Excuse Letter Examples For Being Absent In College Class


Excuse Letter Examples For Being Absent In College: Did you know we are lied 10-200 times a day as per few pieces of research? Do not think less of yourself if you ever have to lie to be absent in a class. We all need white lies to make sure we stay good, and also college authorities don’t feel disrespected or in any way that student does not appreciate the college education.

Excuse Letter Examples For Being Absent In College

Whatever excuse you want to write, make sure the teacher should not feel the student sidelined his college for something insincere or unnecessary. That is the whole point. Whether you are making excuses to college authorities or teachers, both are not wet behind the ears. They have tons of experience, and also they too have gone through college stage, so avoid making a fool of yourself and giving a bad impression. Stick with some good ones that make them feel you consider your college education important.

=)  Try to make your excuses study-centric. This helps. Few examples are:

  1. Visit Academic Office:  Excuse like you were called in academics office to crosscheck your name and address details because they had confusion between two similar names is always going to help. Providing enough detail, neither too much nor too little always helps, plus the teacher will never make an effort to crosscheck you at an academic office because he knows how hectic and lengthy work runs in college offices.
  2. Misplaced  Library  Book: Confess that you misplaced or lost a library book and you had a deadline approaching. So you were busy finding it. You can also say the book was expensive for added sympathy.
  3. Some Other Teacher Held You Back: You can say that you were busy discussing some work with another teacher and you lost track of time, or the teacher started giving more details. Sound sorry and give a little bit of detail while you make such an excuse so that teacher feels it was genuine.
  4. Busy Submitting some Kind of Fees or Fee Receipts in the Office: Another excuse like you had to submit fees for any sport or new college club you joined. Say it was the last day, or the teacher was not available for the next few days. Anyway, the concerned person will not tend to look much into it.

Using excuses related to study work like above can help you get a day off from college and, side by side, prevent you from pissing the teacher off or college authorities. So it is a great deal. It would be best if you were a wisecracker to pull it off both at the same time. Always give it a thought before writing an excuse to prepare in advance if any questions arise later on. Therefore giving a bit of time is worth it.

Excuses Apart From Study: Other than that, many excuses may not be related to study but still are considering. Write these if you think your teacher will rely on them. Excuses like:

  1. Accidentally Got on the Wrong Bus/Train: Claim that you caught the wrong bus instead of saying that you missed the bus( because that will disappoint the teacher more) or the bus was late. Taking fault on yourself always helps rather than blaming it on someone because the teacher needs to know you are sorry for missing college.

  2. Put your clothes accidentally on fire while trying to dry them out: Say that your clothes were wet. Due to a dryer’s unavailability, you had to take the help of a heater that accidentally put the clothes on fire. Then confess that you lost track of time while dealing with the emergency and therefore could not attend the class.

  3. Roommate got sick, and you had to take him to hospital: Profess that your roommate had an allergic reaction, and since he is already an asthma patient, you had to hurry him up to the hospital. Also, you don’t need a fake medical or a doctor’s note in such an excuse. On top of that, you do not have to pretend to be sick. 

  4. I had to attend the funeral of some relative: If you really want to stick to a death story, don’t say granny or some other old age person because it is definitely going to sound suspicious. It is an age-old lie. Instead, claim someone of a younger age died like uncle or aunt that teacher usually don’t expect so that they do not try to cross-question you much. 

  5. You had cramps or a stain on your clothes: If you are a girl, you can always rely on this excuse even if you want to go out from an ongoing class. Teachers avoid questioning further in such cases, and they are never going to know the truth.

  6. Laptop/ Computer Trouble: Making technical excuses like this can help you, especially in online classes, which are a major scenario in today’s world. So this can help you if not made repeatedly.

  7. Extra Shift at Work: Confess that you needed to work on an extra shift because you had few extra bills that needed to be taken care of. Or you had to work an extra shift because someone else was ill from the staff and since the owner did not give you much of a choice, you had to miss out on the college.

  8. Locked my keys in the Car: Claim that you accidentally left your car keys inside and locked yourself out. So it took time to resolve the issue, and you had to miss the college class unwillingly. 

=)  Giving a little detail will generally sound true, but try not to give too much because then it will start to look all made up and a well-cooked story. Always remain prepared with the excuse because a teacher can end up asking you a bunch of questions.


