Kroger Pension Plan-Know More

The Kroger Company, founded and named by Bernard Kroger, in 1883, is an American company. Downtown Cincinnati has the headquarters of this company. If we talk about revenue, it is one of the largest supermarkets in the United States. This means in the year 2019, it has generated a revenue of $121.6 billion. After Walmart, it is the second-largest retailer. In Fortune 500, this company has ranked 23 as the United States’ largest total revenue corporation.let us know Kroger Pension Plan.

Kroger Pension Plan

According to the details obtained till the year 2021, either directly or indirectly, 2,726 supermarkets and multi-department stores operate under Kroger. Their business is spread across thirty-five states and districts of Columbia. It operates supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, superstores, and more than 142 jewelry shops.

Every employee wants to be financially stable at the end of their retirement or they want some financial security for the skills and experience they are giving to the company. Looking at this problem of employees, many companies came forward to give pensions to their employees. From these companies, there is one company that also gives the retirement benefit or pension to its employees. This company is Kroger.

The Kroger Consolidated Retirement Benefit Plan is a necessary and important wing of your compensation. Its main objective is to provide its employees with financial stability and security in their retirement years. When the Kroger consolidated retirement benefit will be added to your social security savings and personal savings, produce great financial independence for you.

In this article, we will be discussing the features and benefits of the plan. If you find any difference between the plan and the article, the plan will lead.

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The name given to this plan in the Kroger company is The Kroger Retirement Benefit Plan or The Kroger Plan. This plan is composed of different plans. And the company pays every dollar for this program.

This plan came into effect in the year 2001. And the employees who have joined the company after and at that time, are the beneficiaries of this plan. Grandfathers are not eligible for this plan.

Grandfather are those employees who have joined the company before 1 January 2001, was a participant in the Kroger Retirement Benefit Plan, has given at least five years of services to the company before 1 January 2001, was born before 1 July 1961. 


According to the company, this plan is only for the employees, who are employed by the company. Those candidates who are represented by a team or union or whose employment conditions are based on the bargaining agreement are not eligible for this plan. 

You become the participant or the beneficiary of this plan when you acquire the age of twenty-one and complete a year of service to the company. A year of service means that you have completed 1000 hours in your first year or twelve months of service.

Once you become a candidate for this plan, you will be getting the benefits of this plan until you work in the company. When you leave the company, you will not get any amount or you will not be eligible for this plan.


Your amount of the plan will be based on

  1. The previous plans Transition amount. If you were the participant of the previous program as of 31 December 2000. And you are continuing your services with the company. 
  2. Your Pay credit amount. 

The total of these amounts will be your “Accrued Benefit” as per the plan. This plan will increase according to the time. You will be getting this amount at the time of your retirement or after your termination from the company.


Once you become eligible for a Benefits Account, you also become entitled to the retirement plan of the company.

This plan has certain benefits. Each of them is specific and to be eligible for the plan you must meet the described criteria.

There are the following types of retirement benefits:

1. Normal Retirement Benefits – You are eligible for this retirement plan when you get retired or terminated according to the company criteria. Or you get retired on your normal retirement date.

Normal retirement dates include 

  1. Your age should be 65,
  2. You have participated in at least five years of service in the company.

2. Early Retirement Benefits – You are eligible for this benefit when you get retired from the company before the date of retirement. Your eligibility criteria for getting this benefit include;

a. From the first date of the month you joined the company to the date you attain an age of fifty-five years.

b. You have given at least five years of service to the company.

3. Disability Requirement Plans – You will be entitled to this program if you got some disabilities as defined by the documents of the company, at the time of your retirement. You will not be considered under this plan when your disability is a result of war, or service from the armed force of any country, intentional self-inflicted injury, suicide, or your engagement in criminal activities.

The Disability Requirement Plan will take place;

1. After you join the company and will start at any time once you meet the criteria of this plan regardless of your but there will be no compensation in your retirement age. You are not eligible once you attain your retirement age.

4. Vested Termination Retirement Benefit – The eligible candidate must have invested some interest in his/her Benefits Account. This plan will come into effect when you retire or terminate before the date of retirement, which is usually at the age of fifty-five. 

5. Postponed or Late Retirement Benefit – The candidates who are beneficiary of this plan are those who get to retire or terminate their employment after the date of retirement.

6. Death Before Retirement Benefits Begin – If a candidate has died before the age of retirement, his/her beneficiary will be entitled to the Death Before Retirement Benefit. For example, if you are married then your wife will be eligible for this plan.


In this article, we have seen the pension plan of the Kroger company. Every employee wants to be secured and financially free at retirement. So, to meet this requirement of employees, companies have started giving pensions at the end of retirement or termination.


Q.1 How many types of benefits does the company give?

ANS. Kroger gives six types of benefits to its employees. This include-

Normal, Early, Disability, Vested, Postponed, and Death.

Q.2 Who can benefit from this plan?

ANS. This plan includes those types of employees who-

Is employed by the company directly, and

Must have completed five years of service in the company.

Kroger Pension Plan-Know More

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