others as they would make even a simple outfit feel like a party. As I mentioned before, these individuals like at the moment as that’s all they believe in the present. Finding joy in an extravagant environment is not their goal. Instead, they prefer to spend their time with a group of friends in that small yet enjoyable circle. They would make the best of their time.

Along with their passion for entertaining people, ESFPs also love to please themselves with beautiful aesthetics. Entertainers don’t fear reflecting their personal style through their exterior. They like changes, and with them, they also prefer to showcase that change in their appearance. They have a keen eye for fashion, and thus, they like to change their style from time to time. Outfits, new designs, trends- Entertainers prefer to experiment with these little things as these help them enjoy the little moments in life.

One of their hidden and significant traits is that Entertainers are very good with observatory and practical skills. Their cheerful and entertaining personality may suggest that they are carefree; however, they are very observant when understanding their environment. One of the reasons they can approach others boldly and connect with them is because they are observant. They are realists who want to learn more through their experiences instead of threading their own fabricated world. They can notice small changes pretty quickly, which gives them the advantage of focusing on the situation more.

ESFPs are not individuals who like to spend their time inside their little comfort zone- they value the meaning of exploration and how to live life to the fullest with their bold and open nature. However, they also have a few negative aspects, putting them in trouble in specific situations.

One of their biggest and most prominent weaknesses comes from their emotional personality. ESFPs are very much in touch with their emotions, but if they are backed into a corner, there are chances of them having an emotional outburst. They are not very good with critical comments about themselves, making them defensive and react badly to it.

Their fun-loving behavior can also make them not look at the bigger picture sometimes. Entertainers do what they want to and what they like to do- spending time on something where they are not enjoying themselves can be a drag for them. That is why they can sometimes make hasty and risky decisions which can lead to a misleading step. Long-term plans are not for them, which can affect their life at times.

As ESFPs are not good with long-term plans and can get easily bored, they lack focus. They like to engage themselves in dynamic situations instead of staying in a simple and unchanged situation which only gets prolonged and boring for them day-by-day. Now that we know who ESFPs are and what kind of traits they have let us look at some of the most popular ESFPs in anime.

ESFP Anime Characters

As I mentioned before, in the world of fiction, we get to see and know several different and unique characters who leave a mark in our hearts. We can relate to a said character which makes the story all the more interesting for us. Specifically talking about this personality type, ESFPs have their own long list in the fictional world. But as for now, let us talk about ESFP characters who are a part of anime.

If you are an anime lover and an ESFP, this list I will mention below may be an enjoyable reading experience for you. Who knows, you may even spot your favorite character in this list. So, here is a long list of these ESFP characters whom you might adore and find very relatable to yourself:



Not just because it is a part of the big-three, Naruto as a series has left a huge impact on its viewers because of the story and the characters. The huge of Naruto might have failed to bring the best out of every side character, but Might Guy was not one of them.

Being one of the most underrated yet lovable characters of the series, Might guy is the highly energetic, passionate, and cheerful Jonin whose strength lies in his taijutsu skills. He usually gives this “nice guy” pose where he winks and gives a thumb up to his students and friends, showcasing his optimistic and confident personality. Even though he is used as comic relief in the series about the “power of youth,” Guy is one of the most committed and skilled ninjas in the Hidden Leaf village.

As an ESFP, Might Guy shares almost all the traits of this personality type. He is the most cheerful and enthusiastic man in the village, after all, who always encourages his comrades and students with his optimistic yet philosophical views. No matter how goofy he appears at times, Guy is well-aware of his skills and how to put them into use. He is shown as a very observant and skilled martial artist who can inflict deadly blows on his opponents when it comes to his fighting skills.


She is one of the most beloved main female leads of shonen who broke all-female character stereotypes. Being a member of the deadly Yato tribe and the daughter of the universe’s strongest alien hunter, Kagura is still a fourteen-year-old child who is naive, blunt, cheerful, optimistic, sometimes even bored, and yet full of passion.

