What is Approximately Symbol?- And how do you type it?

How to Type Therefore Symbol (∴) in Word/Excel (on Keyboard)


Mathematicians and scientists of old age have objectively contributed to the way we see the numbers today. And so, ever since technology has made its way to the eyes of people and its future generations, continuous development started from then on. Symbols and the so-called emoticons came to revolutionize the way we communicate. Unicode is the standard for the consistent encoding of the expression of writing. Today’s topic- What is Approximately Symbol?

The approximate symbol (U+2248 ≈) came from the Latin word, approximatus, which means very near. The symbol has been around for science and math to express the state of being almost equal to, more or less the value, etc.

Here is a brief instruction on inserting the said symbol: To insert an approximate symbol, hold down Alt, and then type in 247 (Alt+247). To manually insert it in Microsoft Word, head over to the Insert tab, the Symbols group, and select Symbols. You’ll see a dropdown option, and below that, you’ll see More Symbols choose so that. After doing so, you’ll be met with an array of symbols. Simply scroll through the wide range of selection of symbols, and you’ll see the approximate symbol. 

These are only a few—and compressed versions—of many ways you could try; that includes courses that are way easier and time-efficient so read on to learn more and delve deeper into the detailed guidance about it!

This article encompasses methods that you are to choose from, whichever suffices to your needs. Readers will be able to capture the following concepts:

  • Utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint features
  • Different ways to type the approximate symbol on other platforms (Mac/iOS and Windows)
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Embedded within this tract are images to which readers can refer. Instructions are ensured to be coherent and easy to follow for everyone. Please also read through the guides carefully as there are platform-exclusive features that may not work for you. Please keep that in mind and without further ado, let’s head over to the methods.

Typing the Approximate Symbol Method 1:

Using a Shortcut Key on PC

Different platforms have different shortcut keys, and we’re here to study them.

For Windows

  • the required part is that you must have a numeric keypad; otherwise, this shortcut won’t work. You could opt for a Bluetooth or wired keyboard with a numeric keypad; that’s up to you.
  • For those with a numeric keypad on their device, hold down on Alt, and then press the numbers 2, 4, and 7 successively. (Alt+247)

For Mac/iOS

  • Place your cursor or insertion point where you want to put your symbol.
  • Hold down Option and then press the letter X. (Option+X)

Typing the Approximate Symbol Method 2: Manual Symbol Insertion through Microsoft Word

  • There are different tabs and groups in Microsoft Word to which various tools and features are designated to. These features are grouped in their category for a more organized workflow. At the top of your document, you’ll see the ribbon with nine tabs.
  • Head over to Insert.
  • Go you’ll see groups like Pages, Tables, Illustrations; for example, Go to the Symbols group at the rightmost part of the ribbon and click Symbols.
  • A dropdown menu with various symbols; however, the approximate symbol is not among the listed symbols. So, click on More symbols.
  • Scroll through the cluster of symbols and expressions until you find the approximate symbol. Here’s what it looks like:

For more accessible access to the approximate symbol, change your font to Symbol and scroll to the bottom. 

  • Select the symbol and click Insert or double click it. Referring to the picture above, you’ll also see its info like Character code.

Typing the Approximate Symbol Method 3: Managing Hotkeys in Microsoft Word

  • Refer again to the picture above and click Shortcut Key
What is Approximately Symbol?
  • On the Press new shortcut key textbox, press the shortcut key you want the approximate symbol to be assigned. It’ll show whether the key is assigned to an existing shortcut or not.
  • On Save changes in, you’ll be able to select whether you want the shortcut to apply to a specific document only or not. Once satisfied with the shortcut key, click Assign, and you’ll be able to use the assigned shortcut for the symbol.

Typing the Approximate Symbol Method 4: Character Map Copy and Paste

  • Go to Start, and look up Character Map.
What is Approximately Symbol?
What is Approximately Symbol?
  • Again—for easier access—switch your font to Symbol by clicking the font bar and typing in Symbol or by selecting it from the list. Once you’re done, scroll to the very bottom, and you’ll find the approximate symbol. Simply click on it and click Select or double click on it and then click Copy.
  • You can then paste it wherever you want by right-clicking a text field and selecting Paste or pressing Ctrl+V.

Typing the Approximate Symbol Method 5: The Windows Key on Windows

  • Beside the left Alt key is the Windows key.
  • Hold the Windows key down and press the period. ( + . )
  • Click the Mathematical Symbols represented by an infinity symbol, and scroll down until you find the approximate symbol.


The approximate symbol indicates the state of being almost equal to, roughly about the exact value of, etc. The symbol is featured in many different presentations of numbers, whether in a scientific field or mathematical field. There are many ways to type in and input an approximate symbol. The methods listed above are examples of it, and it’s up to your liking which one you fancy using, so make sure to utilize these built-in features—whether it’s in Windows, Mac, or Office applications—that you can garner from. These methods also work in other Office platforms such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Word.

What is Approximately Symbol?- And how do you type it?

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