Jobs For 11-Year-Olds

Jobs For 11 Year Olds

Jobs are an essential part of everyone’s life. Well, when the requirement of a job is really on the edge, then people go further with many things in order to fulfill the daily needs of children and themselves. There are many cases when there’s a single person in a family but there are a lot of family members. In such a case it becomes quite difficult to handle the family. There are also situations where parents really wanna make their child self-dependent from an early age itself. In such situations, here’s something that would be really of your benefit. Happiness is, an eleven-year-old child can easily find a job now. Here are the Jobs For 11-Year-Olds.

What jobs can an 11-year-old child do?

Yeah, it’s a little indigestible news that an 11-year-old child can get a paid job, that too quite easily. The thing is, these jobs are quite easy to perform and a child will surely love to perform them. There are many jobs that are eligible for children aging 11 years or more. Presenting you descriptive information of the jobs that can be easily performed by an eleven-year-old child. 

An eleven-year-old kid can make money in two different ways, Offline and online. These modes include various jobs that your ward will surely love to perform and that will increase his skills and develop his mind.

The Offline Jobs includes the following aspects

Yard Work

An eleven-year-old child is quite mature to handle yard work easily. He can pick up the leaves, point out other unwanted leaves from the plant, water the plants, and pluck fruits from the plants quite easily. Well, a Lawn Mower can be quite difficult to handle for a child, as it takes a lot of experience to use it. So, an eleven-year-old kid is eligible for working to clean and dust the yard of the home. Also, brooming the food would be efficient enough along with a little dusting of the things displayed around. Yard work is quite easy, so you can even ask your ward to work at your own home itself, before sending him/her out, as it will increase his chances to work more greatly at other places as well.  


Well, it’s an undeniable fact that a kid loves to enjoy a baby. And a baby loves to enjoy being with a child around him. A small baby actually acts more efficiently, if he sees a child around him. Also, a child can handle the baby with more care and love than any other nanny. So, it would be beneficial if you get admitted to your ward for babysitting. Also, a person should hire a small child for her baby to get indulged with. This actually helps a child and a baby, both, to develop their skills. A baby catches the actions and doings of a child more easily than an adult. So, admitting your ward to a babysitting job will definitely result in the best, as it will help your ward to take responsibility for his near ones. Also, this will help him in performing his duties in a possible way. 

Dog Walker

A Dog is known as the best friend of a person. No one can beat it in loyalty. So, sending your ward for a dog walker job will surely be the best idea that you can ever have. In this job, your ward will have to take the owner’s dog out at least once a day for about half an hour. He will have to take care of the dog at that time, till he takes it back to his home. This will definitely teach your child to handle a pet and to make him more active towards taking care of his things properly and in a disciplined manner. Once you get your ward to admit to this job, you’ll definitely see a good improvement related to performing various things that he does really badly. He will somewhat become a little mature in terms of handling things at his home too. Also, he will start loving the dogs, if he ever has the phobia of the same. So, this job would surely be the best for an 11-year-old kid. You may take advantage of this and can have a dog at your home, as your child will definitely demand the same, once he’s admitted for the same.

House And PetSitter

This would be another great job for an 11-year-old kid. There’s a huge demand for a house and pet sitter that could perform the duty quote in a better manner. Well, a child can definitely do this duty quite easily. This will help in generating the skills and he will be more active towards taking care of his own things as well. This job will make him mature by providing him certain experiences that he will enjoy doing this job at his own home as well. He will wish to have a pet at home and as you know that keeping a pet at home is always a great idea of all times. So, sending your ward to work as a house and pet sitter will definitely prove the best idea. So, proceed with your step by today itself and let your ward know his responsibilities.

Provide Tech Support

An 11-year-old child is quite active towards technological things. So, one of the great benefits that you can take of the same is, you may send him on a tech supporting job. There he just needs to check the things properly, that would surely be of his level. This job is actually beneficial for him as he will know more about the technology going on in the environment, which is really beneficial in today’s generation. Also, he’ll be able to develop his skills and will use the technologies safely in the future. This is a sure thing that a person learns many lessons from every experience of his life. So, for sure, this job will definitely turn out the best for him.

