Best Open-Ended Questions for Kids and Teens

Best Open-Ended Questions for Kids and Teens

With the use of open-ended questions, it is interesting to know what a person’s response is because it will more than likely give them a chance to process their mind and come up with an elaborate answer rather than the simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. In this article, we’re going to go through the best open-ended questions that can be used for kids and teenagers. With the usage of open-ended questions, it is said that we can develop a child’s critical verbal style and thinking development and help in determining an individual’s personality through gathering detailed information from their unique responses. Open-ended questions are to get a good and well-developed response from the respondent.

Best Open-Ended Questions for Kids and Teens

The following open-ended questions will be categorized into five classifications: Knowledge-related, Psychological, Creative, Cognitive, and Simple-Get-to-Know-You questions.

1. Knowledge-related Questions

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein.

 Fundamentally, these are open-ended questions related to educational concepts or rather on an interesting topic related to the pursuit of knowledge or learning. These questions are often used in a classroom setting, used by teachers, or used in any learning environment or activity.

Best knowledge-related open-ended questions (For Kids):

  1. “What is your favorite bedtime story? Tell me all about it.”
  2. “Why did the dog rescue its owner?”
  3. “Explain to me why you like the color blue?”
  4. “What does the color blue remind you of?”
  5. “What do you think the story was about?”
  6. “What did you like about our protagonist?”
  7. “Who was your favorite character and why?”
  8. “Which food is better, an apple or a cupcake?”
  9. “What do you want the most in life, and how are you going to earn it?”
  10. “Can you define to me what friendship for you is?”
  11. “Who reads you a bedtime story?”
  12. “Who is your real-life superhero and why?”
  13. “What adjective would you want to describe yourself and why?
  14. “What are activities you know you dislike doing at home?”
  15. “What is your favorite animal and why?”
  16. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
  17. “What song that you like to sing to and why?”
  18. “Where is your happy place? Or rather the place you got to for protection.”
  19. “Who is your favorite toy and why?”
  20. “What color of the walls would you prefer your bedroom to be?”
  21. “What is  the best thing about your family?”
  22. “Why are eggs called a superfood?”
  23. “Why do you think exercising is good for our bodies?”
  24. “What is your favorite verb? Please use it in a sentence.”
  25. “What did you play with today?”

Best knowledge-related open-ended questions (For Teenagers):

  1. “What the current book you’re reading right now? Tell me about it.”
  2. “What is your favorite book? Why?”
  3. “How many books do you read in a year?”
  4. “What does your favorite color remind you of?”
  5. “What are characteristics of the protagonist that you also see in yourself?”
  6. “What is your favorite subject in school and why?
  7. Who invented school & why?”
  8. “How is school? What are your thoughts about it?”
  9. “Which foods for you are the best?”
  10. “What is your current motto in life or favorite quote?”
  11. “Where do you think humans come from?”
  12. “Who is your real-life role model and why?”
  13. “What are three adjectives you would describe yourself?”
  14. “If you could pick any job for yourself, what would it be?”
  15. “What are your thoughts on remote learning?”
  16. “Why won’t you do what you want to do?”
  17. 1“How did you discover your favorite book genre?”
  18. “Do you prefer science fiction, bildungsroman, or YA fiction? Why?”
  19. “What are your favorite activities during the summer”
  20. “What are topics you like doing research about?”
  21. How does your study space look like, if you have any?”
  22. “Who is your favorite philosopher and why?”
  23. “What is the moral of the short story?”
  24. “Would you prefer the piano or guitar?”
  25. “Who is the mathematician that you admire?”
  26. “Why did you choose that book to turn into a mini-film?”

2. Psychological Questions

“If you ever found yourself in the wrong story, leave.” – Mo Willems

Open-ended, psychological questions can be used to soothe, if not, give us a glimpse of a child or individual’s psychological state. These are rather introspective and interesting questions as you can go into deeper levels of the conversation when you see it will fit the situation. It can help a child or teenager in arranging their bright thoughts.

Best Psychological open-ended questions (for Kids):

  1. “How are things at home?”
  2. “How do you see your mommy?”
  3. “How do you see your daddy?”
  4. “How do you feel when you see a puppy crying?”
  5. “Why is the puppy crying?”
  6. “What are fun activities that you enjoy doing with your friends?”
  7. “How has the people who love you helped you in your life?”
  8. “What are things that you’ve done to your grandmother to tell her you to love her?”
  9. “How about your grandfather?”
  10. “What is the movie that made you cry and why?”
  11. “What made you smile today?”
  12. “What do you do when you feel embarrassed?”
  13. “Apart from monsters, what scares you?”
  14. “How do you take care of yourself?”
  15. “Who is the fictional character that can amuse you?”
  16. “What does mommy do to make you happy?”
  17. “What does daddy do to make you happy?”
  18. “Who do you go to when you’re about to cry?”
  19. “How do you feel like in color? Please describe.”
  20. “What do you look forward to on the weekend?”
  21. “What do you do when you get bored?”
  22. “How fun is it to have good friends?”
  23. “Why do you wonder what people are thinking about?”
  24. “Why do you think you need to please anyone if you feel that way.”
  25. “How does fresh air feel on your face? What are your thoughts about the oxygen that we breathe?”

