How to Type Therefore Symbol in Word or Excel

How to Type Therefore Symbol (∴) in Word/Excel (on Keyboard)

Are you facing the obstacle of typing Therefore Symbol (∴) in Word/Excel when you are just about to complete your project? This article will help you in finishing it off in no time. And therefore, symbols are a must in mathematics or reasoning. You will find several ways to do so in this article. Just go through this blog and know how to type therefore symbol in Word or Excel.

Let’s get straight to the point.

Shortcuts for Therefore Symbol

If you are using Mac, you can use the shortcut Option+2234 to get the therefore symbol. But in Windows, there are several methods and shortcuts, and some of them work only in Microsoft. . Therefore, a symbol is one among them. Alt+8756 is the shortcut for inserting, therefore, symbols in Microsoft. To be precise,

  • Mac=Option+2234
  • Microsoft=Alt+8756

Another shortcut for inserting Therefore Symbol (∴) for Microsoft and Mac are:

  • Therefore symbol for Microsoft: Keep the pointer in the right position where you want to insert the symbol, then type 2234 using your keyboard select it and press Alt+x.
  • Therefore symbol for Mac: Keep the pointer in the right position where you want to insert the symbol, now using the keyboard type 2234 and pressing option at once.

Therefore Symbol(∴) Using Alt Code in Windows

When typing in MS Word, you need to know how to enter the symbols as each of them carries their importance and has a value. Therefore symbol’s unique alt code is:

  • Step 1: Enable the number pad by pressing NUM lock to type the numbers and then press Fn key and Num Lock keys together to turn on Num Lock on laptops without the numeric keypad.
  • Step 2: Press and keep holding the Alt key and type 8756 using the numeric keypad after you have used NUM lock.
  • Step 3: After you have typed the Alt code (i.e. 8756), release the [Alt] key that you have pressed down.

Simple! Isn’t it? To use the alt code to get therefore symbol, you have to follow the steps above.

Now let’s discuss another method of inserting Therefore symbol().

Copy and Paste

This is the easiest method to understand and perform, so this is going to be your favorite. Let’s see how:

  • Method 1 – You can copy this symbol ∴ , by clicking the right button of your mouse and pasting it in your work in your MS sheet or word. Simple right? Or if you are learning this for the future and not using it at the moment, you won’t have to search for my blog all over again, just search for therefore symbol on a search engine like google. Then select the symbol and copy it from the website, right click on it and select copy then paste it in your work. Use the same process for pasting the symbol as you did it for copying the symbol.

  • Method 2 – Follow the steps given below:
    • Step 1 – Click on the start button and search for the character map in the searching option. 
    • Step 2 – When you see the character map, click on it to open it.
    • Step 3 – When the character map is launched, You will see an option ‘Advanced view’ and a checkbox, click on it to check the checkbox. 
    • Step 4 – When you do that, you will find an option to search for character, search for ‘therefore’.
    • Step 5 – As you have searched for therefore symbol, it will be visible on the character map now.
    • Step 6 – Now when you see the symbol, double click on it (Left button of the mouse). As soon as you do it, the symbol will appear on the ‘character to copy’ box.
    • Step 7 – You can select it and copy (by clicking the right button or the mouse and select the option copy) the symbol from there and paste it (by clicking the right button of the mouse and select the option paste ) in your work. OR if you don’t want to use the mouse you can switch over to the keypad of your laptop or PC. Press Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste it.

Insert Symbol Dialog

This method is not one of the shortcut methods, but you can also use it directly from Microsoft. Follow the steps to insert therefore symbol.

  • Step 1 – You will see an option Insert on the top. Click on it.
  • Step 2 – Select symbol. Then select the ‘More symbol’ option.
  • Step3 – Then you can just spot the symbol within many.
  • Step4 – Now you can insert it in your work in the right place.

Or you can open the symbol window, select the symbol option font box and type the symbol code ‘2234’. Select and insert it.

I hope this will help.

How to Type Therefore Symbol in Word or Excel

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