Chores of a Lemonade Stand

Lemonade is actually the best drink for a child as well for adults, in short, for everyone. It’s an absolute fact, lemonade is quite easy to make. And moreover, making it through the stand becomes easier. So, a child can easily go for this job as it will help him to learn about various things related to lemonade. He will also learn how to make lemonade at an early age, which will really be of great benefit. This job just includes taking care of the lemonade stand, that is, to open it up at the time of use and to close it and keep it safely at its place when you are done with the work. So, it would be really beneficial for your ward to get admitted to this job as it will really help him to pass through various things in the future as well.


Gardening is love for the children. From the source of study, it has come to be known that small children especially love gardening more than adults. Watering plants, removing extra grass from the ground, plucking extra leaves, storing the grownup flowers, giving shapes to the plants, plucking up the grownup fruits and vegetables from plants and trees is what children really love to do. Moreover, the garden is actually the best place to spend time with children, thus this job will give them enjoyment as well as fun together. So, performing small tasks related to the garden will definitely be the best idea for the ward who are really ready to do the job at such a small age. This will help your ward to develop the cleaning skills within himself and he will be more active towards keeping the surroundings neat and clean.

Online jobs to make money for an 11 Year Old Kid

Make Youtube Videos

Youtube videos, Instagram, Facebook, etc, and other social media platforms are quite on-demand in today’s life. Well, these are actually a part of our life. An individual actually seeks something optimistic on youtube and the videos of a kid presenting something of its own are really wonderful content that one can ever have. So, you may go with various great content performed by your child. You may make videos of him talking about himself or performing dance or singing or doing various other activities. Try to gain subscribers as much as possible and slowly you’ll start earning through youtube.

2. Creative Writer

An eleven-year-old kid is quite mature enough, who can easily do creative writing. This job is suitable for a child, in case he is quite interested in the writing aspect. An eleven-year-old kid can write various poems and amazing quotations and can send them on google through various applications. After some time, Google will allow you to share the write-ups directly on google and soon your kid will be able to earn through his talent. Creative writing is one of the most amazing things that have a great scope in the future. Hence, if you want, you can move your student in the writing segment and can make them great writers in the future. Also, make sure that you allow them to read various good books and vocabulary books from the beginning, so that, in the end, your child may become a professional writer. Hence, there will be money along with the development of your child. 

Create Illustrations

This job will be beneficial if your child loves drawings and creating various things. In such a case you may ask your ward to create various illustrations and sell them out. Since hand-made paintings are in demand in the USA, a creative and abstract creation will surely come out with the best if you guide your ward in the respective line. So, take a step ahead and think differently. This will help your ward to develop his mind in a creative way and he’ll be able to perform things more creatively in the future. You make use of this skill by managing his timetable. He may make the drawings on the weekdays and on Sundays, you may sell them out. On Sundays, many people used to go out with their family members and enjoy themselves. You may also go up with making his social media page and spread his name more and more so that more people get interested and your sales get higher.

Clicking Photographs

If your ward has a great interest in being a photographer, then sure you may go ahead with making him a photographer in real life as well. You may go up with the same by encouraging his photography skills and make him click various photographs daily. After that, select the best from them and then you may sell them out. Street photography will sound out something the best as that’s what actually creates interest among people. You may manage the timetable of your ward. He must click about 20 pictures daily. You may select the best from them and then sell them out on the weekend days. This will develop his photography skills and he will start earning at an early age as well. You may also go up with making his social media page and spread his name more and more so that more people get interested and your sales get higher.

5. Music Reviewer

This is another best online job that an eleven-year-old kid can easily work on. This job helps them to develop their music skills. Parents can direct their child in this direction, only if their child is quite interested in music. You can observe your child from the age of nine. At this age, a child starts developing his skills towards various things and thus develops their interest. So, you may observe them and thus guide them in this direction, only if they are quite interested. As a music reviewer, all a child needs to do is check the rhythm that may suit them. Hence, you may go with the same and can earn along with learning. 