Best Psychological open-ended questions (for Teenager):

  1. “What is the best place on Earth?”
  2. “What are honest words to describe you?”
  3. “What is your opinion of your mother?”
  4. “What is your opinion of your father?”
  5. “How’s life at home?”
  6. “What makes your friends good and wonderful people?”
  7. “What are things that are pressuring you right now?”
  8. “What are things that you do to cope with stress? What is your stress mechanism?”
  9. “Who is someone who you can talk to when you’re upset?”
  10. “What are things or factors that cause stress for you?”
  11. “Do you feel that people expect a lot from you? How so?”
  12. “How is crushing on someone like?”
  13. “What is your most favorite activity in school and why?”
  14. “What is love for you?”
  15. “How do you find ways to take care of yourself and manage your stress levels?”
  16. “What are things you know you’re good at?”
  17. “What are things you’re not very good at?”
  18. “If you can write or compose a  song, what would be the title?”
  19. “How would the melody sound like?”
  20. “What are the most important things in life for you in reality?”
  21. “What are possessions that you hold onto and why?”
  22. “How do you handle your angry emotions, if you have any?”
  23. “What are things you want to say to your past. However, they’ve been?”
  24. “How do you choose your friends? What are qualities you find in a friend?”
  25. “If you have eternal happiness, would you keep it to yourself, or would you give it to someone else? If not, then who would you give it to? Why?

3. Creative Questions

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

These are amusing open-ended questions, questions that are could stir a little imagination in thought. It is in these questions that we would often get unique and interesting answers.

Best Creative open-ended questions (for Kids):

  1. “Tell me, what is the color of the sky?”
  2. “What magic power would you prefer to have?”
  3. “If you could fly, what place would you go to?”
  4. “What made you elated today?”
  5. “If you could go on a treasure hunt, where would it be?”
  6. “What is your favorite element and why?
  7. “Why makes your friend’s amazing people?”
  8. “If you can decide, what would be the toppings of your ice cream?”
  9. “What animal resembles you the most?”
  10. “What age would you want to be right now and why?”
  11. “Which fictional character do you want to become someday?”
  12. “How would you paint the world on canvas?”
  13. “What color expresses how you are currently feeling?”
  14. “If you’re a tune, how would you sound like to others?”
  15. What song makes you feel like a king or princess when you sing along with it?
  16. “If you could decorate a pizza with your face, what would be the toppings?”
  17. “If you could re-color the world, what colors would you incorporate? Will it be a world with green flowers? Will the mountains be blue? Will the sky be dark?”
  18. “What is your most favorite word and why?”
  19. “Why do you think Clifford is the big red dog red?”
  20. “Why doesn’t the Untalkative Bunny talk?”
  21. “Where did you get inspiration from your art style?”
  22. “What superpower would you want to have? How are you going to use that superpower?”
  23. “Who is the best cartoon character and why?”
  24. “What do you like to collect?”
  25. “Who is the greatest Disney princess and why?

Best Creative open-ended questions (for Teenagers):

  1. “How would you describe an aurora?”
  2. “What is your favorite word and why?”
  3. “Who is your favorite artist and why?”
  4. “If you could play dress up, who would you turn into and why?”
  5. “How does your favorite scent speak for itself?”
  6. “Asides from a snowman and a snowball, what else can you make out of snow?”
  7. “How would you define the world and why?”
  8. “What are important subjects that you seriously think they need to teach in school?”
  9. “What are wonderful ways you can do when you’re bored?”
  10. “What are ways you can do to help make the world a better place?”
  11. “How would you help the environment?”
  12. “What would be your ideal teacher/mentor?”
  13. “If you have your own secret hideout, what would you call it? Describe to me how it would look like?”
  14. “Define the ocean in one word. Why did you choose that word?”
  15. “If there was a zombie pandemic, do you think you would survive? Why or why not?”
  16. “If you could paint the clouds on the sky, what color would you want them to be and why?”
  17. “What are ingredients to your favorite fruit smoothie?”
  18. “What is your personal symbol and why?
  19. “What are five adjectives to describe you?
  20. “If you could re-design any book cover, what book would it be, and how would it look like?”
  21. “What pancake art would you make?”
  22. “What is a holiday for you? How would you spent a holiday?”
  23. “What are your favorite songs in your playlist?”
  24. “What do you like to collect now that you’re a teenager?”
  25. “What superstition do you ridiculously believe in?”

4. Cognitive Questions

“Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.”  – Benjamin Lee Whorf

Cognitive questions are another batch of open-ended questions that may seriously stimulate the brain and help develop a child’s conscious thinking process. These are questions that help recall a memory or promote skills in problem-solving.

