Excuse Letter Due To Death In The Family- Examples

Excuse Letter Due To Death In The Family

The passing away of a family member can be a stressful situation that would require your time and effort. In such a condition, you can write an excuse letter to take a leave for the ceremony and rituals. Here, let’s know how to write Excuse Letter Due To Death In The Family?

You can get a paid day off due to the death of a family member, but you would have to draft and send a formal excuse letter to your HR. Once you do so, you can attend the ceremonies you need to with your family.

What Is An Excuse Letter?

An excuse letter is a letter to your HR or employer that helps inform them about your leave from work. It could be drafted by you for many reasons like family emergencies, deaths in the family, and more.

These excuse letters are essential to notify your employer about the leave you will be taking. If you do not give such an excuse letter, you will put a bad impression on the employer and may even get warned.

So you must know how to write and send an excuse letter to your HR or employer in case of a death in the family. With all the steps and tricks we will provide you further, you can know how to draft an excuse letter even if you haven’t done so before.

Can You Get An Emergency Leave Due To The Death Of A Family Member?

You can get a paid leave in the form of a personal day if you have faced the death of a family member recently. The terms of your firm may differ depending on your firm’s policies or your contract.

But you can take the said personal days if you ever face the death of a family member. Then you can stay off work for the amount of time you need if you inform them in advance about your leave.

Sometimes, you might not get paid leave if you have run out of personal days or haven’t had them in the first place. Regardless, you must send out an excuse letter as soon as possible to inform your employer.

How To Write An Excuse Letter To Your HR Manager

If you are writing a letter to your HR manager or even employer, you must know some key steps and points you can follow. Following these would help you draft the best excuse letter to back you.

The general outline for excuse letters is quite similar, the only variable is the date and the reason for the leave. So once you know the basics of writing an excuse letter, you can draft it effortlessly.

We have compiled some components and aspects that you must add while drafting an excuse letter. These components will help you get your message across while still keeping the mail short and direct.

  • Your Designation And Name– You must mention your name and designation in the firm before you start writing anything else. Mentioning your details in the email or letter is essential so that the employer can identify you in the beginning. Since your name would otherwise be on the end of the letter or email, you must mention your name on the top once.
  • Reason For Leave– After you have mentioned who you are and what you work as in the firm, you can move on to asking for the leave. You can tell the reason to the employer why you want the leave. In this case, the reason for the leave would be, of course, the death of your family member. Try to keep the reason concise and not give out too many details, even without them, your employer would understand your situation.
  • Dates For Leave– After you have mentioned all the other details, you can finally mention the time you need. You can decide the time you require to tend to all the ceremonies and for your mental health. Do not only mention the days of leave you require but also notify the employer of the exact dates. Additionally, you could thank the employer for their understanding and request for your leave.

Excuse Letter To HR Examples

Now that you know why there is a need for excuse letters and how you can write them, let us move on to actual examples. Although your conditions and reasons might differ slightly, we have tried to put together a few ideal examples.

These sample excuse letters can help you see for yourself how you can draft one if you need it. You can, of course, alter these aspects according to your need and then draft a letter that fits you.

Here are some of the examples of excuse letters that you could use if you need them due to a death in the family.

Example 1

To: *Name Of HR Manager*

Cc: *Employer*(Optional)

Subject: Notice Regarding Absence Due To Death In The Family


I am *your name* working in your association as a *designation name*. I regret to inform you that my *family member* has passed away on *date*. Since the situation calls for my mental and physical support to my family, I would request you to grant me leave. 

I would be grateful if you grant me leave from work from *start date* to *end date*. During these days, I can tend to the ceremonies required for my family members. After the *end date* I will resume work as required after wrapping up the functions.

I would be very grateful if you grant me this leave to tend to my family in such a grave situation.


*Your name*

Example 2

To: *Name Of HR Manager*

Cc: *Employer*(Optional)

Subject: Letter Of Absence Due To Death In The Family


My name is *your name* and I work as a *designation name* in *firm name* since *joining date. I sadly bring to your notice that my *family member* passed away due to *reason* last night.

It is a distressing situation for me and my family, but we have to proceed with the necessary ceremonies. Since my presence in all these ceremonies is essential, I would ask you to grant me leave.

I can utilize my personal days and take a leave from *start date* to *end date*. I can resume work thereafter and finish the pending tasks accumulated. So I would request you to grant me a leave for the above-mentioned date.

I hope that you will understand my situation and give me a positive response.

Thank You,

*Your name*

Example 3- Delayed Letter

To: *Name Of HR Manager*

Cc: *Employer*(Optional)

Subject: Apology Regarding Absence Due To Death In The Family


I am *your name* working in your association as a *designation name*. I wanted to contact you about my absence from work for the past* number of days*. My *family member* passed away some time ago and the situation became too hectic.

was caught up in the burial and ceremonies of my *family member*, so I couldn’t attend work. The reason I was unable to contact you is that I was out of network connectivity and couldn’t leave my family to go to the city either.

I relay my sincere apologies to you for causing any inconvenience at this time. I know that I was at fault for not informing you about the situation. Had the situation been predictable, I definitely would have, but I will ensure that such carelessness doesn’t happen again.

I am sorry for not informing you about my leave, but I also hope that you understand why I was unable to. I am very grateful for your understanding and patience. 


*Your name*


As an employee at most firms, you can receive paid leave for situations like a death in the family. Even without paid leave, you still have to inform your employer about your absence well ahead of time.

You can do so by drafting an excuse letter explaining the reasons and timings during which you will miss work. By reading the examples and tips given above, you can draft an excuse letter in no time and attend the ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you get a paid leave due to the death of a family member?

Yes, you can get paid time off to tend to the ceremonies if there has been a death in your family. You can probably get this under your amount of personal days since they are meant for the purpose.

  1. Is an excuse letter necessary to notify the firm about the absence?

Although you could notify your employer through a message or a call, it is best to opt for emails. Emails are far more professional and can help you put in the necessary details that you require.

  1. Can you call instead of mail for a family emergency like a death in the family?

You could call instead of drafting a letter for a death in the family, but the latter is far more efficient. It would help you keep a record of this time off and make sure you still get your pay since you have classified it as a personal day.

Excuse Letter Due To Death In The Family- Examples

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