So, these are some of the simple jobs that will surely pay on an amazing basis, and that a kid can easily perform with perfection.

What skills should a kid inherit when he goes for work?

Well, it’s true that a kid goes for a job to learn some new skills. However, there are some things that a child should inherit within himself and that would be beneficial when he will work.

Hard Working

The child must be hardworking and must work with his full dedication so that he may go ahead with great results ahead. Hard work must be there in every child so that he understands the real value of the result that has been achieved through working hard in his task. 

Able To Perform His Daily Chores Himself

It is the first priority at every job that a child must perform his daily chores by himself so that the owner does not need to take his responsibility. Actually, a child must know to perform his tasks actively so that he may go up with giving better results to his owner.

He must know how to Carry Conversation

An eleven-year ward must know how to carry the conversation further with the people working with him. He must know how to talk to elders and small children. He must know how to respect elders and to answer someone if he’s asked anything. He must know to treat people with gratitude if they help him and to ask for anything, where he is not feeling comfortable.

He Must Actively Participate In The Activities

An eleven-year-old kid must be active enough to perform various activities that he’s told to do. He must actively participate in everything that he is told to do and must perform everything actively and quickly. This will surely be beneficial in his further career as well as in his present life.

He Must Have Knowledge Of The Job Where He Is Going To Work

A child must know everything about the job, where he’s going to start working. He must have the knowledge about the task that he might have to do in the upcoming job so that he may perform them easily and can have more knowledge about the same. 

Benefits of sending an 11 Year old kid to work

If you send your kid to work out when he’s just 11 years old, then it will surely give you plenty of benefits. Here are some of them.

  1. He’ll develop the skills of his mind easily and will be able to perform various important tasks.
  1. His mind will develop greatly and beneficially and he will go in the direction where he will achieve various opportunities.
  1. He will be able to perform the tasks that are not easy for a normal child and thus it will make him special.
  1. He will know about the amazing technologies if he steps into the technology job.
  1. He will know about the environment and strategy on which the public works and he will understand things more easily.

So, these are the things that he will definitely face, when he will enter in the arena of working at the initial age itself.

Is it ok for an 11 year old kid to work?

Absolutely Yes! It would be definitely OK if you promote your child to work from the age of 11 itself as it will make him/her self-dependent. At the age of eleven, a child is in his growing years. So, there must be certain tasks that he should know how to perform. The jobs mentioned above will make him grow his maturity quite easily and he will be able to take responsibility soon. And working on a paid basis will make him an experienced child from the start itself, that will really be of benefit in his future life. 

Also, it would be beneficial for you, as you’ll be able to save more money for your child, after all, there would be some amount of money that you’ll store and the rest will be the one which your child is making on his own. 

So, for sure it would be beneficial for an 11-year-old child to start working. 

Will it count under child labour?

Actually, it depends on the work. If you are sending your child to wash someone’s clothes or to clean someone’s home, to send him to clean dishes at someone’s home, to work in the garage, to work at a tea stall, to send him to a normal shop to perform various chores, to sell something on the road, etc, on the paid basis, then it will definitely child labor.

However, there are certain tasks that a child must know from an early age. Only Those works are eligible for a child to perform as he/she learns something beneficial and efficient from them. And if you send them to work these tasks on a paid basis, then for sure, it will not be counted under child labor. 

Why only a child from 11 years or above should go for work?

Well, it is a must that a child undergoing through the age of 11 years or above should be allowed to work. It is because it is the time when a child is under the age of development. From 11 years onwards, the child starts growing up and his journey to enter adolescence starts. Before 11, a person is actually a kid, who doesn’t know many things and who can’t understand things easily. He can only do the things that seem easier. But an 11-year-old kid actually starts developing his mind by having a look at various daily life things. So, it would be great if you send only 11 or 11 plus old children to work out.


Step ahead for sending your ward for a job at the initial age. An eleven-year-old ward can easily perform the tasks and he’s quite eligible to work on a paid basis, which is definitely not included in child labor. So go ahead and have a great journey.

Jobs For 11-Year-Olds

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