Example Answers To If You Were an Animal What Would You Be

Example Answers To If You Were an Animal What Would You Be

While preparing for an interview, we expect to question our educational background, previous work experience, job expectations, and prospects. But apart from them, few unexpected and surprising questions are also asked to analyze candidate’s confidence and shortlist them accordingly. Such trends are becoming quite common and useful to identify candidates who stand out from the crowd. One such unusual question is ‘If You Were an Animal What Would You Be?’

Before answering this question, it is important to understand why they are asked and what could be the interviewer’s judgment for your answer. You might be surprised to know that there is no parameter to decide whether your answer is right or wrong. The only key here is how well you can respond to random questions, how creative you are and how well you can relate your characteristics to an animal. You can also earn bonus points if you can convincingly establish the mentioned characteristics with the job profile.

Why are these questions asked? 

It might have come to your mind why out-of-the-box random questions are put up during the interview session. Well, you do not have to worry about unusual questions as their prime purpose is to analyze the candidate’s ability to be coherent, confident, and eloquent in a short period. All these traits should be an essential part of an individual’s personality and will help him/her to grow and thrive in an organization. No one wants to have employees with low self-esteem and confidence.

What do you need to know before you answer? 

It is absolutely okay to be a little nervous before your interview, but do not doubt yourself or your abilities at the eleventh hour. You do not need to be a genius to handle some tricky questions. Before going to an interview, be prepared and read the following points:

  • Do not panic and think twice before you speak.
  • Instead of choosing the animal you love or want to pet, select the qualities that match the job profile.
  • Try to highlight the significant qualities of the animal and do not focus on the negative ones.
  • If possible, do think about how the animal’s qualities can benefit the organization in the future.
  • Do not complicate your answer by focusing on too many details.
  • Do not avoid the question by saying you don’t know or don’t want to be any animal.
  • Do not take a long time thinking about the answer.

Sample Answers

  • “If I could be any animal, I would be an Eagle because they are living symbols of power, courage, freedom, fearlessness and do not believe in going with the flow. They are also very patient, observant, and have a compelling vision.”

Eagle is a strong, powerful, and multitasking animal species that demonstrate excellent leadership qualities and, at the same time, is capable enough to work solo. It is considered one of the most significant animals in the United States and is connected with deep power. Eagles have strong feet symbolizing a strong foundation and signifying key qualities like inspiration, speed, victory, pride, and royalty. They are successful leaders who are often considered fearless and are a perfect example to be used as an animal you want to be if you are applying for sturdy positions such as the chief executive officer.  

  • “If I could be any animal, I would be a Tiger because they are very powerful, courageous, capable, graceful, and elegant solitary creatures.”

Tigers are not only excellent and fearless hunters but also are tenacious defenders. They symbolize massive strength, immense capabilities, sharp senses, beautiful vision, and remarkable leadership qualities. Not only are they strong and enigmatic, but they are also incisive, calculative, and authoritative individuals. They are considered to be very professional, demanding the highest standards in business dealings. They teach us how important it is to be self-reliant and go solo. Though knowledge with increases when we share it, a technique once shared will lose its worth as many people will now be able to do what they can. They are also considered mysterious because it is tough to understand their true motives and are accurately aware of their ability to intimidate people. Therefore, the tiger is a suitable answer for defense attorneys, judges, and crime investigator-related job profiles.

  • “If I could be any animal, I would be a Sea Lion because they are energetic, enthusiastic, and have smooth personalities. They are also agile, loyal, generous, and well-groomed sea dwellers with an attractive mind.”

Most of us don’t know about Sea Lion, but it can be the safest answer no matter which job profile you are applying for, be it any corporate, research, sales, or academic position. Sea Lions are cheerful, talented, energetic, and philosophical charming pinnipeds and are often described as a combination of dog and dolphin personalities. They are also described as focused volunteers who are always filled with energy, determination, and compassion. Thus, they are gentle, energetic, and attentive and loyal, and trust-worthy sea dwellers. They are very skilled and sincere animal species that can easily fit in any work environment and can thrive in the organization.

  • “If I could be any animal, I would be a Dolphin because they are very compassionate creatures and are regarded as Earth’s most intelligent animal.”

Despite being in the water, dolphins have demonstrated self-awareness, intelligence, and skilled body co-ordination. They are energetic, wise, and social creatures who can easily adjust and accommodate themselves even in unfavorable environments without complaining. They have skilled hand-eye coordination and have compatible, exciting, and eminent personalities. They are brainy creatures and are also possess virtues like empathy and compassion. It is said that they sleep with half of their brain, and the rest is awake to recognize predators, displaying their strong, vigilant powers. Since they can understand emotions such as happiness, grief and can communicate, teach and learn, they are an excellent animal to be selected when applying for teaching, acting, public relations, and psychological careers.

