If You Have Problem With Me Quotes and Meanings

If You Have Problem With Me Quotes and Meanings

The topic revolves around some quotes whose meanings can be explained with the help of examples or simple words. Sometimes we are down or demoralized by some situations, and reading quotes helps us get back on track. But a problem arises because the quote couldn’t be understood, or other times, we miss the meaning at a deeper level and interpret it differently. So through this article, we bring to you some of the best quotes along with their meaning to cheer you up and bring a smile to your face. 

This time we deal with the subject “If you have a problem with me,” which is considered an important topic because most of the time we are depressed because of what other people say about us and the number of problems.


  • Quote 1: If you have got an issue with me, call me. If you don’t have my number then you’re disgraceful to own an issue. 

Meaning: The quote distinguishes between folks near us and people who don’t mean anything to us. The road by line meaning of the quote is to call the one that is anxious with the matter easily, and if you don’t understand how to contact the person, you may not be someone who concerns them, and you have got no right to possess a grudge with them. On a deeper level, it tells the difference between those that criticize always and people who really give positive criticism. If you have got the person’s contact, it means you’re near them, and most have a grudge or advice instead of the people that give advice free, which doesn’t seem to be needed or demoralizing. 

Example: If you’re a youtube video creator, you will get hate further as love. A number of the followers just come to write down hate comments which causes a negative impact on the minds of content creators. Second, people criticize the creator who supported the video they watched and compared them to the standard of content they create and that they also give positive comments if they just like the video. The third form of people are near us and might call us if they feel the content isn’t appropriate, lagging something, or has some problem. 

The quote talks about the last category of individuals who can call us about the matter they need with us and not about the primary two types who don’t matter and are sitting behind a screen and taking it as a plus.

  • Quote 2: Don’t tell everyone about a problem with me, rather tell me.

Meaning: The quote revolves around the basic situation of daily life. Most people tend to publicize a problem rather than contacting the concerned individual. Some people do this because they like to enlarge problems to gain fame or become popular. Others feel that it may cause chaos between the person concerned and them and cause rifts if they talk it out. The quote’s main idea is to contact the person and not go telling everyone else. On a deeper level, it tells about the people who have the habit of starting and spreading rumors. You can actually also interpret this as advice for yourself to contact the person you have a problem with, and maybe you will have greater chances of solving it. Sometimes confrontation can solve the biggest problems because people want you to fight for their benefits or just for fun.

Example: Consider a family of 10 people. If two people have a dispute on an arbitrary topic or one has an issue with the other one, the best way to solve this is to talk it out with each other or confront the parties concerned. But what B does is tell all the other family members, which causes chaos and an increase in a fight because A gets to know the issue with a lot of spice. This quote aptly applies here to talk to the person directly about the concerned problem rather than spreading the issue like a wildfire. Sometimes the person concerned is not aware of the problem, and when the person gets to know the problem, it is already high time, and grudges have increased rather than decreasing.

  • Quote 3: A problem of yours with me is none of my problems.

Meaning: This quote is only great to hear if you are really depressed because of what people say about you behind your back. The quote means that if you have an issue with me, keep it to yourself. It is none of my concern, and it doesn’t affect me. This is necessary in your life since many times, the audience around you comes to see the fun and holds grudges or gives hate without reason. This quote applies, and you can cut out the hate or negative impact on your life. On a deeper level, it tells about your mindset towards yourself, which is more important than people’s perspective. This quote is simply a representation of self-love and how having confidence in oneself can help. The main disadvantage of this quote is the egoism and attitude it brings. Sometimes if taken too seriously, it may lead to boasting about yourself and thinking that others are inferior to us. It will cause other problems in life and drag the kin far away. It will also lead to being alone and breaking off any relationship that is not healthy for you and even cause you to be more depressed.  This is a major problem among teens these days that they think they are superior and can do anything without listening to anybody.

Example: Consider a person who is given hate for the way they dress or walk. It is most likely that they are given hate for no reason, and they feel depressed. In this situation, if they read this quote, they might feel a bit better and feel that the dress they wear or the way they walk is not their fault, and society will speak ill no matter what. This will be a path to escape the negativity and move towards the positivity in life, which can also be taken the wrong way that they start to think that everything they wear is their choice even if it is against the law, like wearing blue jeans in South Korea which is considered as a constitutional prohibition.

  • Quote 4: If you have a problem with me, don’t have me or keep me without having to fight the spot.

Meaning: The quote means that if you have a problem, then it should be solved with me, and if it is not solved, then you should leave me. The line-to-line translation means that you should either go away with the problem or doubt the intentions I have by solving the problems. In a deeper sense, it means that you should not make people fight for the spot they deserve since they are the people who are with us for the rest of our life. Some people have problems and think they should leave without confronting or removing the people who caused the problem. The quote says that if the issue is present, you should either leave the person or the person who has issues shouldn’t doubt the relationship you have and be with them. Sometimes we have to break the relationship because self-respect is sometimes more important than the people concerned.

Example: Consider a group of friends with twelve people. Consider two people A and B, who have an issue with each other over what you should do in the summer. They have two options: either they solve the issue sitting together with other members or form different groups by splitting with the help of people who want to do the activity. The first method should be preferred because it will not cause rifts, and the group would stay together. The other method is said to be good only when the issue is causing the group to fight, which will also lead to other tensions. In this situation, you should go for the activity you like and not for what you all want.

In conclusion, sometimes we take quotes too seriously, which leads to having rifts and problems. Sometimes we should understand the deeper meaning of the quote to follow it aptly. Some people actually follow some quotes, which lead to the building of their egoism and cause more issues rather than solving them. We say this about some quotes, but sometimes we know that these quotes also help us live a more important life than our situation. The quotes are meant to simplify our life rather than complicate it, but most of the time, we do not interpret them correctly. Therefore, this article is here to help you understand everything and throw light on both positive and negative impacts.

If You Have Problem With Me Quotes and Meanings

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