Fun Ways to Say Goodnight

Funny Ways to Say Goodnight

‘Goodnight, ’ one word and ends the conversation. Boring! To you and to the other person too. What if you want to impress someone with a single goodnight text? Or maybe, you want to sound funny?. Here are fun ways to say Goodnight.

The Funny Texts

  • Dream about me.

When you say this, it means that you are an awesome person to dream about, and it is quite humorous to the other person. It also means that you want them to miss you. You could send this to your significant other. You could use it on your crush. Text like these always makes the other person laugh. 

  • May you bite the mosquitoes.

That’s practically impossible, but it’s a funny way to say that the person is a lout. But, of course, you might also get a witty reply. You could send this to a close friend, your coworker, or even your cousins. 

  • I hope you don’t scare the ghosts, good night.

It could be a funny text for your best friend. To tease a best friend could be one of your daily tasks and this teasy text could be helpful. It brings a broad smile to the other one if you two are really good friends. It could be a light joke between you two before you go off to bed, and that will surely help you sleep properly.

  • Wish you open your eyes in the morning.

This phrase could be used to say that your friend sleeps well. It means you want to meet them the next day as well. It could be a text to your colleague as well, to remind them to wake up early and reach the office in time.

  • Have a happy dream-moon.

Now, this text could be funny as well as romantic. It could be sent to someone close to you or your special someone. It could bring a smile to the person’s face who is close to your heart. It is flirty and sweet as well.

  • Have a dream night, hope you snore!

This text could be for someone who often goes on dates. It could be fun when you replace the date with dream night. It could also be for someone who doesn’t snore and want to be easy. 

  • Sleep like a log.

    When you say this to someone it means you want them to have a sound sleep without movement. It could be funny to one of your friends who has been having a problem sleeping at night. It could be funny way to wish them the best for the night. Or it might also be sent to someone who sleeps a lot or wakes up late. It could be sarcastic but funny.
  • Sleep like a panda.

Pandas are always cute. If someone you are texting is cute, you can send this text to them, it could be funny as well as cute for them. Try it on your crush. It will make an impression, too, if they like humorous people around them. You could also use the phrase ‘I’m going to roll like a panda and sleep’. It’s witty and funny. You could use it for your friends, especially the buddies you met recently. They’ll surely find you funny.

  • Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

It means you want the person to sleep peacefully without any trouble. It is a funny text to send to your colleagues or your friends. Don’t try it on your bosses!

  • Sleep with angels.

Here sleep with angels could be sent to your male friends. It could be funny in an easy way. Also, it means that you have a peaceful sleep. It expresses care. It could also be used for your kids; it simply means that you care. Maybe someone actually wants to see the angels. 

  • See me in dreamland.

Could be sent to someone whom you want to disturb. It could be fun for your friends. Dreams come like a movie to us, sending this to your friends means that you want a perfect happy dream. Maybe they are your crush, and this may flatter them.

  • Until tomorrow.

    It means you want to meet this person the next day as well. It could be funny to someone whom you meet every day. It could be your college buddies, your colleagues.
  • Let’s start counting the sheep.

Now, this phrase could be used not just as a text, but you can use it for your kids as well. It is a theory that if we count the number of sheep from last, you might fall asleep, and it is a playful activity to sleep.

  • I hope insomnia stays away from you.

It could be a funny message for your loved ones. It means you want them to stay healthy and have a peaceful night. It also means that you don’t want them to worry about anything.

  • I hope you don’t sleepwalk.

This message could be sent to someone who doesn’t sleep well or who worries a lot. It could be a funny way to say that they worry a lot, and if they continue doing it, it might turn out to be unhealthy for them. But, on the other hand, it could be sent to calm them, lighten their mood.

  • Going to sleep at ‘22:00’.

Well, this is just a normal text but you could always use it for someone who is always formal to mock them. It could be a humorous way to be like them. It could be mimicking them. But be careful, don’t mess around with people who don’t understand your humor or who don’t enjoy much of a tease.

  • Hit the hay.

It is an idiom and could be used when someone is exhausted and needs nothing but peaceful sleep. You could use it when you are extremely tired and don’t want anyone else around. You want to relax, put on some music and enjoy your own company. Then you could use this phrase. 

