How Long Does Accenture Take To Make An Offer?

How Long Does Accenture Take To Make An Offer? Elaborate it briefly.

Accenture is a globally acknowledged company that renders operational services along with consulting, technology, digitalization, etc. Being ranked 15th among the top 50 companies, it drives the attention of million clients to work under it. It conducts three to four rounds to finally release the offer letter to the selected candidates who shall prove to be an asset to the firm. It offers the position for SE and ASE. Today’s topic- How Long Does Accenture Take To Make An Offer?

Accenture invites freshers to their organization that is followed by a systematic procedure. The first rounds revolve around the General Aptitude Test, and if the candidate gives his or her best, they are further referred to undergo a Technical Interview session and the final selection is done based on the performance of various candidates in the HR interview round. Also, the candidates are shortlisted in every round so that they do not remain in the dark.  

What are the eligibility criteria required to crack Accenture?

  • Candidates must be pass out students from the current batch. 
  • Candidates must hold a degree of Btech and MCA. 
  • No active backlogs in previous examinations shall be entertained. 
  • Candidates must secure 65℅ or above in Graduation. 

Briefly elaborate on the four different rounds:

  1. Cognitive And Technical Assessment Round: This round comprises of three sections mentioned as General Aptitude, Logical Aptitude, and Numeric. This round aims to test the intellect of the candidates and they are advised to write prominent answers. It is considered to be one of the toughest rounds that give you a chance to showcase your exemplary skills. Students find this round very challenging to overcome the hurdles that precede elimination. It is divided into two sections: The Cognitive Ability that will test the numerical skills and the Technical Assessment that focuses on the depth of knowledge in MS office sectors. Students get a total of ninety minutes to complete the test and the portal closes after submission of the work. The results are generated post ten minutes of submission. 
  1. Coding Ability Round: Get your hands on prominent companies by accelerating your knowledge and skills. The coding round comes after the Cognitive And Technical Assessment round. It is a very challenging session but is mandatory to crack to proceed further. The candidates are given two questions all total and are free to choose their language preferences. They are stated as JAVA, C, C++, Python, etc. After the answers are submitted, the scores of this round are released at the end of the procedure that is during the interview process. Students must prepare themselves exclusively to achieve their desired goal. 
  1. Common Assessment Round: After a candidate has passed the previous rounds of selection, they are further advised to appear for the common assessment round. This is the third round of the recruitment process that follows no elimination. The procedure begins with generating an Email provided with correct timelines to each candidate who ate requested to put forward their login details to participate in the test. This is a wholly verbal test that will gauge your fluency in language speaking, vocabulary skills and the art of pronunciation, etc. A candidate should be well versed and a master of the language English to meet the expectations of the company. Any wrong pronunciation or vague answers will lead to the rejection of the candidate for further rounds. The total time given to the candidates to complete this test is twenty minutes. After completing the test, the candidates are requested to select their preferable time slot through a notification to appear for the interview round positively. 
  1. HR Interview Round: After confirmation of slots, the time and details of the interview are generated to the students by the company itself. This round is conducted to keep a background check of the candidates and ask certain questions.
  • What is your strength?
  • Whether you will prove to be an asset to the company?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Describe your hobbies etc.

This round comprises judges who sit and interrogate you relating to your past experiences. A candidate needs to be fluent and steady while he or she speaks. You can expect skills, knowledge, capacity to handle work in bulk, competency level, and many more. The answers should be given to the point so that you do not mix up with your words. The interview may be conducted via call or in-person to understand the skills of a candidate more deeply. To test the coding skills, the judges might generate an online interview to know your intellect and then you can put forward your queries that the judges shall resolve effectively. 


After a candidate surpasses all the rounds the offer letter is generated to them. It is a globally recognized company that recruits an umpteenth number of candidates every year. The candidates should be fully prepared to achieve their goals and the organization should pace up the process to gain more fame in the long run.  

How Long Does Accenture Take To Make An Offer?

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