How Long Does FedEx take to Respond to Job Application?

How Long Does FedEx take to Respond to Job Application?

The Waiting Game at FedEx

FedEx crop, a company that provides a portfolio of E-commerce, transportation, and business services. It is the world’s largest shipping company. It is known for its rapid, reliable, and defined time delivery across the globe. Here, we’ll know How Long Does FedEx take to Respond to Job Application?

Frederick Wallace Smith, an American businessman, founded the company FedEx operated in more than 220 countries. FedEx connects the people in the market globally through the power of the network with its high-tech, high-speed transportation. 

FedEx is the world’s largest shipping company with 6.5 million shipments and 29 million pounds of freight. This company includes five Major companies: FedEx Freight, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Trade Networks.

  • FedEx Freight: This service provides regional freight deliveries. Freight means deliveries that are above 150 lbs. consisting of cargo, goods, and Commodities. FedEx freight provides shipments on a less than truckload (LTL) basis. 
  • FedEx custom critical: Custom critical is for those customers who need shipment at a Critical time. It is an expedited Freight shipping service that specializes in same-day and overnight deliveries. 
  • FedEx Express: The company uses its plane, vehicles, and technologies to speed up transportation to get their goods or orders before time. 
  • FedEx Ground: It provides shipment of small packages by ground transportation. This service is the second largest provider in North America. 
  • FedEx Trade Networks: FedEx trade network provides various consulting, customs brokerage, and information technology services. Almost five million physical shipments and over 100 million electronic transactions are processed every day through this network. 

FedEx Career 

FedEx plays a Major Role in the supply chain and operates under a State of emergency. It provides services to the people through its innovative ideas and dedicated employees. The company has also dedicated itself to its workers. 

Requirement for FedEx

  • Must have a college degree as minimum education. 
  • Four-year business degree. 
  • Work Experience in the business-related industry. 

Minimum age limit 

The minimum age limit to work at FedEx should be 18 years old. 

Working hour

FedEx working hour is a little tiring one 

  • Mon-Fri: 7:00am-11:00pm; 
  • Sat-Sun: 9:00am-9:00pm

Employment opportunity at FedEx 

FedEx offers both part-time and full-time job opportunities to job seekers. Job roles like customer service, accounting, marketing, sales, communications, finance, and delivery.

 There is various career option in FedEx for the candidates. Some job roles may also require innovative ideas, skills, and physical capabilities. 

  • A job with Physical capabilities is courier and package handler.
  • Jobs that require skills, ideas are manager, customer representative, communicator, and more. 

FedEx allows the employees to discover their hidden talents, achieve personal growth, skills. This company values people/customer as well as their employees. The company Values its integrity, service, loyalty, responsibility, dignity, and safety. 

FedEx also gives better pay with job benefits to their employees. They also celebrate their hard work and achievements. 

Benefits of working at FedEx

As an employee at FedEx, you get many benefits. Eligible and hard-working employees could get extra Benefits. 

Below the given List are benefits that employees get as working for FedEx. 

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Insurance
  • Health insurance 
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance 
  • Lifetime insurance
  • Paid holidays 
  • It reduced shipping rates.
  • Travel discounts
  • Work/life balance programs

How long it takes to get hired in FedEx for a job position? 

In simple words from, application to interview to orientation, Let us see it in detail. 

Hiring process 

The hiring process in FedEx can take the time up to three weeks. So get ready with all the details asked while applying for the job. 

Must research about FedEx hiring process before applying. 


FedEx registration is online. Go to the company’s official website, create an account given on the website, and then you will be able to apply for your desired job position. 

Browse for the available job position and click on the apply box given on the side of your desired job role. 

After clicking on an apply box, a page opens asks full of detail such as personal details, educational details, job history, and other details. 

Keep your resume updated to upload it on the application. 


An assessment test takes place for an interview once you complete your application. Assessment is given based on the job position you have chosen. The test may consist of a question like- true-false questions, questions that you have rated, agree or disagree, most likely or least likely designed to see your potential, skills, personality, strengths, and weaknesses. 


After the registration and assessment process, you will receive a mail for scheduling an interview. As you get selected for the interview session, you will receive a mail asking to confirm the date and time. You can also see the updates regarding your interview process through login into the FedEx career account.


FedEx can take your interview through a phone call.  Make sure you have adequate preparation. Sit in a silent place with no distraction. Research basic interview questions and prepare a clear answer. 

Be confident and answer the correct question to the interviewer. 

After the phone interview, they may either give you a job offer Or, Want you to come for the interview. You have to perform well in the interview because you may directly get selected for the job.  

FedEx’s Second Interview on Skype, make sure you get familiar with Skype before your interview. 


When they schedule a face-to-face personal interview, make sure you dress up in a professional, formal way. 

You must bring your resume and hand it over to the interviewer, make sure to turn off your phone during the interview session. 

The interview lasts for 5 to 10 minutes, and they will ask between 3 to 10 questions such as behavioral, problem solving, physical ability check, or basic simple questions. 

If you receive an offer letter from them, wait for the Further process, they may inform you either by email or phone call. 


The background check takes place after a week is done during the hiring process at FedEx. The company goes through all the background details, and this may take more than a week. You can’t do anything in this wait for the company’s reaction. 

The background check may vary in position. If you are selected, You also have to go through the driving test and submit a driving history. 

The driving test can be done before, during, or after your orientation. 


If you accept the job offer, the next step is orientation. Orientation usually is of four hours but depends on your job position. 

Orientation will teach you everything about FedEx, your job position, and many more. It is the time where you can ask your queries. 

Make sure you bring your important documents like driver’s license/ID proof. 

How Long Does FedEx take to Respond to Job Application?

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