British Airways Careers- Job Application Process, and their Salary


Among the largest airlines in the British Isles, British Airways is the biggest. Ownership of the brand is held by parent company IAG, which operates in nearly 180 destinations with a fleet of around 270 planes and an employee base of more than 30,000 people. Many of the company’s employees donate their time to charitable causes, participate in fundraising events, and aid disaster victims. For example, you can find it in partnership with Comic Relief in the United Kingdom. Today’s topic- British Airways Careers.

Job Opportunities 

Performance-based wage raises and salary options are available at British Airways for outstanding employees. In addition, the airline is looking for people who enjoy working in a social environment and have a positive attitude. Online applications are available for those who wish to pursue a career in the industry. Work in customer service does not require prior experience. Still, it can be beneficial to new hires who have no previous experience. A British Airways employee who can adapt quickly to a unique situation is the ideal candidate. Aspiring professionals often begin their careers in part-time or full-time entry-level positions.

Applicants for some British Airways jobs must meet specific requirements before they can be considered for employment. For example, candidates for Ground Operations must hold a full UK driving license at the time of application. In addition, in some cases, cabin crew members may be required to relocate closer to their workplace due to unforeseen circumstances.


Those interested in applying for a position with British Airways can do so for the following. There is a high probability that the following positions will be vacant:

  1. Cabin Crew Member:
    • An average annual salary for these workers ranges from £23k to £28k. 
    • Cabin crew members provide in-flight assistance and safety instructions. 
    • A flexible work schedule is required for all employees.
  2. Customer Service Host: 
    • They earn between £23k and £28k a year. 
    • Cabin crew members offer help and safety advice during flight. 
    • All employees must be able to work around their schedules.
  3. Ground Operations Agent: 
    • In this position at British Airways, the average yearly income is around £19,000 per year. 
    • Ground operations agents transport baggage to and from the airplane. 
    • Those who can lift heavy objects and work at a fast pace are ideal for this role.

Job Application Process 

Candidates can monitor the status of their British Airways application by sending an email or calling the airline. Employers typically contact successful candidates to set up an interview just a few weeks after receiving their resumes. As a result, it may take longer, depending on the position. On the British Airways career website, interested parties can submit their applications. Each applicant must watch a series of videos and answer multiple-choice questions as part of the job application process. After reading the content, candidates should carefully consider their responses.

Below is an example of interview questions that fit British Airways:

  • Are you also searching for other employment opportunities?

Just be honest when answering. Occasionally, a prospective employer will ask if you’re considering any other positions so they can gauge your commitment to the industry, their company, and whether or not you’re in high demand. Focus on the job you’re interviewing for rather than this question.

  • Do you know any of our employees? 

It is not uncommon for companies to have policies prohibiting the hiring of relatives of current employees. It is essential to know the company’s policies if you have a family member who works there. It’s critical to have a solid relationship with a buddy or acquaintance who works for the company before bringing it up.

  • Can you discuss a time you experienced failure?

Everybody has made mistakes, so don’t pretend you’ve never made a mistake in British Airways. Instead, try to remember a time when something went wrong at work. How did you handle your failure? What did you learn from it?

  • How are you, confidential?

A candidate’s technical understanding of care assistant duties will often be tested during the interview process. With such a question, you have the chance to demonstrate your professional knowledge and experience of the subject. As a care assistant, it’s important to remember that a person’s medical documents are private.

  • Describe the skills you possess in dealing with customers? 

In many ways, customer service is by far the most critical skill for cabin crew. Therefore, an essential component of this profession is customer service, which focuses on increasing the passenger experience and managing their safety at the same time. 

Most flight attendants stay professional and focused on providing exceptional customer service, even when faced with stressful or complex conditions. 

Demonstrate your passion for providing unparalleled customer service when answering this question. Give specific examples of how you’ve improved the customer’s experience in your career.

  • What skills are your strongest? 

By answering this question differently, candidates can differentiate themselves from others. For example, if you’re asked what your best skills are, let the hiring manager know what they are. 

When it comes to customer engagement, have you ever been recognized by a previous employer? Is your personality friendly and outgoing? If so, let hiring managers know. If at all possible, try to back up your claims with examples to make them more credible.

  • Do you work individually or as a team? 

You’ll find out if you can work well in a group with this question. Flight attendants need to prefer working in teams over working alone, as you may already know. 

This is because good teamwork is essential to a smooth flight. Explain to the interviewer that you enjoy working as part of a team and realize how effective collaboration is for successful cabin crew operations.

  • Describe how you will react when passengers are disturbing?

Most people find it difficult to answer these questions. However, your response to these questions is critical because they directly relate to the cabin crew’s operating procedures. In addition, hiring managers who ask such inquiries will identify candidates who do not comply with conventional methods. Therefore, it’s essential to give hiring managers the information they want to hear. 

