Does Harbor Freight drug test? All about it

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Every company or organization has certain outlined policies that are unique to them and they stick to these policies while hiring talents for their businesses. Harbor Freight is one of such establishments considering how big they have grown and the name they have made for themselves, it is expected to see thousands of persons seeking employment in such a fast-growing and thriving establishment.

Harbor Freight is no doubt one of the largest retail tool servicing brands nationwide, hence the need to assess their potential staff. One question that most applicants seeking employment at Harbor Freight care to know is; if conducting a drug test is part of their hiring process. It is interesting to know that the company does not conduct a drug test while hiring talents but, they have exclusive rights to run a drug test on their employees should the need arise.

Running a drug test on applicants vying for certain positions in a company is not out of place, it happens to be a best practice that most industries conduct especially on their employees and also on hires while they are being recruited. Every thriving and successful company that we know today got to its level of prominence through laid down rules and regulations that are tagged as company policies. These policies are what has kept the company relevant, this is because of how consistent the management has been in ensuring that their staff adheres to them.

Reasons why Harbor Freight may conduct drug test

Just as it was earlier mentioned that Harbor Freight does not conduct a drug test on their hires, although it is expedient that applicants adhere to laws and regulations put in place by the state. However, there are peculiar cases for which the company reserves exclusive rights to carry out a drug test on the employee or the hire. These cases are:

1. When the Hire or Employee Reacts in a Questionable Manner

There are certain actions that individuals display that are influenced by the abuse of drugs. Seeing an employee display such actions requires the need to conduct or request a drug test from the employee or hire. Actions like: regular sniffing, making rash or irrational decisions, sneaking out during office hours, etc.

2. Physical Decline in Health

Another symptom of abused drug use is deterioration in health. When an employee suffers regular weight loss, the regular decline in energy, reduced motivation, change in the eye color, etc are signs of drug use. When these become a reoccurring observation in an employee or they are seen in a hire, there becomes a need for a drug test.

Why Harbor Freight remains a thriving retail tool servicing company?

How do you feel knowing that you can get a product or lots of household products and tools at almost factory prices? It sounds good, right? In the past, we have been faced with the stress of moving from one shop to the other searching for tools that we need that have quality and assurance of durability, hoping that we can also get them at affordable prices.

In some scenarios, we either find tools that have great quality but are super expensive, while in other cases, we find tools with very low quality but very affordable. It is only in rare cases that we can find affordable quality tools. This is one unique service that Harbor Freight renders to its clients nationwide, for over four decades and still counting. 

Harbor Freight has only gotten better with their services by making tools that are needed by consumers, ranging from hand tools and generators, they moved on to air and power tools, then unto shop equipment and into automotive tools. At Harbour Freight you are assured of value for your money, and extra savings on tools purchased, really intriguing, right? With their retail outlets spread across the nation, you can find lots of tools that are needed for your home and businesses with high quality that constantly go through regular quality tests in the laboratory over and over again before they are displayed for sale.

How to stand out in a Harbor Freight interview?

Harbor Freight is a company where one can build his or her career in sales, marketing. Bearing in mind that the company has lots of competitors who are striving to be the number one tool servicing company in the nation, the company sees to it that its employees are well experienced and ready to work.

There are key attributes that one seeking employment at Harbor Freight should possess to stand out in the employment process. They are:

1. Proximity to Work 

The location of your home to the outlet is important. The company would love to know how soon you can get to work every day without stressing out. Your ability to be coordinated at work to receive clients every day is important.

Those who are coming from far distances will always be caught trying to be early to work, those persons usually take some minutes during work time to get settled before they come into work mode, so the location of the applicant is important.

2. Sales Experience

This is one important experience that will be considered during the hiring process at Harbor Freight. Do they want to know how experienced you are in sales? How well you can convince clients to purchase tools that you believe will be of great value to them.

3. Ability to be Receptive to Clients

Because Harbor Freight receives people from different works of life to come in to purchase tools, it is expected of an employee to receive them in a very hospitable way, as well inform them further about certain tools if they are consulted on. Possessing this skill will help you stand out.

4. Outstanding past work experiences

The hiring team will also like to know where you are coming from, how well you worked there, what industry that was, and what your responsibilities are.

In all of these, be well prepared, know what you hope to bring to your work, and be willing to learn new things on time.


Harbor Freight is a well-established tool servicing company that has great value for its clients. The company ensures that quality tools are made available for consumers at low prices, this is one of the reasons why they are no match for their competitors. Working in such an organization as this is a huge career achievement and be rest assured that the interest of employees at Harbor Freight is considered. They do not drug test only when you give them a reason to.

Does Harbor Freight drug test? All about it

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