The below ones should be normally avoided because, in such cases, teachers can always ask for proof. So tread carefully because these can end up making you look dishonest, and teachers may not rely on you in the future.

  1. Doctor/Dentist Appointment: ‘I had my doctor’s appointment’ now this is a lie that we all have used, or maybe even our teacher has used in his college time. So, avoid it unless you have proof in the form of a medical bill or receipt. In later cases, adjoin your sick proof with an excuse letter to be on the safe side.

  2. Court Date: Tell your college authority that you were scheduled for a jury hearing or a duty. But go at a slow pace because the teacher can always ask for proof, and it can land you in big trouble. You cannot afford to argue with the law.

  3. Calling Sick: If you want to go with a sick excuse, give a little detail. But the teacher can always ask for a doctor’s note. So avoid using it.

  4. Delivery Order: Claiming you had an order delivered at home and had to wait for them to pay for it can land you in trouble if the teacher asks you for a bill receipt.

These excuses are too thick on the ground. Everybody has heard them. Also, in such cases, teachers often pop up with various questions that can get you into trouble.


You may not want to go to college once in a while because you don’t feel like going or because you are hungover, need to catch on sleep, actually sick, some real family emergency, or for your own mental wellness. These things are your priority, but you cannot afford to write such stuff because too much honesty can put you in trouble. So in the letter, your excuse needs to look more genuine and of immediate concern, so that teacher finds a way to consider it. This can be the reason, but they do sound suspicious even if you hear it from somebody close. It would be best if you made college authorities or teachers look like their education is your priority, but you got stuck unwillingly with something urgent that needed to be taken care of. Make excuses serious enough to miss college so that you can stay home. Now since you have a list of excuses now, you need to know how to write an excuse letter submitted to college authorities.


Your name

(Your address)

Date: 04-03-2020

Teacher’s name

(Teacher’s address of the school 

Like room number, floor, etc.)

(School name)


I am writing this to explain my college absence on (write date and day).

Explain the reason in few words. In case you have any proof, attach the photocopy of the document with it.

Confess that you are sincerely apologetic and give assurance that you will complete your missed work in the coming days.

Yours sincerely


(Class, Section)

(Roll number)

Make sure that tone of your letter is apologetic and cut the story short.

Avoid using ridiculous excuses like you were ill or had a headache or stomachache whatsoever. Granny died, the alarm went off, and therefore could not come to class. Even if it is the truth, teachers always tend not to believe in common excuses because they have tons of experience listening to student lies. They are mature enough to understand what is genuine and what not. Avoid humiliating yourself. 

Generally, the teacher’s main reason for not agreeing with the student’s excuses is that he feels disrespected; he feels the child does not value his education. That’s when they are hurt. So it would be best if you gave a considerable white lie.

Only if you are writing to a specific person or a known teacher who is well aware of how regular a student you are, to that teacher you can write ill excuse or medical issues. Try to make your illness more sound and genuine by saying food poisoning or diarrhea for added sympathy. This will make it more believable.

Sometimes college authorities and teachers actually do not care that much if you are not attending few classes because they consider it as a student’s own problem to catch up with all the pending work, so in that case, illness excuse works probably well. But that is not the case in most colleges. So it would be best if you always had the support of white lies to get through the off days you take in college.

We all have made excuses since junior school for getting out of work or in case of real emergencies, so teachers often tend not to rely on them. They do so for our own betterment. Logically we should not be giving lies, but truth does not always help. Both teachers and colleges want students to be sincere in their work. Otherwise, it will ultimately lead to problems for the student himself, and if in the future God forbid you to need their help, it will cause problems.

There is no doubt when I say excuses have nowadays become increasingly creative over the years and also there are funny ones usually made by young, innocent school children. Excuses have become a way of life, and trying to be creative every time is a skill. You must be smarty pants if you get away with your excuses all the time without other person getting pissed off

If you have ever come across any creative excuse, feel free to write in the comment section, we will get to know it too. Also, in case of any queries or questions, you can write in below comment section. I tried my best to give you some of the best excuses I have ever come across, and I hope you have got your smart excuse to miss tomorrow’s college. Lastly, don’t forget to review how useful the article was to you and develop more articles like this?

Many Thanks!

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Excuse Letter Examples For Being Absent In College Class

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