Perdue Farms Careers- Job opportunities, and their Salary

Perdue Farms Careers

About: Arthur W. Perdue founded a poultry farm with his wife, Pearl Perdue, in 1920 named it Perdue farm. It started as a family-based meat processing, poultry food, and Perdue Agribusiness that became a national brand in America in 1970. The company produces chicken, pork, and turkey products and sells them to food companies and retailers in the United States. They also export their products to foreign countries. This article is all about Perdue Farms Careers.

Today, this farm company earns billions of revenue and has 21,000+ employees working for it. Perdue farm headquarter are in Salisbury, Maryland, United States. 


The era of Perdue farm 

The company started with only selling eggs after Perdue built the company’s first incubator in 1925 and Started selling layer chicks. Later in 1939, Perdue’s son joined the company at age nineteen as he dropped out of college. 

After few years, the company started planning to open its second hatchery in North Caroline by contracting with the local farmers to raise its birds and sell them for processing.

Slowly and gradually, the farm starts growing. Next, they established Maryland’s first soybean processing plant and entered the grain and oilseed business by receiving and storing the grains. 

In 1968, the company’s first poultry processing farm opened in Salisbury. The planting of the processing plant leads producers to cross the big step of success. It gave Perdue control over the market in every way, from producing eggs to sell them in the market. Till now, they got many rivalries but, this does not sake their success. 

Later, Jim Perdue became the chairman of the company in 1991. He was Frank’s son and leaded the third generation of the Perdue family.

Perdue today

In 2007, The Company removed all the antibodies like ionophores and more from its feed to launch its harvest land brand, which will meet the requirement of an antibiotic-free label.

In 2010, the FPP family investments, Inc. got the controlling entity for the Perdue. In 2013, Perdue became the third-largest in America’s chicken production market.

In 2014, the harvest land grew the too large business of $200 million. However, the removal of all the antibiotics helped the animals to promote growth, prevent disease and lower their production cost.

In 2017, Randy Day became the CEO of Jim Perdue. 

Perdue as career

Apply online 

Job seekers can apply online for jobs at Perdue farm. 

Here are steps on how to apply online 

A) Step 1: Search for the official website of Perdue farm Inc. and click on the job search page. 

B) Step 2:  After the job search gets open, press the “Search available opportunities” available at the center of the page.

C) Step 3: Enter the job roles on the search option or find the available job positions by scrolling the cursor down. 

You can finalize the list of jobs by job title, location, and date. 

D) Step 4: Click on the chosen job role, and it will take you to the particular job description page. 

 Review the description and click on “Apply Now.” 

E) Enter the asked information into the form. They ask for personal details, contact numbers, qualification details, and more. 

Minimum age to apply for Perdue farm 

They can only hire you if you are 18 or older. 


The interview at Perdue is easy, but it is very formal. 

Here are some steps that you have to keep in mind when going for an interview. 

They are: 

  1. Reach the interview place before time.
  1. You should have a hard copy of your resume, reference, and cover letter with you, the removing. 
  1. Prepare answers as common interview questions.
  1. Keep in mind, You get monitored and evaluated as you enter through the gate.

Pre-employment test

The hiring process at Perdue farm goes through some tests. First, the candidates must give Psychometric and drug tests. A psychometric test is to examine the skills needed for the job. They also take a drug test before hiring any candidate.

The test also depends upon the job title that you choose. 

The assessment/test that takes place at Perdue farm are: 

  • Entry-level tests
  • correctional tests
  • Dispatcher
  • Promotional tests
  • Specialized item sets
  • Supplements

These tests are the golden ticket for your job. If you clear any of these tests, you can get a job at Perdue Farm.


When you get hired as an employee of the company, the next step is Orientation. Orientation in Perdue takes place for the entire eight working hours. YOU can look at the orientation day as your first working day where you get an idea about how the company works daily as an employee.

Working hour

The working hour at Perdue farm is in many shifts. The working hour is of about eight hours. Each employee gets different Shifts to work, and there are many shifts. You can choose the Shifts according to your wish.

Below list is an example of some shifts: 

  1. Shift 1- 12: 45 pm to 9 am.
  1. Shift 2- 8: 15 am to 4:45pm
  1. Shift 3- 10 pm to 7 am
  1. shift4- 2pm to 11pm 

How long is an orientation at Perdue? 

Orientation usually lasts for about eight hours; this is because the company takes the Orientation for such a long hour that is an entire shift to give glims to the employees of how the company works daily.


Perdue farm provides benefits to their employees that help them to balance their life.

The list of benefits they receive are: 

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Floating Payment/ Paid time off
  • Loan repayment program
  • Discounts at Perdue products
  • Stock options


Perdue Farm receives many applications for these positions:

  • Human Resources Administration.
  • Product Manager
  • Manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Customer serve officer
  • R&D 

The overall experience of an interview 

Based on employees’ experience, they say Perdue Farm has an excellent and easy interview. 

Let us see how much time it takes in the interview process.


  • About a day or two- 58%
  • Back a week- 27%
  • About two weeks- 8%
  • About a month- 4%More than a month- 3%


  • One site interview- 70%
  • Drug test- 62%
  • Background test- 40%
  • Group interview- 28%
  • Phone call/ video call- 28%


  • others- 6%
  • No interview- 2%
  • Take home/sample work- 1%


  • Casual- 33%
  • Business casual- 27%
  • No dress code- 27%
  • Special outfit ( protective gear)- 8%
  • Formal- 5%


  • Employee referral- 18%
  • Through indeed- 16%
  • Online job site- 15%
  • Walk-in 13%
  • Others- 11%

Perdue farm interview questions

1- What are ways through which you ensure customers satisfaction? 

