Lifeguards Interview Questions

Lifeguards are the one who works to ensure the safety of water sports participants like a surfer, swimmer, etc. in the lake. seas, swimming pools, water parks, rivers, and beaches. They supervise and rescue the participants from danger. They enforce the rules and regulations of pools on them. They teach the participants about the policies of water safety. In case of any injury or accident, they have first aid ready with them. Sometimes, they supervise a particular team of swimmers, surfers, and those who want to go on water adventures. They are trained in their fields to save the life of their team members. They are experts in swimming. Let’s know Lifeguards Interview Questions.  

Lifeguards Interview Questions

Lifeguards are of two types, one who is working under the government and the second one who works under a private company. Those lifeguards who work for the government, protect the people living who have been affected during a natural disaster like flood, tsunami, etc. Those lifeguards who work for a private company, ensure the safety of swimmers in the pool.

For being a lifeguard you have to go through an interview process which will decide whether you should be taken or not. Many swimmers want to be a lifeguard as it pays well. For becoming a lifeguard you need to be physically fit and you should not have any medical condition. You must be tall and have a passion for swimming. 


Lifeguards are employed or sometimes volunteers, who are appointed to rescue the life of swimmers and other water participants. They make sure that everyone is safe in their area. They prevent accidents. They are trained swimmers to protect the life of swimmers from drowning. 


When you give interviews, you must be willing to give your hundred percent and you must be willing to tell them all your experiences and to lead them to focus on your good qualities. To get all these things inside of you, you should prepare interview questions before they happen. So, here we bring some questions for you to focus on and to prepare.

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ANS. Here, the interviewer wants to know the reason for your choosing this profession. You should be more careful here as the interviewer wants to know if you have any interest in this field or not because it is an everyday job and they are looking for those candidates who could perform their duty with whole interest. So, to answer this question, you can start like this:

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to work as a lifeguard. I love to save people from danger and to see myself creating an impact in society through my work. It does not matter whether I am standing, walking, or sitting, I can create awareness around the swimmers and protect them from any kind of danger. I always loved challenges and this career is full of everyday challenges. And these are the reasons for choosing this profession.


ANS. Do not lie in this situation to create an impact on them. Although, this is great timing to show yourself and lead them to think about you. If you have any experience, share it with them. Here is the answer for both situations, whether you have experience or not. 

  1. Yes, I worked as a lifeguard for three years. But due to some personal reasons, I had to leave that job. Because of my desire to be a lifeguard, I came here. I was a state-level swimmer and every member was very happy with me.
  2. This is my application for a lifeguard post but I was on the swimming team of my high school. I worked as a volunteer in my district, so I have background experience. I can make good and quick decisions.


ANS. Interviewers want to know your qualities. So tell them about the qualities a lifeguard should have, and you possess them. Here is an example of this question:

A lifeguard must have the skill of good and quick decision-making. If any member gets in danger, a lifeguard must have the skill to make a quick and good decision to rescue him. A lifeguard should have skills of teamwork, good communication, and he must be a good swimmer, have physical strength, no medical condition, and have the presence of mind.


ANS. Through this question, interviewers check how much you are responsible for your duty. Show them you are the right choice for this role by answering this question.

A lifeguard is responsible to make sure every member of his team is safe. He must have a third eye to feel the danger. He must lead his teams with utmost care and safety. He should make sure that everyone is aware of the rules and regulations. He must make sure that no one is swimming in dangerous areas. He must be mature enough to take responsibility for every member’s safety.  And a lifeguard is the only one who will be responsible, in any case of misleading or dangerous,  


ANS. The interviewers want to check if you have any knowledge about the equipment of a lifeguard and want to check how prepared you are for any kind of dangerous situation. Here is an example of how you should answer this question:

The equipment I will need are first aid, rescue aid, communication, transportation, rescue watercraft, storm whistle, oxygen and there are others but these are most important.


ANS. Through this question, the interviewer checks your resolution towards your duty. They check if you can perform your duty well or not. They see if you are aware of your duty well or not. 