As a professional, I urge both parties to refrain from creating problems while comprehending the passengers’ concerns. I would try to find a solution by listening to the customers and understanding their concerns.

  • How would you react when there’s an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, you probably know what to do. Hiring managers ask this question because they want to check if you can retain your composure and follow the process in a crisis. Explain the basics: you’d keep your cool, make sure everyone was wearing their seat belts, and follow safety procedures.

  • What are your weaknesses? 

This question is best answered by balancing insincere replies and those that attract too much attention to your deficiencies and then avoiding either. 

A response such as, “I am often too good at my job for my own sake,” would not be appropriate. In addition, you wouldn’t want to say, “I’m not reliable in any way.” 

Both of these responses would be detrimental to your application. Choosing a true deficiency that doesn’t interfere with your regular activities is the best strategy, as is demonstrating the steps you’ve taken to improve that issue

  • How and where can you see yourself in the coming years?

You’re being asked if you’re planning on staying with the company or moving on to new pastures in this question. For example, airlines want to hire flight attendants loyal to their firm, rather than flight attendants who aim to go on to larger airlines that fly to popular routes. 

When asked if you plan to move on in the future, don’t mention it. Instead, concentrate on how you plan to improve your skills as a flight crew with the airline you’re applying to.

  • Describe how you will handle a disobedient passenger? 

Passengers who refuse to follow the rules are a reality for flight attendants. They’re designed to see if you’re capable of handling problems in the right way. 

Customers’ problems and complaints can only be resolved through communication, so demonstrate your ability to deescalate difficult situations. 

Below are the steps in applying for a job at British Airways:

  • Submit Online Application 

British Airways’ official careers website is the only place to submit your application. To receive email alerts when new Cabin Crew positions become available, create a BA account, and register for email alerts. If you want to apply online, all you need is a current resume/CV. Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF should be your preferred formats. You won’t need a resume, a cover letter, or any other supporting documentation. As the recruitment process moves on, a strong CV is essential. A computer scans your CV when you click submit and determines if you meet the position’s requirements.

Few steps in getting the application: 

  1. Visit the official careers website
  2. Search for jobs 
  3. Click on Apply 
  • Online Assessment 

You’ll receive an email requesting you to take an online assessment if your application and CV have been approved for review. Work in a place that is free of distractions and other obligations. After submitting your job application, you should take an online test not less than one week after the company notifies you. You can take the test at your convenience; it usually lasts for about 25 minutes. Ensure you have a good laptop, a good internet connection, and all available data and information used for the application. 

  • Assessment Day 

Some applicants have received the outcomes of their online assessment within a few days of completion in recent months. If you’re selected, you’ll be invited to a day of testing. It is held at British Airways’ headquarters in Waterside, near Heathrow Airport, where the Assessment Day occurs. Choose a date that is advantageous for you. Be aware that if you have to travel a long way to attend the Assessment Day, British Airways will not be responsible for paying you for any expenses incurred, regardless of whether you’re successful. Many companies use Assessment Days to screen a large number of applicants at once. On this day, you will be tested on various factors to determine your worthiness for a cabin crew position. 

  • Final Interview 

Unfortunately, most applicants who attend an evaluation day will not be invited to the final interview. On average, we estimate that only 15 – 20 percent of candidates are shortlisted for a job interview. Making it to this point in the competition is a significant accomplishment. On the same day as the Evaluation Day, the interview usually lasts between 15 and 35 minutes

  • Security Check 

After the Final Interview, the recruitment committee will evaluate your entire file. A week after your submission, you’ll receive an email with the results. Make your interest known before 24 hours elapses. For a thorough background check, British Airways hires a private security vetting firm. To get in touch with you, the company will send you an email. Within three days after getting the notification, you must fill out an online form. Otherwise, your application will be canceled.

  • Medical and Final Approval 

Under British and European legislation, a new Cabin Crew must pass a medical examination before working on a flight. To obtain the correct medical report, you’ll need to see a licensed physician or Occupational Health professional.


To promote employee well-being, British Airways offers a range of welfare benefits. Employees at British Airways and many other companies in the United States reap the benefits of health care insurance supported by their employers, which typically covers a large chunk of the premiums. Employers and businesses can deduct these contributions from their taxes, while employees are exempt from paying taxes. In addition, dental and vision benefits are available through British Airways.


British Airways is one of the best airlines in England and the world at large. This article has elaborated on the salary, application process, work benefits, salary, interview questions, and tips on answering them. Looking forward to work at British Airways? Apply today with the steps provided above! 

British Airways Careers- Job Application Process, and their Salary

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