  • Sleep snug as a bug in a rug.

It is an idiom when you want someone to have a cozy and very comfortable night. It is an expression of warmth. It is used when there’s extreme cold. You could use it for your partner or maybe your kid for a sound sleep. Usually used before turning off the lights. 

  • Going to date a beautiful girl called ‘Sleep’.

Could be used for someone you want to dodge away as you are tired, but you don’t want to sound rude. In fact, it could be a cheesy expression if you want to impress someone with your wit. It usually could be sent to your significant other. To make them smile.

  • Important meeting with my bed.

Well, this could surely be hilarious for someone close to you or maybe just your friends or associates. It means that you need to sleep and you can’t text further and this message won’t look rude. You could stop the conversation. They’ll know that you are tired and how sleep is important to you.

  1. Prank Them: If someone has had a long day. Playing a little prank could lighten their mood. If it is your friend or your partner you could do something that could teasingly annoy them so that they forget the day’s incident. Maybe you could prank call them or maybe you could mention that they snore or any other activity that they do, you could talk about that. Playing a prank could be the best way to make someone laugh, and say goodnight at the same time.

  2. It’s Storytime: If you have a friend, roommate, partner or even your family members, you could narrate a funny story to them. You could also narrate a funny incident that happened by your side may be at a coffee house, your office, the train. If it is your schoolmate, you could remind them of some funny incident that happened during that time.

    It’s not always necessary to wish goodnight when you have had a great laugh hour before bed. Your dreams mostly show you what you talk about or what you see before lying on the bed. A good story to narrate someone might be a good way to say good night.

  3. Gossip: No, it’s not right to pass out the information you got about someone but, you could do it if you trust the person you are telling to. If you know the person won’t pass the information further, you could make the night funny by gossiping with your crime partner. Then there is no necessity of saying the formal words ‘goodnight’. Usually gossiping is not considered good, or it is usually spreading rumors but if you use it wisely it could be helpful for your sleep.

  4. Bitching: Well, it’s not the right thing to but if it’s a friend or your partner you could always do it. You could be bitching about your boss or their bosses, it’s a good way to vent out the stress. It is good for your mental health if used in the right way, plus it may turn out to be funny. There’s no need for any goodnight if you have a stress-releasing conversation. It simply means that you are destressing yourself, you are improving your mood to perform well the next day. You are preparing yourself for the next morning. But be careful, it should be with the right person and in the right place.

A funny text or wish to anyone could bring smiles to their face. It is also good for your mental health; you could sleep peacefully seeing someone sleep peacefully. It’s not just about them but you as well. It could make your relationship with them better. If you and your family members are close, good nights, especially the funny ones, could always be best to remind them that you care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the power of saying funny goodnights?

When you send a simple text or say goodnight, it ends the conversation. The other person could say ‘same to you or maybe just write ‘Goodnight,’ which might end a conversation. It could be boring. The other person might be interested in more of a conversation or maybe they are tired or maybe they had a long day.

Your humorous side could lighten up someone’s mood. It could make their night better; they could sleep well. When someone sleeps well, they wake up afresh, they have a good morning too, so saying good night could be healthy both for you and the other person, especially when they are close to you.

  • What are the other ways of saying goodnight?

‘Nighty Night’ ‘Sweet Dreams’ could be some of the cute ways you could use to say good night. You could be creative and paste a quote on some pictures to represent it well. It works well with your loved ones. You could also hold them if they are sad, and without saying anything, you would say good night.

  • Is it important to say goodnight?

No, definitely not, but it comes under good manners and etiquette. Wishing someone a night means that you care for them. It is a way to show your love and its importance in your life. It also gives closure to your conversation. So if you are in good relation with the other person, it will be kind to wish them night. 

  • Should I text my crush goodnight?

Well, what could be better than this? If you say someone goodnight, it’s always a nice gesture to do. Maybe they get habitual of receiving your sweet texts and might like this thing about you. They might also make efforts. It may be the next day too, and maybe they start liking you too. So, all the best!


You could always try something funny and witty instead of just using the regular ‘goodnight.’ This might make you sound humorous. Be playful and wish your near ones goodnight from the list. 

Fun Ways to Say Goodnight

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