Does CVS Pay Weekly? – Know More!


CVS also known as “customer value stores” is an American corporation with over 1000 stores in the USA. The company has over 200,000 workers in different states and the workforce continues to rise due to its favorable working conditions.Let us know does CVS pay weekly in this article.The following will give the information about whether CVS pay weekly or not.If you want to know about CVS pay weekly or not then read onwards.

Does CVS Pay Weekly?

Is CVS pay weekly?

No, CVS does not pay weekly, they pay their employees bi-weekly which means they pay once every two weeks. If you resume working on the second Sunday of a pay period, it counts as working your five days work week at eight hours a day through the same Saturday for a total of 40 hours. You get paid the following Friday and your paychecks after that reflect the two-week pay periods. The company increased its pay from the minimum wage to $11 per hour and is set to increase again next summer to $15.

Payment of staff of CVS

The company consists of different staff with different hourly pays. Payment starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday but the final payment is on the Friday of the following week.

The highest-paid CVS personnel is the staff pharmacist with a $59.02 hourly pay that grosses $124,000 annually while the entry-level associate earns $11 hourly. Other personnel includes:

*Beauty Advisor: Entry-level pay for the position is $13.20. This can go as high as $16 which is estimated to be $27,000-$33,000 yearly.

*Cashier: The cashier earns an average of $12 hourly.

*Shift Supervisor: This position gets $11-$17 hourly which rounds up to an annual salary of $31,158.

*Pharmacist: The starting pay is $49 hourly but can go as high as $66.

*Health Regional  Manager: The annual average is $184,179 and it ranges from $112,840-191,666

*Store Manager: They have an annual average salary of $60,328 and it ranges from $32,849-$104,220.

How to apply for a CVS job?

Getting a job at CVS is pretty basic and accessible to all as different positions suit a wide variety of people. All you need to do is log on to their website and search for a position that fits your qualification. After that, you’ll be interviewed and given an offer, quite easily!

As easy as it might be to apply for the job there are a few requirements needed such as drug tests and some positions require a cv.

Employment Rates

Due to the recent covid-19 outbreak, CVS has seen a rise in employment rates. The company was looking to fill 25,000 job positions and has awarded bonuses to workers who recommend full-time pharmacists that are hired. But part-time pharmacy workers are forbidden from working with other related companies.

Cvs Part-time and Full-time workers 

Personnel who work full-time and part-time are both paid the same hourly wages according to their positions but part-time workers don’t enjoy benefits like the full-time workers.

The number of hours required to work as a full-time employee is 30/hrs weekly anything below that is considered as part-time work. All you need to do to qualify for a full-time position is work 30 hours weekly for a year and you become eligible for that position.

As a part-time staff, shifts can be traded with a coworker if you’re unable to fill a position at that time and if you miss a day, you don’t get paid for that day depending on your collected working time.

Like most jobs, CVS also has a work-from-home section for pharmacists with a minimum payment of $30 hourly.

Cvs staff benefits

An amount of $14/1hr is paid to workers during orientation/training and the whole training process is also paid for by the company. After the training program, you are entitled to some benefits as a worker, especially full-time workers. 

Some of the benefits enjoyed by part-time workers include store discounts and dental insurance, they are also eligible for 0-15  days off in a year while PTO gives full-time employees 20-30 days.

Employees are given 20% off any CVS brand products and 10% off other brands. They were given 33 days yearly leave and can buy extra holidays through the company’s holiday scheme.

Some positions at CVS come with a company car, accommodation, and private healthcare but these positions are majorly for employees who work full time and are healthcare professionals.

Bonuses and Raises

The company gives annual raises but it only happens once every year depending on the performance review of the workers and this tends to go much higher if you have been promoted. 

Healthcare workers(both full-time and part-time ) are awarded bonuses ranging from $150-$500.

The company red lines already top earning workers which mean employees who are already earning their highest hourly rate are not eligible for raises except for a rise in their minimum wage pay which is set to go up to $15 as of next year.


Working at CVS has a lot of perks and benefits, even the lowest-paying positions also enjoy bonuses, application for a job is also quite simple which makes it an ideal job for average Americans.


1)What are the requirements for getting a job at CVS?

There is no major requirement for some positions at CVS and the minimum age for some of the positions is 16 years.

2)How do I apply for a job at CVS?

Simply visit the CVS job website and you can search and apply for a job on the site.

3)Are there any vacant positions at CVS?

Yes, there are a lot of positions as CVS is currently hiring.

4)Does CVS have a pension plan

CVS has a pension plan for their employees and even those with 1-year service are eligible for it.

Does CVS Pay Weekly? – Know More!

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