Journeys Hiring Age- Journeys Operating Hours

Journeys Hiring Age

Journeys operate as a retail chain focussed on teen footwear and accessories. With around 1200 stores across America, Canada, and Porto Rico, Journeys manages five retail concepts. It includes Journeys, Underground by Journeys, Shi by Journeys, Journeys Kids, and Little Burgundy. If you like to work under this teen-specific retail chain, you must fulfill Journeys hiring age criteria.

Journeys have established themselves as the extension of teenagers’ lifestyles with teen-friendly attitudes and fresh styles. If you want to become a part of this teen universe, you should fulfill Journeys’ minimum hiring age criteria of 16 years. The minimum hiring wage varies as per the position and location. 

If you are a shoe lover and want to get associated with Journeys, we have listed all the details in this article. Read further to know about Journeys hiring age, job positions, and employment benefits. 

What is Journey’s Hiring Age? 

Journeys hire candidates with a minimum hiring age of 16 years. Candidates with the minimum hiring age can work only in entry-level positions. It includes Part-Time Sales Associate and Seasonal Part-Time Sales Associate jobs. 

For administrative and managerial positions, you need to fulfill hiring age criteria of 18 years or above. These positions require specific experience and education. 

What is Journeys Operating Hours? 

All the Journeys stores operate at a similar timing. Journeys employees have to reach the store one hour early for doing the necessary preparation before opening hours. 

Along with that, they need to perform cleaning tasks and maintenance work after closing time. Journeys Stores opens from 9 am to 9 pm. The employees have to perform 8 hours shifts, then the shifts exchange. 

Journeys Store Timings: 

Monday – Saturday: 9 am till  9 pm

Sunday: 10 am till  6 pm

What are the job positions offered at Journeys? 

Journeys offer a variety of job positions in numerous categories. It includes jobs at Journeys Stores, distribution center, customer service, and home office.

To apply for any job position, you can go to the career section of the Journeys Website. Here you need to log in, choose from the given work site and fill in your work location. Now, you only have to fill the job application and apply for your desired position.

 Among all the job opportunities, we have listed the popular job positions offered at Journeys. Some of them include:

Popular Job Positions offered at Journeys: 

Part-Time Sales Associate 

Part-Time Sales Associate is one of the most popular positions offered at Journeys. Particularly among high school or college students who want to start their career. It is ideal for entry-level candidates that can provide a fun customer experience. 

Responsibilities of Journeys Part-Time Sales Associate: 

  • Get a complete understanding of set store goals 
  • Coordinating with team to meet or exceed the  personal sales goals 
  • Providing best treatment to customers for complete customer satisfaction 
  • Need to complete mandatory training 
  • Getting a detailed understanding of companies culture and demonstrating it to the team 
  • Need to remain updated about current fashion trends 
  • Performing all the assigned tasks or duties quickly
  • Conducting all the loss prevention procedures as per companies policies 
  • Communicating with management regarding store requirements 
  • Handling all the money transition 
  • Effectively maintaining stores appearance 
  • Overseeing stock room organization 
  • Completing all the sales functions 

Requirements for Journeys Part-Time Sales Associate: 

To get into this role, you need to acquire prior experience in retail sales. You have to multitask to manage all the tasks in Journeys’ fast pace environment. 

Along with that, you need to possess some primary skills and abilities. It includes: 

  • Ability to lift heavy items weight to 50 pounds 
  • Ability to bend, reach and climb 
  • Ability to work flexibly in night and weekend shifts 
  • Ability to work and stand continuously for long hours 
  • Need to possess strong communication skills to interact with customers and staff members effectively 
  • Need to reflect excellent customer service and interpersonal skills to retain old customers and create new ones 

If you are interested in the job of Part-Time Sales Associate, you need to reach Journeys’ minimum hiring age of 16 years.

Assistant Store Manager 

Journeys hire Assistant Store Managers to assist Store Managers and Managers in training with various tasks. It consists of hiring, training, and managing staff members to achieve sales goals and perform other duties. 

Apart from that, Assistant Store Manager perform other duties as well. 

Responsibilities of Assistant Store Manager include: 

  • Coordinating with managers in achieving store sales goals
  • Need to work effectively as per company’s performance standards 
  • Assisting in recruiting talented employees that can fulfill store requirements 
  • Coordinating in training and forming an effective sales team 
  • Monitoring staff members and developing proficient employees for promoting them within the company 
  • Helping store team by providing feedback, training, and accountability 
  • Monitoring and managing all the elements of the store operations during Store Managers and Manager in training’s absence 
  • Communicating all the store requirements to the Manager in Training and Store Managers 
  • Hearing and resolving customers issues or problem 
  • Monitoring and managing numerous aspects of loss presentation during Manager in Training and Store Managers absence 
  • Ensuring a fun environment and providing complete customer services 
  • Handling the duty of opening and closing the stores 
  • Managing bank deposits 
  • Getting a complete understanding of Journeys culture and demonstrating it to the staff members 

Requirements for Journeys Assistant Store Manager: 

Journeys hire Assistant Store Manager who wants to learn and succeed in the retail sector. If you choose to become Assistant Store Manager, you need to acquire prior experience and necessary skills. 

Journeys give preference to the candidates who hold managerial experience in retail settings. You need to obtain at least 6-12 months of experience in retail sales. Also, you have to complete all necessary training programs required for the co-managers role. 

For the Assistant Managers position, you need to reflect the following skills and abilities: 

  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills for retaining old customers and creating new customers
  • Possess the ability to work for around 45 hours a week 
  • Ability to work even in weekend and night shifts 
  • Physical ability to stand, stretch, bend, and climb for long hours
  • Ability to lift around 50 pounds weight

To get into Journeys Assistant Store Managers job, you need to fulfill the minimum hiring age of 18 years. 