As a member of the Yorozuya, Kagura loves her time with her adoptive family, i.e., Gintoki and Shinpachi, who also have a good sense of humor and a sharp mouth. She can be cheeky, stubborn, and sometimes even misinterpret Gintoki’s advice because, well, she is still a child. She is a glutton, though, who loves her food and would not share it with anyone, especially her favorite snacks, dried seaweed.

Even though Kagura is a teenager, she is well-aware of her strength and abilities and the world she lives in. As seen on several occasions, she is a genuinely kind person who forms great connections with others (one of them being her friendship with Katusra and Soyo). She always does what she wants and enjoys it to the full, which shows her spontaneous nature.

Apart from all these, Kagura also tends to have her own sense of morality and ideals which she keeps on following throughout the series. Her character development is one of the best in the series in my opinion because of how she learns from her environment and experiences just like an ESFP does. She does not plan or organize ideas but rather lives her life to the fullest. And that is why she is one of the most adorable and loving ESFP characters on this list.


The story of Jojo’s bizarre adventures sure has its fair share of ridiculous and bizarre moments but if you are a fan of this series, you will definitely agree on the characters who brought gave the story life, one of them being Polnareff.

Even though he is supposed to be a supporting character in part three, Polnareff leaves his own mark in the story as the confident, charismatic, and optimistic Frenchman. He can be called the jokester among the six crusaders who loves to crack jokes occasionally and have quite an energetic personality. One of his significant traits is his honorable nature, who deeply cares for his loved ones and dislikes fleeing the battlefield without a fight like a coward.

Polnareff is an ESFP because he matches this personality type so much. Apart from all the strengths he has as a character, he is also shown to be reckless, arrogant, and even heavily emotional, which are some of the negative traits of ESFPs.

Sure he lets his emotions take the best of him but with his Stand, he is also a skilled swordsman and fighter who learns more from his experience. Polnareff’s rough past may have deeply affected him, but he always kept moving forward with an open heart and found new friends in the Crusaders. He may not appear very intelligent to others, but he knows the real world and how it functions.

All of these traits make him a perfect addition to this ESFP list.


The story of Attack on Titan does not have a lot of light-hearted and comedic moments. But Sasha Blouse is one of those characters in the series, which shows a tint of joy through her enthusiastic, cheerful, scared yet optimistic, and generous nature.

Coming from a hunter tribe, Sasha, during her trainee days, was not very comfortable around others and always hid her real personality. However, she later opens up with others, showing her true personality and immense love for food (as shown during her character introduction).

Sasha was never the brave soldier among the 104 cadet members, but with the series’s progression, she thoroughly changes and develops into a sharp and skilled soldier. She may have been simple-minded but similar to her comrades. She also desired to be free from the walls someday and explore the world. She is also pretty blunt at times, intuitive, and can be very dutiful and quick with decision-making during critical situations.


The character of All Might clearly depicts the stereotypical comic heroes we have grown watching. He is energetic, honorable, strong, has a strong sense of justice, and a great inspiration to all the other heroes and students. He has a friendly and bright personality which reassures others and makes them feel safe in his presence.

Being the most popular hero before his retirement, All Might is often shown with his confidence and cheerful smiles and his signature “I am here!” which truly demonstrates a hero’s ideal image. He can be very loud even at times, annoying a few people but not intentionally.

However, once he loses his power and retires, we get to see a more serious and observant All Might who is now a mentor to his successor, Izuku, and continues to remain a model inspiration to all others. His optimism is not yet gone, but now he is shown as a more realistic person who likes to give others practical suggestions to help them in the future.

As a role model who inspired thousands, All Might easily cokes under the ESFP personality type because of his generous, energetic, optimistic yet practical nature.


Cheerful and flirtatious, Kashima can sweep any woman off their feet without even trying to be a “man.” She is confident, cheerful, enthusiastic, lively, and well, loves to do what she wants to do (most of it is acting like a prince charming and flirting with her schoolmates).

