Does Ey drug test?- All About Ey

Does Ey drug test?

Ey also commonly known as Ernst and young global limited offers amazing professional network services and is renowned to be one of the largest accounting companies in the world at what it provides the society. Its headquarters is located in London, England. In this article, let’s know Does Ey drug test?

Ey simply provides unprecedented and accurate accounting servicers like insurance which includes financial auditing, tax consultancy, and also consistently advises its customers in terms of management and usage of their finances.

Are you looking at finding more information on EY and its requirements? Or do you want to apply for a job and need answers to your questions? This article will succinctly provide accuracy to you in answers. Let’s quickly delve right into it.

Who is Ey?

Founded in 1989 via a merger of entities consisting of Whinney and Arthur Young and Ernst, It is among the top 4 leading accounting firms in the world alongside Deloitte, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. It expanded its services to business strategy, technology, HR, and digital strategy. The company is estimated to have over 298,965 workers in 2020 and an estimated $37 billion.

Mode of operation

Ey carries out in operation in structures using legal entities in a partnership which is estimated to over 300,000 employees spread across 700 offices in over 160 countries in the world.

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It has maintained its international reputation and solidifying its stature as one of the best by being listed in the top 100 best companies to be active for the past 2 decades, which is a record on its own.

Services that Ey provides?

The company offers a lot but four major services stand out and they are.

1. Assurance consulting: the company offers independent services which are provided by their chartered accountants, this is applied to increase the relevance, clarity, and value of its clients. They also provide financial documentation using the well-trusted CPA. The advantages that come with using EY is stated below;

• The company uses assurance consultancy for risk assessments, e-commerce, and the steady performance of the business.

Proper regulation using assurance consultation which produces great business decisions and increased income.

Part of the service provided is aimed at helping its clients embrace financial opportunities, solve complex business statistics while soliciting networking and partnerships that will richly benefit the company in the short and long term.

The strategy which includes risk assessment, business performance measurement, information system reliability, and electronic commerce and healthcare performance measurement is used to provide its clients to thrive in a competitive market and grow.

2. Strategy and transactions: strategy and transaction are used by Ey to resolve complexities by rebranding their business landscape, reconfiguring their profile, and introducing measures to make its clients better. 

They support the influx of capital and help provide the latest products and ideas to the market which inadvertently fosters the realization of its goals.

3. Consulting: Ey places priority on transforming their clients’ business with in-depth technological research, innovation in building a better place for all enterprises to thrive.

4. Tax: Ey has coordinated tax experts that offer services in any tax-related activities. There is the combination of intellectual prowess and experience by Ey to the intricate rigors of taxes. It covers tax fields like international tax, transaction tax, a business tax which is concerns any individual, nullifying any obstacles that will while providing insight to you to thrive.

How Ey hire

The company is quite purposeful and highly driven to succeed and employs a similar mindset in terms of employment. The company gives its employees the freedom to have the best career they have ever envisioned. To join the wealth finance guru, you need to know the following;

Experienced professionals: you can build your career via this platform; it is expected that you have all the necessary and relevant experience and expertise to join as a professional. You will provide the best support to clients on a global scale.

Students and entry-level: the company also offers student programs and other full-time positions.

The following job roles are usually available at Ey.

 Trainee job

 Audit senior

 Actuarial manager

 Business development

 Assurance audit

 Associate actuarial

Ey salary

The company provides the best platform for individuals who are qualified, with a lucrative payment structure that is rewarding.

1. External auditing manager: their main role is a too foster a good relationship between the company and its clients. They also communicate and link up with auditing staff to perform and solve complex financial issues, they also carry out the performance of staff members. The pay rate is fixed at $110,000 per year.

2. Cost optimization manager: they are solely in charge of improvement in financial performance; their task also involves motivation, loan procuring, applying a smooth leadership to avoid loss, and large-scale customer involvements. The salary is fixed at $100,000 to $200,000 per annum.

Other salary rates include.

 Information technology risk and assurance: $130,000 per year


To work at Ey, candidates must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and a certified public accountant license, and at least five years of experience in a related field like auditing.

For other positions like information technology risk and management, certificates like Cisco certification, while cost optimization manager position depends upon at least 7 years working experience and a master degree in any accounting field.