Usually, lifeguards work as a team but sometimes they work individually. Their duties include-

1. Enforce rules on the swimmers for their well-being and safety.

2. Have an eagle eye on the area of duty to identify any dangerous situation.

3. Make sure everyone is using the water equipment correctly.

4. Make sure his equipment is working properly by checking it from time to time.

5. Take strict action if someone is found breaking the rules.

6. Give immediate first aid if someone gets in danger.

7. Call the rescue team immediately if there’s a big danger.


ANS. Through this question, the interviewer checks your preparation. They see if you are prepared or not. They want to know how you get to know about this opening. Here is an example for answering this question:

As I told you, I have been interested in this field since my childhood, And after completing my graduation, I searched for the role of a lifeguard in newspapers and magazines. After two months of dedicated searching, my friend told me about this company that was looking for a lifeguard role. So, this is how I came here.


ANS. This question is asked to see your confidence. They check whether you are confident or not. They want to see your qualifications and everything which makes you fit for this role. Here is one example of how you should answer this question:

I am a hard worker and take responsibility with full pleasure. I take care of my physical and mental fitness. I can make good and quick decisions. And most importantly I enjoy whatever I do, that’s why I never get bored with my work which I think everyone must have the quality to enjoy whatever the work they choose for themselves.

Q.10 What would you do if a child disappears from your team?

This question is being asked to you to check your presence of mind and your ability to solve problems. They ask these types of questions every time by putting you in a real-life situation.  Instead of just answering the question your answer should be in such a way that it is putting more emphasis on a solution. You have to show them that you can make good decisions and you are a good problem solver. You can go like this:

If a child disappears from my group, the first thing I would do is to check everywhere for the child. If I am unable to find her, the next thing I would do is to collect everyone at one place and spend all the remaining activities. I will make sure everyone is safe. I will not let anyone go anywhere until I find the child. I will search for her at the sea sites and everywhere I will blow my whistle so that she can hear it. Even after this, if I can not find the child, I will call for help and we will make an announcement on the mic for the lost child.


ANS. Here, interviewers ask you this question to check the experience and knowledge you have acquired related to this field. Answer this question faithfully. Don’t lie as the chances are high that you could be caught lying in this question. You may start like this:

Not as such but I taught swimming to many. I was very good at swimming from my school days. I was a member of the swimming group in my high school. When I was in college, I did a part-time job as a swimming coach in a school. There I supervise twenty students. I made sure that they are swimming without affecting their body. I was always looking at the bottom of the pool as I was aware of my responsibility and every time they left the pool I checked the perimeter of the pool and its bottom. 


In this article, we talked about lifeguards, their responsibility, duties, and many more.

Lifeguards have a very respectable position in our society. They are disciplined and devoted to their duties. They think differently and have a great problem-solving tendency.

 We have seen the interview questions and their answers. The life of a lifeguard is full of obstacles but they find a way to deal with it. When you go for an interview for a lifeguard role, you must prepare for it beforehand. You should have a passion for swimming and saving others’ lives. Interviewers give you questions based on real-life situations. You must answer them with deep thinking. Never go blank while answering. You should be conscious of your physical and mental well-being You should have physical stamina and quick decision-making skills. You must be ready for everyday challenges. You must have an eagle eye to see the danger around your area.  


Q.1 What do lifeguards do?

ANS. A life is someone who ensures the safety of swimmers, surfers, and water sports participants. They protect them from danger.

Q.2 What are the things included in the first aid of lifeguards?

ANS. The first aid of lifeguards protects them from pathogens borne by blood. It includes a pair of hand gloves that protect their hands from coming into contact with the blood and the first aid also includes a face mask to prevent them from inhaling pathogens while coming into contact with a dead body.

Q.3 If you are given a real-life situation where you have to protect your team members from a storm. As a lifeguard what will you do?

ANS. One of my rules includes, whenever I blow my storm whistle, everyone who listens to it, must know that we are in danger and they have to return to their starting point. 

Whenever this kind of situation comes, as you have said, first and foremost I will blow my storm whistle so that everyone gets aware that danger is near us. After this, I will make sure that everyone reaches the starting point. Then I will terminate every plan of that day. In this way, I will handle the situation.

Lifeguards Interview Questions

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