Even though biologically female, Kashima does not shy away from showing her charming side to other females while calling them “hime” or “princess” in a flirtatious manner. Being a part of the drama club, she also loves to play the prince charming roles, suggesting her desire to be under the spotlight. She also has a deep sense of loyalty towards Mori-senpai (with whom she later falls in love), but the main reason he gets annoyed by her is how lazy and bored she can get.

Kashima has all the characteristics of an ESFP as she is cheerful, confident, charismatic, social, and has a perfect sense of humor, as shown in the series plenty of times.


Portrayed as the best friend of Kousei, Tsubaki is a confident, kind, and outgoing girl who deeply cares for her loved ones. She is also shown to be not too girly as she prefers to keep her hair short and engage in different sports. She also has a short-temper, especially when she is with Kousei, as she is seen to be hitting him on a few occasions.

Even though she too also has feelings for Kousei, she tries not to show her feelings. However, due to her very sensitive nature, she can often show more from her emotional outbursts. She is also seen to be very passionate about her hobbies and can also be a little reckless. As an ESFP, Tsubaki shares some of the most significant traits of this personality type, making her another great addition to this list.


He is the best “waifu,” and no one can deny that. Another addition to the list from the same series, Speedwagon, is introduced to us during the first part of the series as a thug who, after meeting Jonathan and seeing his honorable nature, decides to devote his life to the Joestar family.

During the first two parts in which he played a significant role, Speedwagon is a charismatic and confident man who also has an emotional side. He is shown to be very vocal with his feelings and can even get recklessly if needed (as seen in part one). However, when we meet Speedwagon in part two after the time skip, we see a much more mature and understanding nobleman who genuinely cares for the family he swore his loyalty to.

Speedwagon is an ESFP through and through for several reasons- he is an extrovert, has a lot of confidence, is understanding and generous, is very much in touch with his emotions, and can sometimes act spontaneously. He is the man who left the Joestar family with a huge legacy- the Speedwagon Foundation, which helped the family for generations.


She is energetic, cheerful, and even an optimist who hopes for the best in stressful situations, but even as a Goddess, she is the most useless character in the show, as mentioned by Kazuma over again. Even before getting sent to a different world, Aqua is shown as a confident, carefree, and high-spirited goddess who enjoys her power and does what she loves to do.

As a goddess, Aqua wants to be the center of attention and get praises from others. However, to her disappointment, such things rarely happen, but she still tries to live the best of her life in the new world. She is also a very generous person who dislikes hearing lies from others.

Even though she cannot contribute much during quests, which is called useless and stupid, Aqua can be an observant and knowledgeable person if she wants to. She sure is short-sighted, but she also works on her skills to do better next time. Her carefree nature does not let her see the true potential of her godly powers, as she prefers to live her life nonchalantly and without any trouble.

Aqua is definitely an ESFP because of the dominant traits she shares with this personality type. She may be useless, but a dislikable character? Well, at least to me, she is pretty likable.


The elder brother of Yuki Souma is in no way like him as he is the complete opposite of his character. Ayame is shown as this energetic, happy-go-lucky, and very optimistic and charismatic man passionate about his job and deeply cares for his loved ones.

Even though the two brothers had a rocky start and Ayame did not appear as a reliable elder brother to Yuki initially, he seems to have gradually changed who now deeply cares for his brother and loves him. He is honest, loving, even observant, and has a very friendly nature. His hyper enthusiastic nature is what makes him another amazing addition to the list of ESFPs.

Along with the characters listed above, there are another few characters who are ESFPs: Nendou Riki from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Zenitsu from Demon slayer, Kirishima, and Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia, a Black☆Star from Soul Eater, and many more.

So, here it is—a long list of anime characters who are ESFP. It is hard to find these rare kindhearted personalities. But seeing ESFPs getting portrayed in such a beautiful manner with fleshed out and developed characterization makes the viewers happy. It is, after all, a delight to watch such great shows with these amazingly written characters.

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List of ESFP Anime Characters

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