Best Cognitive open-ended questions (for Kids):

  • “How will you get the color pink?”
  • “How were you able to come up with this brilliant story?”
  • “Who is the person who taught you how to draw?”
  • “Who taught you to sing?”
  • “How will you explain to me a checkmate?”
  • “How do you play the piano?”
  • “What is the color of your mother’s hair? Please describe it as detailed as possible.”
  • “How are you going to turn straws into a building?”
  • “What did the tortoise do to win the race?”
  • “What does a vegetarian eat?”
  • “How are you going to build your dream boat?”
  • “Which is contains more, this glass on the right or the left?”
  • “What is the difference between smoothness and roughness?”
  • “What will you do to make someone who is crying happy?”
  • “What five words do you think best defines you?”
  • “What is something that you’re rather good at that you can share with others?”
  • “If you could invent a lesson that they don’t teach in school, what would that subject be and explain to me why that lesson is important for you?”
  • “How can the chicken cross the road?”
  • “What are you most grateful for about your life?”
  • “How much do you love yourself?”
  • “What advice would you give to yourself who is struggling right now?”
  • “What do you think your future will be like? Will it be bright? Will it be full of pleasant and happy times?”
  • “What is your favorite geometric shape and why?”
  • “What is your concept of a happy time?”
  • “How will you divide the cake evenly into four?”

Best Cognitive open-ended questions (for Teenagers):

  1. “How did you come up with that solution?”
  2. “How did you get that to work so magnificently?”
  3. “What are you going to sketch for your design?”
  4. “How did you discover this awesome technique?”
  5. “How are you going to make a tower with these building blocks?”
  6. “What makes a good design for you? Please elaborate clearly.”
  7. “What do you do when strangers come near you? And then strike a conversation with you?”
  8. “What knowledge have you gained in the past two years of your life? And what are more things that you’re looking forward to learning to better yourself?”
  9. “What are your thoughts on social media and smartphone addiction?”
  10. “What is the best thing about how you’ve come to know yourself?”
  11. What do you think of planet Earth?”
  12. “What is a good role model?”
  13. “How would you define being perfect?”
  14. “What adjective would you use to describe cats?”
  15. “What adjective would you use to describe dogs?”
  16. “How do you know things are fine?”
  17. “Why do you think people sometimes lie?”
  18. “What are examples of mental challenges?”
  19. “How would you make a project come to life?”
  20. “What is your favorite chess piece and why?”
  21. “What is your most pleasant childhood memory?”
  22. “How often do you remember embarrassing moments?”
  23. “What is the first musical instrument you remember playing? How was it?
  24. “How big is the world for you?”
  25. “What is the meaning of life? Afterward, what is your purpose in life?”

5. Getting-to-Know-You Questions

“There is nothing like shared interest to draw people together.” – E.A. Bucchianeri Quote

These questions simple, lighthearted and fun questions that you can use in order to know someone more.

Best Getting to Know You open-ended questions (for Kids):

  1. “What do you enjoy daydreaming about?”
  2. “What can make you feel fearless?”
  3. “What does someone have to do in order to make you feel that you are loved dearly?
  4. “How old are you?”
  5. “What is your favorite uncommon color?”
  6. “What are things you want to have immediately right now?”
  7. “How does the school make you feel?”
  8. “If you can tell me something factual about you, what would it be?”
  9. “If you can picture yourself as the best, what would that person be?”
  10. “What is your most favorite movie?”
  11. “What music do you listen to?”
  12. “What are the lyrics to your favorite song?”
  13. “How do you lend a helping hand?”
  14. “What makes you blush or shy?”
  15. “What is the good about attending school?”
  16. “What do you do when you don’t want to do the things you know you have to do?”
  17. “How can you tell when someone is happy?”
  18. “What is your favorite pizza topping?”
  19. “What is your favorite vegetable?”
  20. “What is your least favorite vegetable?”

Best Getting to Know You open-ended questions (for Teenagers):

  1. “What are activities you know you like doing?”
  2. “What are activities you know you dislike doing?”
  3. “What is your favorite song genre? Compare it with other genres.”
  4. “What are your top 10 favorite songs ever?”
  5. “Who is your favorite pokemon and why?”
  6. “When you celebrate, what food do you like to eat?”
  7. “What is the funniest thing for you?”
  8. “What’s the best recent movie you’ve watched? Why?”
  9. “Which zodiac sign do you think is most interesting?”
  10. “How would you be when you see sea creatures inside an aquarium?”
  11. “What does your personality type say about you?”
  12. “What was your reaction when you got the results of your personality type?”
  13. “What is “cringeworthy” for you? Site some examples.”
  14. “What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?”
  15. “What do you think is your calling in life, if you’ve already figured out?”
  16. “What food are you a master at preparing?”
  17. “What are the ingredients and procedure?”
  18. “How do you show people that you care?”
  19. “What is the best television show and why?”
  20. “Why do you think are some people scared of rats?”
  21. “Do you prefer free time, money, or recognition?”
  22. “How do you keep yourself productive?”
  23. “How are you learning to take good care of yourself?”
  24. “Why is common sense regarded as important in life?”
  25. “How do you act whenever you remember embarrassing moments?”

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Best Open-Ended Questions for Kids and Teens

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