  • “If I could be any animal, I would be Weasel as they are disarmingly charming, opportunistic, intelligent little personalities who have strong vocal skills.”

Apart from being a tall, masculine, mysterious animal world, Weasel is the smallest carnivorous animal blessed with perfectly balanced emotional skills. Such skills can help people have their views and opinions in any situation and cannot be easily influenced by good or bad circumstances. They are intelligent, mature, calculative, emotional, spiritual, and non-destructive gentle creatures. They are also brilliant animals capable of using their charm and wittiness to convince people with their opinions without being aggressive and intimidating. They have diverse talents and can also be an excellent performer. Despite being small in size, they are courageous and may need their own working space. Thus, they are an excellent choice for becoming an actor, model, or performer for people who want to join politics.

  • “If I could be any animal, I would be a Parrot because they possess strong artistic skills, demonstrate the freedom and the importance of being vocal.”

Animals like parrots display very strong artistic skills and teach a vital skill that we sometimes avoid, i.e., communication. Humans are gifted with supreme self-consciousness, but still, we avoid communicating and speaking for ourselves during uncomfortable hours. Animals like parrots are carefree, full of life, talkative, beautiful, and fast learners. They are very observant, playful, cheerful, enthusiastic, and optimistic creatures. Apart from being vocal and energetic, they also teach us the importance of socializing, balancing, and being vibrant in our lives. They are suitable for people opting for the fashion industry, architecture, or other related artistic ventures.  

  • “If I could be any animal, I would be an Ant because they are brave, responsible, and impressive hard workers despite their tiny size.”

Though ants have a tiny size but seem to teach various characteristics and attribute to be imbibed by the human generative, they are courageous, brave, committed, adaptable, and concentrated workers who carry out their daily activities with utmost sincerity and professionalism. Ants teach us if somebody is holding a gun in your way, then instead of surrendering, you have one forty-nine option to escape. You need to look carefully! One important thing that they gracefully teach us is that knowledge increases when you share your thoughts and opinions with people. These little creatures also teach us to ignore little diversions and distractions when we get caught up by them while performing our daily routine activities. E.g., While doing homework, we are often distracted by Facebook or Instagram notifications. Ants are those animals who have imbibed the art of adjusting towards changing environments and, therefore, are the best examples for marketing and sales job profiles.  

  • “If I could be any animal, I would be an Elephant because they are very determined, focused, loyal, intelligent, and social.”

If you apply for some research-based position and you came across such a question, then the elephant can be considered the most realistic answer. It would be best if you were a loyal, hard worker, determined, and efficient junior to your supervisor for research work. Apart from it, it is a job where you need a lot of concentration, so you should have the ability to create an impact where you go, demonstrate leadership skills, and have the capabilities to maintain healthy relationships with your lab managers and seniors. Elephants, therefore, are excellent examples for signifying connectedness with the community. They are also artistic and emotional creatures on this planet and teach us important qualities such as empathy, teamwork, understanding, compassion, and endurance. They are so lively and attached to nature and mother earth that we all need to take a few tips from them.

  • “If I could be any animal, I would be a Giraffe because I am very calm and composed and have an excellent vision. Not only am I straight-forward but also gentle and self-reliant.”

We all know giraffes are animals with great height and can see things far off in the distance, symbolizing remarkable foresight. They also possess skills that make them very observant creatures and analyze how all the teammates contribute to a project. Apart from being vigilant, they are gentle, patient, calm, and composed animals whose work ethics or philosophy are not associated with reaching great heights by causing harm to others. They teach us to have high hopes in our lives, stay hydrated and eat well to live well. They are fun-loving and a delight to work with. They also know how to handle social relationships and duties. Thus, they are creatures to be selected when applying for consultancy, salesman job profiles, or those profiles where you will have to work in a team.  

From the samples discussed above, each animal is great and possesses special virtues and characteristics which, when framed in a structured way, can help you rock your interview! One thing to remember here is you may use any animal of your choice like dog, hippopotamus, or goat for their loyalty, strength, and resilience, respectively, but do not forget to explain why to choose them aptly. It would be best to relate them with your earnest desire to be successful or achieve your dreams in your life. Make sure that you have some creative ideas but be specific to a few points and do not waste a lot of time stressing, panicking, and thinking too much about various animals.

I hope this article provided you enough information regarding certain types of questions asked during an interview to shortlist candidates. The prime purpose was to help you get an idea of what to answer and how to relate it with the job profile. Remember whatever answer you say, say it with confidence!

Do not be nervous, drink an ample amount of water and rock your interview! All the very Best! 

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Example Answers To If You Were an Animal What Would You Be

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