Store Manager 

The Store Manager oversees all the daily activities of the Journeys store. They ensure that the store meets sales goals and protects the company’s assets.

Responsibilities of Journeys Store Manager include: 

  • Motivating employees to achieve stores set goals 
  • Providing fun customer experience 
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction 
  • Recruiting and interviewing highly skilled employees as per the company’s requirements 
  • Training and creating a successful sales team
  • Settling customer queries and issues effectively 
  • Reviewing monthly staff performance
  • Executing monthly Store Meetings
  • Helping store team by providing feedback, training, and accountability 
  • Scheduling weekly staff schedules as per the company’s schedule policy 
  • Monitoring and managing all the elements of loss prevention practices  
  • Monitoring staffs performance, identifying talented employees, and promoting them within the company 

Requirements for Journeys Store Manager: 

The Store Managers job is for experienced and skilled personals. For this profession, you need to acquire management experience in retail settings. Retail sales experience of around 1-2 years acts as a plus point. Also, you need to complete the necessary training leading to a Manager in Training position. 

Apart from that, you need to reflect few skills and abilities. Like:

  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. 
  • Physical strength to lift around 50 pounds 
  • Physical ability to stand continuously for long hours 
  • Ability to stretch, bend and climb 
  • Willingness to work on weekends and night shifts 
  • Ability to work for around 45 hours per week 

If you are interested in the Store Manager position, you need to fulfill Journeys’ minimum hiring age of 18 years.

Customer Service Representative 

If you like to communicate with clients and possess excellent customer service skills, you can apply for the Journeys Customer Sales Representatives job. It is a vital element for establishing customer loyalty. 

Responsibilities of Customer Service Representative: 

  • Assisting Customers and employees through inbound calls, emails, texts, and chats 
  • Coordinating with in-store and online customers to resolve issues 
  • Managing all the incoming interactions 
  • Identifying customer needs and settling any customer issues 
  • Ensuring complete customer satisfaction 
  • Applying trained tools and methods for providing actual, complete, and valid information to customers 
  • Building a personal and trustworthy relationship with customers to retain customers and establish customer loyalty 
  • Maintaining and promoting the company’s guidelines, procedures, policies, and expectations.

Requirements for Journeys Customer Service Representative: 

To apply for the Customer Service Representative role, you need to possess strong communication, interpersonal, customer service, and multitasking skills. You have to sharpen your computer and typing skills for effective services. 

As an active customer service representative, you require problem-solving skills to resolve any conflicts. It is necessary to learn effective follow-up and follow-through techniques. 

If you want to become a customer service representative, you need to acquire a high school diploma or equivalent certification. Also, you have to manage time to achieve complete attendance. 

Seasonal Jobs 

Holidays are the perfect timing for job seekers. Journeys recruit seasonal sales associates for handling the end-of-season holiday rush. 

The job helps with holidays sales from November to early January. You can find Seasonal Part-time Sales Associate jobs at almost every Journeys store. 

What is the Hourly Pay/Salary of Journeys Employees? 

The hourly pay or salary of Journeys employees varies as per location, position, and experience. Let’s look at the average Hourly Pay/Salary of employees at Journeys: 

Part-Time Sales Associate: The Part-Time Sales Associate earn around $9 per hour. The average salary range lies between $7-$14. 

Assistant Store Manager: The Assistant Store Manager earns around $12 per hour. The average hourly salary lies between $9-$17. 

Store Manager: Journeys Store Manager gets around $15 per hour. The average salary lies between $11-$21 per hour. 

Customer Service Representative: Journeys pay Customer Service Representative around $13.26 per hour. 

What are the benefits of working at Journeys? 

Journeys value their employees and provide comprehensive benefits to them. As an employee at Journeys, you can get perks like a 40% discount, retirement plan, medical coverage, etc. 

Here are some perks offered for working at Journeys: 

Health and Wellness:  

  • Dental, Vision and Medical Insurance
  • Employees Wellness Program 
  • Flexible Spending Accounts

Employee Discounts: 

  • 40% discounts on companies like Journeys, Underground by Journeys, Journeys Kidz, Johnston & Murphy, etc. 
  • Cell Phone Discount 

Financial Benefits : 

  • 401(K) Retirement Plan 
  • Short and Long term Disability Insurance 
  • Personal Accident Insurance 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Competitive Pay and great bonus 
  • Emergency Assistance Fund
  • Scholarship Opportunities 

Paid Time off 

  • Community Service Hours 
  • Vacation Packages 

Rewards and Development Opportunities: 

  • Journeys University Program 
  • Performance Reviews 
  • Career Growth Opportunities 
  • Great opportunities to win prizes like a flyaway trip to the Caribbean, cash contests, networking, parties, a trip to Journeys Sales Meeting in Nashville with opportunities to attend private concerts, etc 


Journeys are not only a branded shoe retail store chain but an extension of teenagers’ lifestyles. It has created a unique identity with a teen universe consisting of teen-specific TV content and the latest music videos. 

If you are a shoe lover or looking for a career in the shoe-specific fashion industry, you can consider applying for Journeys jobs. For entry-level positions, you only need to fulfill the minimum hiring age of 16 years. While for other jobs, you have to be at least 18 years and meet other requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do you have to be to work at Journeys? 

Journeys hire employees with a minimum age of 16 years. It is only applicable for entry-level positions. It includes part-time jobs such as Part-Time Sales Associate and Seasonal Sales Associate. 

Q: What is the hiring age of Journeys for managerial positions? 

Journeys offer managerial positions to talented and experienced candidates who fulfill the minimum age criteria of 18 years. It includes the position of Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, or Manager in Training. 

Journeys Hiring Age- Journeys Operating Hours

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