2- What is your favorite product of Perdue Farm, and what makes it your favorite product? 

3- What is your second preferred job position at Perdue Farm? 

4- Differentiate between internal and external supply chain activities?

5- Who do you want to have as a Key customer of Perdue Farms?

6- Do you have work experience in customer service, purchasing, and manufacturing departments?

7-As you know, FDA heavily regulates our products. How do you contribute to the company’s history of compliance?

8- How would you deal with rude customers?

9- How would you get along with a strict, disciplined supervisor?

10- Do you have any concerns about working in the meat production industry?

11-How would you analyze the sales performance in your first five months?

12- Do you know about any food-related health and safety training?

13- Can you tell me about the work environment at Perdue farm?

14- What are the factors that separate Perdue Farm from the other products?

15- Are you applying for the competitors of Perdue Farm?

How much does Perdue farm pay its workers?

The latest, the national average salary of a Perdue employee is $129,330 per year, and the median salary is $130,300 per year or $62 per hour. Pay of vary by job roles and organizational functions. According to the data, Perdue employees of CA, WA, Mount Vernon, and Petaluma get paid more. Half of the employees of Perdue farm earns above an annual income of $130,000.  The highest salary is of at Perdue is of Director of sales at $232,300 annually. The inventory of the company earns annually $30,000.  

The average salary at Perdue farm by deparments includes: Product at $162,108; Operations at 100,500; legal at $ 155,797 and sales at $130,000.

Let us see some job roles salaries by their department

  1. Product Department– The average pay in the production department is $162,108. 
  • Director of Product- $212,283
  • Group product manager- $219,962
  • Senior product manager- 167,395
  • Product manager- $131,451
  • Jr. product manager- $98,330
  1. Engineering Department– The average salary of engineering department is $141,539.
  • Director of engineering – $217,489
  • Group engineer manager- $204,472
  • Senior Developer- $154,168
  • QA – $97,785
  • jr. developer- $88,602
  1. Marketing Department- The average salary of marketing department goes to $108,782. 
  • Director of management- $192,824
  • Marketing manager- $111,181
  • Brand manager- $115,801
  • Community manager- $86,637
  • Copywriter- $84,365
  1. Design department– The average annual salary of the design department is $122,581.
  • Creative director- $170,403
  • Senior UI/UX designer- $130,300
  • Web/visual designer- $95,923
  • Graphic designer- $78,303
  • Jr. designer- $67,968
  1. Operating department– $100,500 is the average annual salary Perdue working department.
  • Director of operations- $175,451
  • Business analyst- $88,567
  • Operating manager- $116,809
  • Office manager- $61,311
  • Inventory- $30,000
  1. Admin department- $60,700 annually is the average salary of the However, theyAreadmin department.
  • Executive assistant- $70,947
  • Admin assistant- $48,677


1- Ability to learn new things

2- Ability to meet personal goals

3- Great benefits

4- Happy workplace

5- Good Pay

6-Study work


1- Trust issue among colleagues

2- Sense of belongingness.

3-Inclusive work environment

4- Management system

5- Short break

6- Full working hour

Work experience at Perdue

  • Do people think their workplace is a happy place? 

     59% of employees do not feel happy at their workplace. The statement scored below average. 

  • Do people feel they are achieving most of the goals at their workplace? 

    69% of people agreed with the statement that they achieve most of their goals at the workplace. They give it an average rating. 

  • Do employees think they have any purpose for working in Perdue farm?

     67% of workers accept that their work at Perdue has a purpose and give it an average rate.

  • Do people feel they often learn something at work? 

    More than 60+ employees feel that they learn something at their workplace. 

  • Does produces farms make their workers active and energetic? 

   64% of workers feel energetic at most of their work tasks. They give an average score to it. 

  • What do people think is their work appreciated at their workplace? 

   Yes, More than 60 percent of people think that as an individual their work is appreciated.

  • Is Perdue employees happy with the company’s management system?

    59% of employees think that their company’s management system is below average. 

  • Do people feel a sense of belonging at their workplace? 

    55% disagreed with the statement that they feel belongingness in their company. They rate companies’ diversity below average. 


  1. Lineworker who works in Perry, TN, says that Perdue is a great, decent place. Manager and team leader helps their work to solve with their issues. Glad to be a part of this organization. 
  1. Machine operator of monetary, TN gives review about its company that the pay is decent. They have a nice break room and a clinic at work. They would do cookouts for their employees. 
  1. Flawed management system: The manager and bosses treat their workers. Management treats their employees like dirt and slave, says technician employee. 
  1. Former employee- Good place to work if you need some money: This company makes us feel like robots. The payment is nice. 
  1. Technician of Bridgewater says that Perdue is a good place with a challenging environment. Overall it is a good job. Pays with benefits are for the technician department.

Review by category

1- Compensation: Rated as 3.7 stars. 

2- Job security and advancement: Reviewers gave it 3.4 stars. 

3- Work and life balance: Rated as 3.3 stars.

4-Culture: Rated as 3.3 stars.

5-Management: Reviewers rated it 3.


Perdue Farms Careers- Job opportunities, and their Salary

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