There are lovely things to gain working at EY such as performance-related bonuses, health care package which includes medical insurance. There is also a retirement plan, life insurance, and transportation fee.

Is there a drug test at EY?

Statistics carried on employees show that a higher number of workers take the drug test before accepting the job offer, clients can equally carry out drug tests before coming on board. Clients who are engaged with bank and government parastatals are most likely to through this. However, you should be confident to come out clean.

Test drugs methods

In most sophisticated companies, you must undergo various drug test which indicates your mental and physical wellness and at Ey, some of the test conducted include

1. Urine screens: your urine is taken on in lube for testing in the lab, this is to ensure that prospective employees are drugs free. This test ensures is the absence of harmful substances like cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, opiates in your bloodstream, the significance of this is to ensure that you are capable of carrying out duties without exhibiting certain odd behaviors and show excellent focus.

2. Blood test: the most important test carried out is the blood test, they also display accuracy at identifying mishaps in your body systems, carried by the finest medics in the lab. The blood test will identify the level of alcohol intake and also hard drugs like nicotine, and cocaine.

3. Hair follicle drug test: this test does not necessarily show the presence of drugs in the body system but shows the history of an individual relationship with drugs. Unlike other tests, this one takes weeks to finalize. The company takes an inch of your hair to carry out the drug test.

4. Saliva drug test: this is a mechanism applied by Ey to find out exactly the kind of drugs used by an individual, this is the fastest means of drug testing, as a pint of your saliva will be taken and tested in the lab. It will certainly reveal if there is an intake of illegal drugs within the past few days.

When are the drugs tested?

1. before employment: tests are carried out to fish out applicants who are already engaged in drugs which can affect their work performance and conditions. Anyone who fails this drug test is immediately withdrawn from the job.

2. Case of suspicion: when the company notices sudden irrational behavior from the employee, tests are also immediately carried.

3. Accidents: if an employee or an applicant is involved in a ghastly accident, the company holds the full right to carry out a test to determine if it was caused by alcohol or drug substances.

4. Resumption: Tests are also carried when workers who went on long vacation resume their desk, this is done to ascertain there was no intake of drugs while away.

5. Periodic: sometimes drug tests can be carried out in intervals, sometimes it comes unannounced, it is expected that applicants or employees prepare for certain moments like this to avoid being caught off guide.

Procedures applied by Ey during a drug test

1. Chain of custody: this is used to determine how to keep and handle the samples collected from any individual, there is the highlighting of names on the samples, date and time, and the method of extraction.

2. First screening: this is the first screening of the samples. The analysis is usually basic at this point, it is not enough to determine if the test is positive or negative

3. Splitting: this is mostly applicable to urine, the sample of the urine is split into two, and both are used for the initial screen while the other is used for confirmation of test results.

4. Result: after the test has been thoroughly carried out, the final step is the accurate result of the drug test to the company and the individual tested. For the test result to be true, both screening tests must correspond.

Drugs that are tested by Ey

It is important to note that when we refer to drugs, we only mean drugs that have an advanced effect on individuals and make them mentally, physically, and socially unstable, not normal medications recommended by doctors.

Some of the drugs that are being tested by Ey are;

1. Cocaine

2. Amphetamines

3. Opiates

4. Phencyclidine

Frequently asked questions

What’s the minimum age to work at Ey?

The minimum age required to gain employment at Ey is 18 years and above.

What are the working hours?

The working days are slated at Friday to Sunday and the time is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Job Positions available at Ey are;

IT Communications Manager, IT communication assistant manager, project manager, network support specialist, IT risk and assurance manager, client-serving associate, loan specialist, Tax manager, financial auditor, operations administrator, and performance improvements.

Does Ey grant vacations?

Yes, part of the benefits is a minimum of 15 paid vacation days, you can be granted leave when you have a medical-related issue.

Are the recruiters tough?

The recruiters are immensely friendly and use a less complex medium for interviews; they easily get in touch with applicants via the phone and email and provide the applicant’s mediums to follow up on the progress of their application.

There are also checks on character, social life, and skill set evaluation. Applicants who are successful in their application will get an official job offer letter.

Does Ey drug test?- All About Ey

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