Does Journeys Drug Test?- All about Journeys

Does Journeys Drug Test?

It is safe to say that we all get curious about knowing certain things about the company we are applying to work for or already are working for. Some of these ‘things’ might include knowing if the company has many sponsors or not, how much they pay their employees, if they are on the right path, if they do drug tests of their employees, etc. Today’s topic- Does Journeys Drug Test?

The most frequently asked question we see on the internet is whether companies do drugs tests or not, especially Journeys. Well, we are here to answer the same. 

Let us first take a look at what Journeys is and what they do. 


Journeys is a shoe, clothing, and accessories retailer founded in 1986 in Nashville, Tennessee. Genesco is the parent to this baby, which is also an American retailer of branded footwear and accessories. 

Journeys currently have about 1,200 stores nationwide, and like any other company, aspires to grow with time. 

How much do Journeys pay?

Depending on your job description and position in the company, you can get paid as high and low as they offer. If you are willing to apply for a job at Journeys, please be sure to ask your employer about the salary you will be getting once hired.

Other than that, you sure get some perks like; medical coverage, 40% off discount, retirement plan, etc.

Does Journeys drug test?

Journeys do not drug test their employees. But, naturally, if you come to work being high, you will directly be fired. 

You won’t get access to any of the perks and even a letter of reference (which, by the way, increases your chances of getting a job). In addition, drugs are a huge problem, and if you are found high or with drugs at your workplace, you will get in trouble. 

The company might also file a report against you. They might also press charges for not following the company’s guidelines.

On a sad note, drug test or no drug test, consuming drugs are no joke, and they are a threat to life, so avoiding them is highly recommended. 

What are the skills that Journey values?

Following are the skills that you should have if you are considering Journeys for a job :

  • Respectful to others,
  • Organization and managing,
  • If you are a salesperson, you are required to be polite,
  • And if you are applying for the company’s business sector, skills relevant to that will be needed. 

What is the hiring process like at Journeys?

Step 1: Creating an account/signing in: You first have to create an account on the Journeys website, just like you would need to do with any other company. 

Step 2: Filling out the application online: After signing in, you will have to fill out an application for the job you are applying for. The people at Journeys will get back to you if they like your application.

Step 3: Interview: After your application is approved, you will be called in for an interview, and if you are extraordinarily unique, chances are you will be hired on the spot. And in case you do not get hired on the site, do not worry. It takes at least a week after an interview to hear about your results. 

What is the hiring age at Journeys?

The hiring age requirement is 16 years old and above. And in our opinion, it makes sense.

A person of age 16 or more knows how to handle responsibilities, and they know how to talk to people properly, which is always a plus point. 

Can I apply to Journeys if I don’t have any experience?

Yes, you absolutely can. Journeys welcome everyone willing to work with, or with them, with open arms. 

But, you definitely should at least have some relevant skills for the job you are applying for. Go to that interview without ANY knowledge or skills. You will feel humiliated and make a massive fool of yourself. 

As someone once said, ‘better prepared than humiliated.’ 

What is the working environment at Journeys like?

As per the survey’s and interview’s reports of the people already working at Journeys for a long time, the answer is awe-inspiring and positive.

People tend to like coming to work every day with a huge smiles on their faces. They like working at and for Journeys and are grateful for being a part of the team.

Of course, not all days are happy days; we are only human after all. 

What are the benefits of working at Journeys?

  • Great work-life balance.
  • Fun-loving environment. 
  • 40% off for all employees.
  • Medical coverage.
  • Retirement plans, etc.

Is any kind of background check done at Journeys?

Just like the company’s name, Journeys, they indeed check YOUR journey to date. Nobody would want an employee who does or did shady things. 

And even if you know that you are crystal clear and have never crossed any lines, do not mind the company doing background checks still. A company would never play with its reputation in bad faith. 


Journeys are pretty easy to get a job at with a lot of benefits. So for students who are finding part-time jobs, this one might just be right for you. And as for others, please do not shy away from applying to Journeys if you think you will be a good fit. 

Missing out on good opportunities will only make you regret later, and boy, regretting is no good to people. 

Not to forget, while journeys don’t do drug tests, drugs are in any way harmful to health, and they will only act as a minus point for you. Stay drug-free, people. 

Here ends your ‘Journeys Guide,’ and it is time to say goodbye. We hope that this article helped you in some way or another.

Until next time, folks!

Does Journeys Drug Test?- All about Journeys

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